Sunday, 30 December 2012

Walking In The (fresh) Air

I hope you all enjoyed Christmas Day and it passed as stress-free as possible.  I certainly did.  For the last few years I have been escaping the city with friends and heading off to the beautiful Lake District to seek some fresh air and go walking.  I've rambled around Rydal Water on Christmas Day 2009 and Elterwater on Christmas Day 2011, (on Christmas Day 2010 we only got as far as Windermere due to the very heavy snow!) and this year it was the turn of secluded Loweswater.

Dexi - Loweswater on Christmas Day 2012
The weather was a bit worrying as we set off from Manchester in the rain, so I took along my new heeled wellington boots in anticipation of some boggy ground.  The heavy rain hadn't cleared by the time we reached Kendal, but luckily we decided to persevere, and by the time we had reached Loweswater we were faced with some low cloud... but no rain.

There was a steady climb up onto Darley Fell, reaching around 250m, where the above picture was taken, and although not too high gave a stunning view down to the lake and Crummock Water beyond.  There were a few other walkers out and about, all very friendly and there were lots of Christmas greetings being passed.  A bonus for me, too, was the number of dogs being given a Christmas Day walk.

It was a 5 mile trip around the western side, the latter part of the walk taking us along the lake edge, and an opportunity for a rest before completing the remainder of the walk...

Dexi - Loweswater on Christmas Day 2012
I suppose it gave a different meaning to 'swinging' than what I usually think of, but it was definitely a view to savour.  After finishing the walk we headed off to nearby Keswick, one of my favourite towns, for some well-earned refreshments.  Sadly, my favourite inn, the Dog and Gun Inn was closed, but the fabulous The Inn At Keswick more than made it up for it.  A lovely friendly atmosphere, Christmas tree and decorations, lots of tired pooches and a great selection of beers and whisky. 

It was a very refreshed and relaxed Dexi that returned home to Manchester that evening.  Next, of course, is New Year's Eve, which I am certainly looking forward to, as there is a very special New Year's Eve event that I am attending.

It's been just over a week since the last update on the website regarding my Picture Of The Week, so it's time for a change - I fell in love with the bodystocking featured, and as it leaves plenty of, er, access, I'll be aiming to do some rather more explicit shots in it in the new year.  Until then, have a great New Year's Eve, and I'll see you in 2013.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Merry Christmas

A very quick one this week (oooer!), as the Season of Cheer and Goodwill is truly upon us, (helped by the fact that the world didn't end on 12/12/12!) and it's a busy time for everyone.  Although I am hoping to get another one in before New Year (oooer!!!!) I thought it prudent to wish everyone Best Wishes for the Season, so Happy Christmas everyone.
I'm quite in the Christmas spirit myself, and personally can't wait for the man with the heavy and laden sack to fill my (fully-fashioned) stockings again soon, but perhaps not as much as the owners of the house I saw on my way home the other night. 

Dexi - not my home
 I'm sure there are many houses out there that are more OTT than this one, but I just had to get a picture whilst passing by (hence the quality).  I dread to think what their electric bill is going to be like at the end of the month.

In keeping with all this merriment and goodwill, I've added my own 'Picture Of The Season' as my 'Picture Of The Week', but this one will stay up until just before the New Year.

Dexi - Merry Christmas
 The larger version, of course, is on the Gallery of my website.

For those of you wanting to know my availability over the holidays, I shall be available as normal from Monday 17th to Friday 21st, 11.00am-6.00pm, and Thursday 27th and Friday 28th 11.00am-6.00pm.  Normal hours resume of course from Wednesday 2nd January 2013.

Once again, all the very best for Christmas and the New Year!

Monday, 10 December 2012

A Fair start to the Season

It's December, and the spirit of the season is upon us - well, by 'spirit' I mean that truly fantastic bottle of Jura 12-year old Elixir whisky that arrived on my doorstep last week - thank you, 'M'.  I suppose, however, that I should be referring to the season of goodwill and cheer that is Christmas... so I'd better get any long-standing gripes off my trouble-causing chest quickly.  But  more of that later.

For the first weekend of December I headed into beautiful North Yorkshire to visit Haworth.  I always try and visit the brilliant 1940's event at Haworth every Spring, but the lure of a 1940's vintage Christmas fair was too hard to resist.

Dexi - Haworth in December
 Haworth, of course, is lovely, and I was not surprised to see that the village had dressed itself up beautifully for the Christmas season.  The vintage fair was held in the lovely Old School Rooms next to the church.  All the day missed was a touch of snow, but then that can make the journey to and from Haworth rather 'interesting', so I wasn't complaining too much.

This weekend was a rather more rushed affair - Saturday brought the Heresy and Heelz Alternative and Burlesque Fair back to Manchester, so it was time to don my heavy leather coat and Natacha Marro boots against the cold and head off to Sound Control on Oxford Road.
Dexi - Heresy and Heelz Fair in Manchester
   Being a busy girl, this was the first that I'd acutally managed to attend since the Spring.  As always, it is a great opportunity to check out the displays by some of the talented artists around.  This time around my eye was caught by the brilliant artwork of Aly Fell.  Very dark and sensual paintings, with a totally decadent and perverted fairy-story quality, so right up my street, as they say.

The evening brought the final fling of Club Lash at Legends.  Before that, however, I will mention my ulcer-inducing gripe.  As an 'immigrant' to Manchester in 2001, I remember that one of the deciding factors in coming to the city was the vibrancy of it's independent spirit.  The first meeting of the official Vegetarian Society in 1847 and the formation of the Anti-Corn Law League in 1838, both held in Manchester, are classic examples of the city's unique stance against 'the establishment'.  So, I wonder, how can the city's Council be happy to give away chunks of Manchester and it's history to the highest bidder, as appears to be happening now.  Since arriving in Manchester, I have seen the loss of the Coliseum to make way for more city-centre apartments (like we need more of those, of course), the erosion of the independent-led Northern Quarter, the loss of Jilly's nightclub to make way for, of all things, a Tesco, and now the loss of the Legends nightclub and surrounding buildings for a budget hotel.  I cannot help but wonder how the council can defend it's position on selling the city's assests and history.  Legends has it's own place in music history, and to lose the venue for such an eye-wateringly ugly and unnecessary budget hotel is nothing short of shameful.  Once the council have removed any reason for people to want to a) live in the city centre or b) visit the city, what will they do with all the empty apartments and hotels?  What the city needs to rejuvenate iself is not another city-centre apartment block, chain supermarket, Next, Primark or (insert any of your chosen high-street regulars here).  More and more shop fronts are being boarded up, and yet at the same time we are losing more and more outlets for the independent small artists and manufacturers - but it is these people that Manchester should be relying on to create it's own counter-culture and draw in the people tired of being fed the usual chain-store tat and rubbish.

