Saturday, 25 February 2012


There appears to have been a bit of a tits-up somewhere with my blog - I have a sneaky feeling that my gorgeous new phone (actually, I hate the damn thing) is to blame - but more of that later.
Please feel free to amuse yourselves with, er, these, whist I try and resolve this - either by setting up a new blog completely (was it Coleridge who forgot and lost his ideas for an entire epic poem because an insurance man came knocking - I know how he feels!) or by retrieving the old one from Google.  Somehow I think Michael Barrymore's agent will have more success with getting his client to open up the Olympics than I have of getting my blog back.

Despite my internet set-backs, I will still be at Liverpool next week... long as I have more luck finding my way down the M62 as I have had with finding my way around that new phone!

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