I haven't been a regular visitor to Club Lash for some time.  As a girl who remembers all too well the astonishingly hedonistic nights in the 1990's of Submission, Pleasurezone and The Gate, etc, where having full girl-on-girl sex on the dancefloor (oooh yes, I still remember one of those nights - she was a lovely Danish girl.. mmmmm!) was regarded as part of the evening's entertainment, many of the current fetish clubs are rather less outlandish and rather more toned down - (all down to the fear of SEX from the prudish and unliberated local authorities, of course, not the clubs themselves) - and so there isn't the same lure to attend for a girl like me.  Also, as someone who can get into trouble at fetish events, I don't always trust myself completely to behave appropriately.  However, as this was a last chance to say "Goodbye" to Lash at Legends, and also to Rosie Lugosi, one of the original founders (who, due to other commitments can no longer take part in running the event), I slid into my latex catsuit, and, as it's nearly Christmas, my Miss Santa robe, and revisited Club Lash.

Dexi - latex catsuit and Miss Santa Robe at Club Lash
  It was a great night, and some old friends who had disappeared to different parts of the country managed to turn up too to say their own farewells.  Sadly, the dancefloor was too crowded for some girl-on-girl sex, so I had to be content with a kiss and grope from a latex-clad beauty...
Dexi - latex lovelies at Club Lash
  Finally, to keep up-to-date, last weeks Picture Of The Week on my website was from the balmy days of Spring - taken, as per the title, on a client's bedroom balcony.  I certainly wouldn't be stood out there at this time of year with so little on!  This week's takes us back onto the streets of Manchester, in particular the Northern Quarter.  Coat and hat required here, of course, to add some layers to the high-heels and stockings!

Monday, 26 November 2012

A Bit Of A Boob

 Being a fairly outspoken, liberated and exhibitionist girl, I have, on occasion, managed to cause a stir.  Usually it is within the confines of civilised society, so I was a little taken aback to find that I had somehow managed to cause a minor outrage at, of all things, a fetish club.

 Yes, this weekend I was invited as a guest to a members-only fetish event staged at a hotel in the Midlands.  Having an event in the same building as I was staying definitely has it's attractions - no waiting for taxis in the bitter cold (oh yes, I still remember Edinburgh after that Torture Garden event), no travelling to/from the event in totally inappropriate clothing, and the chance to, er, extend the party in my hotel room should someone catch my eye. And so, with bag nicely packed with a couple of suitable outfits I headed off on Friday to enjoy two full nights and one full day of fetish pleasure.

 I was really impressed with the accomodation - not least as I had been given one of the suites for the weekend, which meant a huge bathroom, large bedroom with a bed big enough for four adults (more of that later) and a seperate lounge.  Fantastic.  And, nicely settled in, I dressed for the evening event.  Outfit No.1 for the Friday night event was my lovely latex catsuit.  I still love the classic look that it gives me, as much as I love the strategically-placed zip-through crotch.

Dexi - Independent Escort - wearing my Black latex catsuit in a hotel lobby.
  The Friday evening was regarded as an informal event, and was a great opportunity to get to know some of the other club members, including the lovely and divine Miss SOS, who I immediately decided was worth getting to know very well...
Dexi - Independent Escort - getting to know the gorgeous Miss SOS...
 It still managed to be a very late night, as the party continued until 3.00am the next morning as ten of us convened in my suite.

 Saturday daytime was a more dressed-down day - so I chose my black leather Puimond corset, black leather skirt and classic white blouse, finished with my tight leather 6" heeled Natacha Marro boots.

Dexi - Independent Escort -black leather, white blouse... a classic look
 There was time for shopping, too, as a few fetish traders had set up stalls in some of the groundfloor meeting rooms.  I found some delectable nipple weights, which will no doubt come in very useful...  I was also asked to do some modelling for the fetish catwalk show in the afternoon, which was a great chance to wear some fabulous outfits from the likes of Ectomorph.

 Soon the Saturday evening arrived.  Knowing that the event was a 'formal' occasion, I chose my tight long red latex skirt from Ectomorph, my red latex underbust corset from HW Designs, latex nipple tassles and bolero, both from Cathouse Clothing.  I arrived in the main bar pre-dinner drinks, and was very warmly greeted by many of the male and female members there.  That was, until one of the older female members took it upon herself to bullishly and very loudly tell me that my outfit was not appropriate and not welcome at the evening fetish dinner, and that I must go and change before sitting down the meal.  To say I was surprised would be an understatement.  We had, shall we say, a few words, as I defended my opinion that the outfit was perfectly suitable for a fetish event.

Dexi - Independent Escort - and the cause of the commotion
 My outfits for fetish club events are generally chosen for their 'accessibility', if you know what I mean, so to have such comments levelled at me for this outfit was a bit of a shock, as I thought it was quite tame and glamorous.  I was still wondering whether to carry on for the dinner or not, when one club-member after another, including some of the organisers, came up to me to give me their full support. I duly commenced to the evening meal, and actually had a great night, again with more members approaching to say that they were supportive of my choice of outfit and glad that I had attended the event.

 Once again the party continued in my suite, this time culminating in a 5-girl orgy on my bed.  My newly-acquired nipple weights had their first use, and my dildos, vibrators and strap-on were all well-used that night.  Finally, at 4.00am I retired to my bed for a very well-earned sleep.  The following morning I arrived later for breakfast, to find that my nipple tassles and nearly-bare breasts were the main subject of conversation, and would continue to be as the club was holding it's annual General Meeting that morning, and my Saturday evening outfit boob(s) would be No.1 on the agenda. Nevertheless, it was a fantastic weekend, and most of the people I met were truly fabulous.  I would certainly go back again - if they will have me, that is!

 And finally, a quick catch up on some of the Picture Of The Week images that I have used recently.  The second photo of me wearing the mackintosh, stockings and suspenders and hat was taken on a rather cold night in Manchester, and a few security guards turned up to see what I was up to - no doubt in case there was a strange terrorist threat brewing.  Last week's poster-style image was a morning-after-the-night-before photo, from my trip to Torture Garden in London, as mentioned here.  It was a fabulous apartment, and posing for that picture was entertaining for the people walking past the plate-glass window.  This week's, as usual on my Gallery page, is from a visit to a Manchester apartment, which again gave me an opportunity to display my exhibitionist streak... although the, ahem, close-up nature of the photograph doesn't quite show it.  I hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Mind Your P's and Q's...

Ah, the internet.  A wonderful tool for, as Trekkie from Avenue Q would say, Porn.  And Pervery.  Oh, and other things, of course - such as being able to learn, debate and, very importantly, have a voice.  And sometimes we do need to speak up.

As many may already be aware, the Scottish Parliament will be shortly debating a Bill that will infringe on the rights of consenting adults to go about their private business - this Bill, in fact.  The wonderfully ill-informed Rhoda Grant (who, sadly, looks as though she last had an orgasm in 1983) believes that the vast majority of escorts/working girls/prostitutes/harlots/insert terminology here are in the role against their will, are trafficked, exploited, abused and degraded.  I have to say that I am definitely, positively and most explicitly (oooer!) none of these.  I love what I do.  I believe what I do is positive and beneficial.  And I am most definitely against her narrow-minded, obsolete, misguided and prudish vision of how we should be living.  This is my choice, and as a choice I think it has more moral standing than say, oh, being an MP.

The aim for Scotland is to criminalise anyone found guilty of the act of 'purchasing' sex.  This will possibly mean a nice little listing on the Sex Offenders register for those convicted, and labelled as such along with rapists, paedophiles and the like.  This is because, as mentioned earlier, that she believes the old 'sexual exploitation' myth, and those procuring services of these poor, abused and degraded girls (like myself, apparently) are worthy of being thrown into the same cess-pit.  Where Scotland leads, England will probably follow - so beware, be forewarned and forearmed. 

I am aware that there are inherent risks in this line of work - but there are risks in many jobs, and they are not under attack from these do-gooders.  Why?  It can only be some out-of-date puritanism that drives this opinion.  There are horrific stories out there of girls abused, degraded and attacked, but the fact is these sad events don't just happen to working girls.  I have met many working girls over the last year, and for all of them it has been their choice to work in this profession and none have been coerced into this line of work.  However, if Ms. Grant has her way she will take away their livelihoods and push them either onto benefits or into lowly-paid work, where they certainly will feel abused, degraded and exploited. 

So please, add your voice if you want to avoid persecution from the Perv Police.  Oh, and if you are going to be visited by the Perv Police, they won't be dressed like this....
Dexi - definitely NOT a Perv Police uniform
Yes, it's a gratuitous picture of me in leather boots, leather gloves, leather corset and stockings.  But a reminder, too, that some of the sexual freedoms and experiences that we currently enjoy may well be taken away unless we speak up.

You can respond here, and also keep informed of all of the encroachments on our sexual civil liberties by our wonderful and morally-upstanding MPs (stop laughing at the back - this is serious!) by following Scot-Pep and the brilliant Sexual Freedom Coalition.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Picture Of The Week... Part Two

I'm wondering if anyone DID actually manage to guess where last week's photo was taken.  In case you were wondering, it was a dilapidated farmers cottage near Scalea in beautiful Southern Italy.  I was actually posing for a professional photographer who was taking his picture from outside the building, when his assistant, waiting inside the cottage, spotted the shot and snapped away.  A lovely momento of my visit there.

This week's picture was an altogether more chilly affair, even if it was summer when it was taken.  And it was a little more crowded than the shoot in Italy - especially when a few security chaps turned up to check what was happening!

You'll find the picture on my website Gallery page... here as usual.  I hope you like it.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Wheels, Websites and... oooh, whisky again!

Just a week after my last post, I have another little update to complete already.  Firstly, I made a little jaunt up to Blackpool this last weekend to visit the Winter Gardens for a Hot-Rod and Custom Car and Bike Show.  Now, I have to confess to not having the highest opinion of Blackpool - I prefer Brighton's more elegant, glamorous and cosmopolitan facade with it's seedy and sordid underbelly (a little like myself, I think) to Blackpool's more kiss-me-quick/stag-and-hen-night vibe.  However, the thought of some fabulous hot-rods so close to Manchester was enough to lure me to the seaside resort.  Although there wasn't a massive number of cars and bikes on display, the machines that were there were enough to keep me entertained for a few hours.

Dexi - Hot Rod and Custom Car and Bike Show, Blackpool 2012
Unfortunately, when trying to get out of the town I got caught up in the Illuminations traffic, which meant 30 minutes sat in one long traffic queue - which maybe wouldn't have been so bad if I'd have been sat in one the gorgeous Hot Rods from the show.  Oh well.

Having had a look at my website, I decided that it needed a little addition.  I have introduced a 'Picture Of The Week' on my Gallery page.  I will be updating this image on a weekly basis, and is an opportunity to put some of my favourite pictures in a much larger size than usual on the website.  My first picture is definitely one of my favourites - even though it doesn't feature my usual fetish for high-heels and stockings.  It was one of those rare moments that just suited taking a picture.  I'll let you guess where it was taken, but here's a clue - it certainly wasn't Blackpool!  If you want to have a look, you'll find the Gallery on my website here.

Lastly, a 'Thank You' to G, who very kindly brought over some Welsh whisky - Penderyn.  I've already tried a sip and was very impressed - especially the Sherrywood.  Oh, and the roses were a lovely thought, too.  XXX.

I am back now enjoying myself in Altrincham after my recent break, and already have some other weekend trips planned.  As always, I will be keeping you updated!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Scotland, Single-malts, scenery, solitude and... sticky stuff!

Oh dear... my last post on my blog was on the 30th September - that seems a lifetime ago.  And it's not that it's been a quiet time with nothing to write about, either.  So, let me get you all up to date, as there is plenty to mention.

Firstly, after the bereavement of someone very close to me and having had a pretty busy time over the last few months, I decided that I had earned a break.  Seeking some solitude, scenery and Scottish single-malt whisky, I took myself off to one of my favourite parts of the world - the Scottish Highlands.  I was determined to sample some of the country's finest produce, and for that there is only one place to go - The Torridon Hotel, on the beautiful banks of Loch Torridon itself.  The hotel boasts a dedicated whisky bar, with some of the rarest and most amazing whiskies in the world.  Dexi-heaven, indeed.

Dexi - The Whisky Bar at The Torridon - and a very happy girl

The whisky bar and lounge offer breath-taking views of the Torridonian hills and loch - the perfect back-drop for the whiskies themselves.  As I considered the trip part of my 40th birthday celebrations, I decided not to skimp on my choices from the bar.  My favourite, and indeed now all-time favourite whisky, has to be the Ardbeg Galileo - ok, at £28 per measure it was pretty expensive, but worth every penny.  All the others that I tried (The Macallan 18-year old, Ardbeg Gator, Glen Mhor 1980, Glenfiddich 15-year old, Bruichladdich 18-year old... and er, a few others) were fantastic, with tremendous varying textures and flavours, but the Galileo was simply exquisite.  I had a couple of measures, just to make sure it really was my favourite.  My bill from the whisky bar managed to add up to £150, and that was before I started the 5-course evening meal!  Well... it was my birthday, sort of.

I know it may sound from that whisky-tasting list as though I didn't venture out of the bar for any of the time I was in Torridon, but I did - you cannot go all that way and ignore the draw to explore the scenery of the Highlands.  My travels took me up the west coast, from Applecross to Ullapool, and I definitely found the scenery and solitude that I was seeking.

I detoured on my way home to visit Aberfeldy and the Ben Lawers mountain range.  At Grandtully, near Aberfeldy, I was delighted to discover more Dexi-delites at The Scottish Chocolate Centre - the shop of the very talented Mr Iain Burnett.

Dexi - chocolate delights at the Scottish Chocolate Centre

It wasn't all chocolates and whisky, though.  I did manage to do some walking - despite not taking any proper walking boots I managed still to enjoy some of the views of the Ben Lawers Nature Reserve.  Although certainly not my highest heels, they were certainly the highest heels that I've clambered up a mountain in.

Dexi - definitely NOT my usual walking boots
It was a more refreshed and recharged girl that returned to Manchester than the one that left, and I have already promised to return to the Highlands soon, in order to enjoy more of that legendary Scottish hospitality (ie. whisky and chocolate!).

As mentioned in this post (and my last, er, two!) it was recently my 40th birthday.  I've had some lovely presents and treated myself too - Agent Provocateur have certainly benefitted from my recent celebrations.  I'm sure that there will be, er, photographic proof of my purchases coming to a website near here very soon!  However, the one thing that I did miss was a birthday cake - and surely a girl on her 40th must have a suitable cake.  With friends visiting to help me celebrate one evening last week I decided to surprise everyone, myself included, and make my own.  Sadly for me, and my friends, it didn't work out too well.  Luckily for you, it turned into a fairly messy disaster...

Dexi - cake mix and me equals a Cake Minx
Although the cake mix that turned me into a Cake Minx didn't supply dessert that evening, I hope the pictures will keep you entertained for a while once they are on my private gallery, so something good will have come out of the attempt.  As for dessert, at least I kept some of those chocolates from Mr Burnett for the party...

Sunday, 30 September 2012

S&M at... Ess & Emm

Last weekend I was invited to a very dear friend's 50th birthday party, held at the fabulous Ess & Emm dungeon in lovely Warwickshire.  For those who may be not aware, Ess & Emm usually caters for those seeking a delightful and debauched B&B getaway for libertines, but on this occasion was the venue for the birthday celebration.

Knowing that there would be a few submissives there, I chose a little lingerie outfit that allowed plenty of movement - I didn't want to be wearing anything that may constict my 'caning' arm, as I had a feeling that the birthday boy would prove to be a recipient of a few lashes.  So, in corset, stockings, high-heeled ankle boots and barely-there bra, I joined the celebrations at the dungeon.

Dexi - Lingerie, Stocking and High Heels
And it was definitely a night for libertines - and I definitely indulged in some of my favourite vices.  At the request of a willing gentleman submissive I indulged in some erotic CBT - that's not this CBT, by the way, but this CBT - even though you could call it therapy of a kind.  He came equipped too - his bag included horse-brush, clothes pegs, candles (for a delightful hot-wax treatment) and sandpaper, which, ironically, was similar to the contents of my shopping basket on my last trip to B&Q - I'll never see the store in the same way again.  To finish off, I introduced the excited chap to some electrical stimulation, which had him yelping and jumping - similar to the way I behave whenever I'm in Agent Provocateur.  Afterwards, he was kind enough to introduce me to his lovely long-legged wife.  She, of course, didn't get quite the same treatment - it was definitely more gentle and playful...

The birthday boy himself got his particular wish - 49 strikes of the cane, the 50th was given as my choice.  I chose to test the remaining nerves of his bruised buttocks with the point of my high heels.  Did I get him a present apart from this?  Of course - a couple, in fact.  He was very happy with them - he seemed to play with them a lot.

Dexi - A couple of presents for the birthday boy
Speaking of birthdays, did I mention.... oh, I did... I'm still hoping that the Morgan-owning gent with a penchant for Yorkshire Strumpet will be in touch to whisk me away to Harvey Nicks, of course.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Tarts, Stars and Cars

I've already received a couple of invites to various events over the next couple of months, but was very surprised to receive an invitation last week for the 9th September, when a dear friend and his gorgeous wife presented me with a lovely early birthday present (yes, it's that time again, hint hint!) - a ticket for a day out at Carfest North arranged by Chris Evans on the Sunday.  Cars, music and food - what more, apart from dresses and shoes, does a lady need?  Oh, apart from that, of course.

Firstly, though, speaking of that, I'm glad that I changed that rickety bed as I'm sure it would have collapsed by now, after some recent energetic exertions.  With a spare day on the Saturday before Carfest North, I decided it was time for a shopping trip into Manchester, something I haven't done for nearly six months.  I shimmied into a slinky dress, popped on my high-heels, and headed off to the big city.  I suppose that now I'm working from Cheshire I can no longer class myself as a Manchester tart.  However, on arrival in the city centre I did see this which made me smile and made me consider if I should have patented the name...

Dexi - the gorgeous Manchester Tart
I didn't buy one, though - I can easily think of a few other Manchester Tarts that I'd rather be licking and munching on.  Mmmm... tarts.... yummy.

I did treat myself to a few lovely and very sexy dresses on the day, but a girl like me is always on the lookout for shoes.  It was with this in mind that I strolled into Harvey Nichols.  Harvey Nichols, in my view, has always lingered behind Selfridges for it's shoe collection... but not any more.  The escalator in Harvey Nichols took me to Dexi-heaven on the first floor...

Dexi - Harlot Heaven at Harvey Nicks!
Yes, the utterly amazing Christian Louboutin has opened up a proper display in the store.  My favourites were the tartan ultra high-heels.  Did I say my birthday is coming around again?  No?  Well, my birthday is coming around again, so if any gentlemen out there really want to treat me, then I've an idea where we can go. 

It was a shopped-out Dexi that awoke on Sunday morning, where I was whisked away to Cholmondeley Castle for Carfest North by my lovely hosts for the day.  The weather was wonderful, which meant that my choice of outfit for the day was a vintage Hawaiian dress that I bought from Twinwood, with high heeled sandals (in order to cope with the rough ground).

Dexi - Carfest North 2012
It was a great show, especially considering that it was the first year of the event.  Highlights, in no particular order - Pimms, the Lancaster, Razorlight, the roar of the cars on the hill course, the Vulcan, Pimms (again), and the truly fantastic Morgan stand.  Did I mention my birthday...?  Oh, I did.  Anyway, if any gentlemen really, really want to treat me, can I suggest being collected in this....

Dexi - Morgan Aero Coupe at Carfest North - it's mine 'cos I licked it
...and then being chauffeured (preferably at high speed) over to the Louboutin store in Harvey Nichols.  My absolutely favourite car of the show.  However, the real highlight, in truth, was the Vulcan bomber.  I've seen this before at the Goodwood Revival, but never as low as it flew at Carfest.  Not only that, but as the pilot piled on the power to pull away from it's dive the ground shook with the force.  I understand that more than a few car-alarms were set off in the nearby car-park!  Truly amazing.

I must take this opportunity to thank the lovely couple who gave me this present - in return I'll make sure you have some lovely memories too when we next meet... stockings and my harlot-red silk dress for starters...?

Of course I'm back now, er, beavering away in Altrincham, so if you fancy a bit of Manchester Cheshire Tart, you know who to call!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Terrific Twinwood

As I mentioned in my last post, I spent the Bank Holiday weekend in Bedfordshire - or more accurately at the one-time site of the Twinwood Airforce base.  Famous for being the airfield that Glenn Miller took off from on his fateful and last flight, it is now the location of the utterly fabulous Twinwood Festival, which is a celebration of the music and styles of the the 1940's and 1950's - perfect for me, as these are my favourite fashion decades and also the periods of some of my favourite music. 

Dexi - Twinwood 2012
 As a frequent visitor to the Goodwood Revival and knowing how busy these events get, I made sure that I arrived at the festival nice and early on the Saturday morning - in fact, just as the gates were opening, which was ideal.  A couple of very early morning shower spells made me wonder if the sun would make a visit, too, and I'm pleased to say that it did.  I very slightly miscalculated the terrain, however - it was definitely not as firm under foot, or should I say 'under the heel', as I was expecting.  Much of the original airforce base has disappeared, leaving only cindered tracks between the remaining original buildings.  As usual I only took my high heels (then again, I don't actually have any flat shoes anyway) but stayed undaunted and remained in my heels for the two days that I was there.  I did replace my original spike heels with more sensible Vivienne Westwood heels for the second day, though.

Dexi - Twinwood 2012 Chevrolet, Museum details and Twinwood market
Twinwood has lots to offer for a gal with money in her vintage purse - lots of fantastic stalls of original and reproduction retro clothing, furniture, uniforms and memorabilia.  I managed to get myself a couple of great bargains - a gorgeous Hawaiian-style dress for summer (or what's left of it) and a beautiful two-piece 1950's outfit (perfect for Mad Men!), and no doubt they will feature in some blog pictures soon.  Like the Goodwood revival, there were also lots of beautiful classic cars and some truly gorgeous hot-rods.  My particular favourite was the fern-green Chevrolet - in right-hand drive, no less, being originally from South Africa. 

Dexi - Twinwood 2012 favourites, especially the green Chevrolet
 Apart from all this, there is of course the music.  I was especially honoured to meet John Miller, the nephew of the great man himself, who fronted the John Miller Orchestra and perfectly recreated many of the big band sounds of the era.  I have to confess to meeting him under slightly odd circumstances - I realised on my last night there that I didn't have a picture of me in one of my new outfits - I saw a very dapper gentleman buying some fish and chips from a stall and asked him to take my photo - yes, he turned around and it was Mr Twinwood himself.  A perfect gent, of course - and I hope you enjoyed your supper, Mr Miller!  One of the main highlights though had to be the stupendous Max Raabe and the Palast Orchestra - who says Germans don't have a sense of humour?  Not only brilliantly funny but superb musicians, too.

Dexi - Twinwood 2012, museum and more lovely cars
Particularly sobering among the dancing, fun and drinking of the weekend was a visit to the on-site museum, that showed again just what some of the older generation lived through, fought for and endured through those dark years of the Second World War.  I especially looked at some of the 'medical' instruments on display and thought that they more resembled torture devices - in fact I was pretty sure that I had used some in my time as a professional Dominatrix.

It was a weekend I won't forget, and have already pencilled it into my 2013 diary.  I am back in Manchester now, of course, and once again providing my own brand of entertainment in Altrincham.  However, the party-season is already approaching, with invites to fetish clubs and vintage events to attend.  I will, as always, keep you posted!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Bed Knobs and Herr Flicks

I always had mixed feelings about some Disney films - I liked Mary Poppins (a bit too prim and prissy, though I always suspected she would have made a very interesting Dominatrix), but disliked Bedknobs and Broomsticks (such annoying children).  However, the latter film was brought to mind by some recent events.

Let's get to Bed Knobs first.  Now, I know precisely what you are thinking, and I couldn't blame you, given my particular daily routine.  But you'd be wrong.  I'm not talking about those sorts of knobs.  Readers of my blog will be aware that recently I found an apartment to entertain my visitors in.  I duly arranged a brand new bed (one didn't come supplied with the offer of the room, sadly) and began to, well, make use of the new bed.  After a week or so I noticed an ominous creaking when the bed was being used 'vigorously'.  This became louder and louder, until one gentleman commented on it - I think he may have thought it was his knee joints at first.

Now, a bed is somewhere I spend a fair amount of time, so it is imperative that it is a) comfortable, b) easy clean c) not too loud to scare/interest/puzzle the neighbours and d) not likely to collapse at any given moment.  Considering these requirements, I had to give the original retailers a call.  Now, I may have called them 'Bed Knobs', but in truth, they were very, very kind, but absolutely not happy at my suggestion of returning the abused bed to the shop - I had to have a (no doubt) specially-trained chap visit the apartment (no, he didn't want to try the bed, either...) and assess the disfunctioning furniture first.  So, a long wait and lots more creaking before it could even be looked at.  They sent out a dapper gentleman who quickly saw the bed was rubbish, and promised to have it collected and money returned.  Bed duly dismantled, where it is now blocking the apartment kitchen, much to the pleasure of the householder.  Oh well.  The good news is, of course, that my new bed has just arrived and is in situ in the 'boudoir'.  And awaiting it's first 'christening'. 

So, on to Broomsticks, or, as the title says, Herr Flicks.  Yes, it was a trip back to the 1940's again, this time at Lytham.  I'd never visited Lytham previously, and was bowled over by the pretty little town.  A vibrant town-centre, and some lovely little houses and streets were a wonderful back-drop to the event itself, based primarily around the seafront area.  I knew it was going to be a great day when on first arriving close to the 1940's event I was confronted by a particularly lovely sight - 'Allo, allo,' I thought - a French floozie in full 'Yvette Carte-Blanche' regalia, bicycling her way down the street, no doubt making all the nearby chaps stand to attention.  When I caught up with her later I certainly passed on secret information that I hoped would prove useful to the Allied cause (you have my number, C, wink wink!).  There were certainly a few photographers who seemed very keen on getting a picture of us together.

Dexi - 1940's Weekend Lytham

I managed to behave myself, and I'm glad to say that the weather behaved, too, and remained rain-free for the day.  Best wishes for the Lytham Spitfire fund, and I hope the day was a success for them, too.  Oh, and before I, ahem, depart, I really loved, this, too - talk about having one last ride....

Dexi - 1940's Weekend Lytham
This coming weekend I'm heading south - this time to the Twinwood festival.  My stockings, high-heels and dresses are already packed and looking forward to the music, stalls and people I'll get to see.

Sunday, 5 August 2012


Readers of my blog will see that my last post concerned the Royal Horticultural Society's event at Tatton Park.  This last weekend made me realise how contrasting certain elements in my life are, as the final weekend in July saw me attending the Manchester Academy to see the rock band Sulpher.  This was courtesy of some free tickets from a friend (thank you, M).  I was a little wary on arriving at the Academy, as it appeared that I may not be too welcome...

Dexi - Sulpher at Manchester Academy

It turned in to a great night, however, with Supher having some exceptional support acts, particularly Resist, a local rock band from Manchester.  Tatton Park was all about my vintage dress, flowers, gardens and floral displays.  Here, it was all sweat, thrashing guitar chords, thundering drums... and leather and high heeled boots, of course.

Dexi - Sulpher at Manchester Academy
I've now settled into my new boudoir in Altrincham, so next on the agenda is updating the pictures on my website and adding more Adultwork galleries.  A busy life for a working girl, indeed.  And speaking of busy bees, a very big thank you to 'R' who, after enjoying my hospitality, asked me to make a donation on his behalf to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust to help these little chaps...

Dexi - Bumblebee Conservation Trust
Oh, and also a big thank you to 'G', who brought a lovely gift of two bottles of Bruichladdich whisky - one organic and one Sherry Classic.  'G', I'm still enjoying trying to work out which one I prefer!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

RHS Tatton Park 2012

With a sunny weekend approaching (and we all know how rare those have been this year!) I was very pleased to accept the offer of a trip to the Royal Horticultural Society event at Tatton Park from one of my lovely gentleman 'friends'.  It would be my first trip to the show, although it's been on my list of 'things to do' for a few years now.  I donned my vintage 1960's Dior gown and arrived at the park before opening.  I am pleased to say that the sun certainly attended, too, and felt my head slowly burning whilst waiting in the queue.  Once the event opened I took advantage of finding a fantastic stall by Peak and Brim hats, and decided on a gorgeous and bright summer hat to keep the sun's heat from my head!  It complimented the outfit nicely, too.

Dexi - RHS Tatton Park 2012

It was a tremendous day, especially for a lady who loves flowers.  The competing gardens were fantastic, my favourites were the 'Interplantatary Travel - A Flight Of Fancy' by Tatton Park Gardens, 'Sister Suffragette' by Janet Leigh (not the one from the film Psycho - see previous post!) and 'The Science Of Strings' by Brendan Vaughan & Leon Davis. 

Alongside the gardens, there were beautiful displays of flowers from growers and nurseries from all over the country.  The lilies (a particular favourite - a big hint there, boys!) were breathtaking, and another favourite, Aliums, had me reaching for my purse.

Dexi - Lilies (oooh!), Aliums (ooooh!) and beautiful gardens at RHS Tatton Park 2012

It was a brilliant day out - lovely people, well organised and so much effort put in by the designers and gardeners themselves.  It was 4.00pm before my feet decided they had taken enough punishment (yes, I stayed in my high-heels even for this!), although I was aware there was more to buy.  I will just have to wait until next year, and go on the Sunday when they have the big 'sell-off' of the displays...

Dexi - More lovely colours at RHS Tatton Park 2012

Monday, 16 July 2012

Hotels.. and the business of Pleasure

You could certainly be forgiven for thinking that I'd forgotten all about my blog, as it's a month since my last post.  I have no reason other than it's simply been an incredibly busy time, and it's certainly been nagging at the back of my mind that my blog has been somewhat neglected.  But, now that things have settled again, I will be back to my original aim of posting at least a couple of times a month.  So, what's been on my mind recently?   Hotels.

Mention 'hotels' to anyone, and they will have plenty of strange/wonderful/awful stories to tell (I obviously have a few of my own!), or maybe it's just my strange friends that have those stories.  Think of hotels in films, and you have images of  the Bellagio in LasVegas, scene of 'Ocean's 11'.  Think of The Beverly Wilshire (Pretty Woman), Caesar's Palace (The Hangover), Fountainebleu Miami Beach (Goldfinger), etc, and hotels can be sexily decadent, anonymous and indulgent.  However, for every Ambassador Hotel (The Graduate) there's an opposite - Timberline Lodge (The Shining), the unnamed hotels in '1408' and 'Identity' and, er the Fountainebleu Miami Beach... again (The Bodyguard).   Yes, without doubt there are films that have left me with a more negative perspective, especially The Bodyguard (although for reasons nothing to do with the hotel!).  Not to mention Psycho.

I've had some truly fantastic times in hotels around the area - some of the unplanned room upgrades have been tremendous, but other times you find yourself in an entirely inappropriate room for the business of pleasure, which means another trip to the reception to explain that the room isn't 'right', and some explanation as to why not.  This, sadly, was becoming more frequent, and it was with this mind, rather than the latter list of hotel films, that prompted me to seek out new premises.  And, after some searching, I am now very pleased to have the use of a lovely, upmarket, safe and secure and relaxing apartment in the sunny south (of Manchester, anyway) in Altrincham.  Location, of course, was always important,  - it had to be within reach of my home and also suitable for my visitors - and indeed the apartment is in easy reach from Manchester, Manchester Airport, the M56 and M6. 
Dexi - now offering incall services in Altrincham

I will still be offering my outcall services, of course, but it's certainly going to be a more pleasureable environment to work from on a daily basis - more importantly I will have all my 'tools of the trade' (those that have enjoyed my BDSM services will attest that there are some heavy implements that I usually have to carry around with me!), including my whole sexy wardrobe.

I've already had my first visitors, (so sadly if you wanted to be the first to enjoy the new boudoir, you can't!), and I'm relieved to hear that everyone so far has given it a positive report.

So, (in a suitable return to the subject of the silver screen), as the fabulous Mae West purred, "Why don't you come on up and see me sometime?"

Dexi - come up and see me sometime!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

East Lancs Railway 1940's War Weekend

Following on from Haworth and their 1940's weekend, the next date in my 1940's diary is usually at the East Lancs Railway, and this time it fell on the same weekend as the Jubilee.  I wish I'd bought shares in bunting production, as the red, white and blue of the Union Jack was visible everywhere you looked. 

After suffering a chilly day at Haworth, I planned a little better this time - and decided Saturday looked to offer the best weather, and, after slipping on my vintage girdle, seamed stockings and heels and original 1940's suit, headed off to start the day at Bury train station.  With a lovely track-side bar, stalls and entertainment, Bury station is always a good place to start the weekend.  There's always a good chance to get close to the locomotives, and although I'm by no means a train-spotter I can appreciate to splendour of these lovely old machines.  With steam and coal-smoke billowing around, the sounds and smells can transport me straight into the film 'Brief Encounter'.  I know what you are thinking here - the very nature of my profession surely means that I am no stranger to 'Brief Encounters' anyway, and without any doubt any conversation at 'Milford Junction' would be very different...

Dexi - East Lancs 1940's Weekend/Bury
Anyway, I digress - after a couple of hours at Bury, it was time to move on further up the track to Ramsbottom.  Although again centered around the train station, the event offers a great opportunity to explore the pretty town.  There was certainly more to see at Ramsbottom.  Entertainment at the station was courtesy of Paul Harper and his daughter Natasha, singing all of the old classics from the late 1930's and war period.  Paul's ability to recapture the sounds of the era led to a role in the film 'Atonement', although he does tone down some of the saucier lyrics that he sang in the film. 
Dexi - East Lancs 1940's Weekend/Ramsbottom

Ramsbottom also has the lovely Chocolate Cafe which always provides a lovely late lunch, and the Memories antique shop, which always manages to take a little of my money whenever I visit.  This time it I just had to buy a lovely vintage skirt and jacket suit, which will no doubt be worn in the near future.  Ramsbottom also had a lovely little display of vintage vehicles, including a beautiful old Cadillac...
Dexi - East Lancs 1940's Weekend

and lots of military vehicles, many in pristine condition.  As always, a great event and opportunity to meet up with many old friends from the scene, and as ever I was impressed by the attention to detail of so many of the outfits and machinery on display.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Toxic Bankers in Salford Quays

This weekend I went to The Lowry Theatre with friends to watch a new play, Toxic Bankers, written by Andrew Taylor and Desmond O'Connor (not the one who appeared on Morecambe and Wise!).  I have seen Des O'Connor perform at burlesque venues many times, and was certainly looking forward to seeing how his musical works fitted in with Andrew Taylor's writing.  It was in no doubt a very contemporary play, and although it centered on the financial world and the problems faced by Greece and the Euro in general, it was by no means as dull as it sounds.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable 2 hours, with a darkly comedic theme, even though Desmond's more, er, risqué side was toned down a little to fit the storyline.  All-in-all a very different option from Carousel, which was playing in another part of the Theatre.
Dexi - At The Lowry Theatre for Toxic Bankers

I've been spending a lot of time at Salford Quays recently - as well as my recent modelling evening there and my visit to The Lowry Theatre, I also spent a little time there on Friday.  The recent weather has been glorious, of course, and even with the hotel room air-conditioning on full-blast, it was decidedly hot, sweaty and sticky - even more so after a two-hour 'workout' - thank you for that, 'G'!
Dexi - Salford Quays, post 'workout'.

I'm certainly hoping it stays like this for next wekeend, as it's the East-Lancs Railways 1940's event, which I'm really looking forward to.  Before then, I'm back in Manchester on Monday 28th May, and looking forward to getting all hot, sweaty and sticking... again.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Salford, stockings and some spring sunshine (at last)

After the chill of Saturday at Haworth's 1940's event, I was very grateful for a return to warmer weather yesterday evening, as I had promised to do some modelling for a local camera group. 
Dexi - Salford Quays

The location was the fabulously photogenic Salford Quays, and I decided to put on my long glamorous Massimo Dutti dress for the occasion, as it worked so well for some of my original website pictures.  It was a great evening, and I'm looking forward to seeing some of the finished results.  Some of the glimpses I saw of the pictures from the group on the evening looked superb.  It certainly took me back to my years of modelling professionally, although had I discarded my clothes for the cameras as quickly as I used to, then there may have been some extra shots of me being escorted away by Manchester's finest boys in blue.  As it was I managed to behave (for once), with only the occasional glimpse of stocking tops for the passing public to stare at.
Dexi - and camera club
This coming weekend is also promising to be an interesting one... but that will be for my next blog post!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Haworth 1940's Weekend

For the last few years, May has always been the start of the 1940's weekend events for me - and Haworth's 1940 wartime weekend is usually the first of them.  Haworth is a lovely village in Yorkshire, and on the 1940's weekends the pretty Main Street and park become the focus point for a celebration of nostalgia and remembrance.  I always like to arrive very early, before many of the crowds and coachloads, to enjoy some breakfast (at Cobbles and Clay - perfect), admire the first vintage vehicles to arrive and meet up with old friends who also appreciate the glamour and style of a bygone age.

Walking up Main Street when it is peaceful and quiet is always a pleasure, and even the steep cobbled street isn't enough to keep me out of my high heels.

Dexi - Haworth 1940's wartime weekend - stockings and heels

It was certainly colder than previous years, but despite the heavy cloud I am glad to say that the rain kept away.  There is always plenty to keep the interest going for a full day, though.  The sweet little Old School Rooms had a vintage fair, and offered the opportunity to try on a few outfits and spend a little time inside with a hot drink.  Away at the other end of Main Street the village park had a display of military vehicles, a brass band and more stalls.  Negotiating between the two via Main Street became challenging once the crowds had arrived by mid-morning.
Dexi - Haworth 1940's wartime weekend - crowds
All-in-all, a great day out, an excuse (as if I need one!) to get glammed up and slip on the seamed stockings again.  With more events like this already lined up in my calendar, I'm certainly looking forward to the summer.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Bank Holiday Weekend - May Day, May Day!

I feel like I'm living out of a suitacse at the moment - I haven't spent much time at home since I began my recent bunch of tours.  Even my time in Manchester has, for a portion of it, been spent in hotel rooms.  However, on the positive side of things my tours have been fun and productive.  And so it was that I travelled to London for the Bank Holiday Weekend, and another visit to Torture Garden.  In truth, the journey south was fated to be a bad one.  The tickets for the TG Birthday Ball got waylaid, a fact I didn't realise until I had already reached Staffordshire.  That meant veering away from my planned route in order to find a cybercafe where I could reprint my E-Tickets.  E-Tickets....if anyone can explain, when I book an event online, pay online, and then have to print my own tickets, why do I have to pay a 'booking fee'?  Anyway, I digress, much like my journey to London.  No sooner had I joined the motorway than the sign popped up... M40 closed, for three junctions.  Another detour, this time across country to M1.

It was a rather frazzled lady that finally stopped on Holloway Road in order to visit Atsuko Kudo with a view to buying a new outfit.  After squeezing myself into lots of gorgeously tight and beautiful latex outfits I was close to making my purchase, when I realised I was running out of time on the parking meter.  I popped back outside to find this on the windscreen....
Close by was a 'traffic enforcement officer' and I asked him why I had been ticketed.  "The Arsenal are playing at home today, didn't you know?  It means no parking anywhere around here."  No, I bloody didn't know, but thanks for telling me.  I'd love to know why Islington Council thinks this is supporting their local businesses and people.  I bet they are the ones behind all those E-Tickets, too.

Nevermind, I thought, as I left Holloway Road, it's not too far over the Thames to my apartment.  Or so I thought.... with many of the main roads through the City areas closed, there were more detours all over the east-side of London.  Over an hour later I got to my apartment.

I have to say, however, that Torture Garden turned a disastrous start into a brilliant weekend.  Held again at the Coronet Theatre, it was a truly fantastic night.  Great memories included getting into a cage on the dancefloor with four gorgeous girls and getting very intimate with them all... meeting S again from my recent visit to Subversion and getting hot and steamy with her again... some great music, including great tracks by the brilliant 'Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer', Imelda May and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, and getting a bit, er, hot with a very lovely couple in the 'chill-out' room.  So many gorgeous people, gorgeous outfits and a truly liberated atmosphere - even staying until the late early-hours meant there was not enough time...

So, now back in Manchester, although very briefly - on Wednesday 9th May I am heading over to Anglia to the city of Norwich for three days, and looking forward to seeing some more of the country that I haven't visited before.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Roman Way

"But apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, viniculture, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh-water system, and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?"  One of my favourite quotations from one of my favourite films.  Now, it seems, I can add to that list, as they also paved what became known as Watling Street, built Carlisle and Londinium.  And the other link between these?  Yes, I'll be visiting Telford (on Watling Street), Carlisle and London in the coming weeks.  Although I am a long-time visitor to the capital, it will be my first visits to Carlisle and Telford.  I'll be starting my tour of Britain's history by visiting the town named after Thomas Telford next week (16th, 17th and 18th April), then up to Roman Carlisle the week after (23rd and 24th April), before heading down to London in May (5th and 6th).
Dexi - travels around Britian
Appropriately, this is about the time of the ancient Roman festival of Floralia - so if you fancy celebrating it with me, give me a call!  I was just wondering, though... will I get to meet Biggus Dickus?

Monday, 9 April 2012

Bunnies and Bank Holidays

It seems like months ago that I last posted on here, as it's been non-stop since returning from Basingstoke.  Suddenly I find myself trying to remember exactly what I've been up to over the past couple of weeks, as they have blurred past in a heady haze.  A recent incall stay produced a couple of new photographs for my website, even though it was a hurried shoot inbetween appointments.  I did especially like this one below, that had a very pleased gentleman in the apartment opposite the hotel watching my window instead of watching his TV.  Some of the, er, more risqué ones will be available on my Adultwork profile, of course.
Dexi - luscious latex

The mobile has been ringing off the hook, and it appears that the sap isn't just rising in the plants but also in the loins of the population.  So, yes, I've been a busy girl, and if you are thinking of a phrase involving rabbits and frolicking, then you would not be far off.  Speaking of bunnies, Easter arrived, and the extra large chocolate Ostrich Egg from Hotel Chocolat did not magically arrive on my doorstep.  I hope Easter Bunny is a masochist, as it's going to get a caning if I see it in the near future.

With a very long Bank Holiday weekend approaching, and grim weather (as usual) along with it, I decided that I had earned a decent night out.  And so it was that I packed my bags and headed 'darn sarf' yet again, to visit friends in the Cotswolds and from there head on to the fleshpots of London, more specifically Club Subversion.  As readers of my blog will know, I've been visiting fetish clubs since 1994, and I am ashamed to say that although the club has been running for some years, this was my first visit.  As it was a 'uniforms' theme, I decided on my RAF corset, fashioned from a vintage RAF overcoat, and my gorgeous Natacha Marro boots.  I was determined to be fully prepared for a chilly evening, unlike my visit in December last year to Torture Garden in Edinburgh.
Dexi - my RAF Corset and Boots
  It was only after getting dressed and preparing to leave with my friends that I realised that the only jacket I had brought with me was my little leopard-print jacket - yet another fail in the Dexi wardrobe planning department.  Although warm, the jacket just skimmed my arse, revealing my opaque panties and stocking tops.  'Oh well', I thought, 'we'll no doubt be able to park fairly close to the club, so it won't matter'.  Well, we did manage to park close by (for London, anyway), but it still meant strolling (in as a confident and care-free way as possible) past numerous pubs and clubs, with onlookers clearly enjoying the view.  I wondered if I looked like a total harlot, before smiling to myself - of course I do!
Dexi - appropriate dress for a stroll in London
 Once in the club (located very close to the Secret Intelligence Service - I wonder if they had their monitoring gear pointing towards the club that night!) things picked up very quickly.  With thumping and grinding dance music throbbing from the speakers, courtesy of The UnderCover Brother Crew, the attendees were already getting into the mood.  A dedicated play area was marked out, too, and clearly very busy.  I do need to thank two particularly gorgeous bisexual  ladies for making the evening especially memorable - S, a mischievous little blonde in latex that caught my eye and who I made 'closer acquaintance' of in the ladies toilets, and Y, (who travelled all the way from the Netherlands), in a clinging and gorgeously sexy military outfit, who I made an even closer 'acquaintance' of on the dance-floor! 

A fantastic night, and it was a very happy girl that made her way back north, with thoughts already of returning to sample London's fetish delights very soon.