Sunday, 26 February 2012

A Quick Recap....

Well, as I am currently engaged in an email exchange with a very nice chap from Google regarding my poor old blog, I thought perhaps a quick recap might have to do for now.

Hmm, where were we...?  Oh yes, as a former porn model/lap dancer/professional dominatrix, I decided, nearly a year a go now, to try my hand (and other bits of my body) at one of the few areas of the sex/adult industry that I have not experienced - and thus, Dexi Delite, Independent Escort in Manchester, was born.
Dexi - Lovely Memories!

 Looking at some of those old magazines and newspaper cuttings (yes, it wasn't just porn-stuff that I did - although I am perhaps more ashamed of being on Trisha and in the Sunday People than my front cover of Fiesta, a two-page special in Penthouse or two-page spreads in the Sunday Sport!) certainly brought back good memories, and some (a poorly-paid psychologist, for instance, who had an issue with pornography and the sex-industry in general) might say it was a logical progression, in the same way that if you partake of cannabis, even once, then you are destined to be a heroin-junkie within 2 years.  However, my retort to that would be that I was always just following advice from my teachers, careers advisor and elders - do something you enjoy and are good at.  So, here I am.  The magazines and porn-films behind me (perhaps, but some of these things circulate endlessly!) and enjoying my year-old career at the slutting edge, sorry, cutting edge of the sex industry.  And I am loving it.

Ah, but maybe it's not all quite behind me.  In September, as some of my previous blog readers will recall, I went to the utterly fantastic Goodwood Revival - one of my favourite events of the whole year.  Fabulous cars, fabulous fashion, and fabulous people.  And, of course, in 2011 I won the 'Best-Dressed Lady' award... which meant a TV interview and pictures in the motoring press.
Dexi - Best-Dressed Lady Goodwood Revival 2011
It was a truly astonishing memory, and one I will treasure for the rest of my life.  I still have the magnum of Veuve Clicquot that I won - I will get around to drinking it one day.

I have also had some excellent nights away at various fetish events around the country, including Torture Garden in Edinburgh...
Dexi - Torture Garden, Edinburgh

and, at the invitation of the reknown erotic photographer Robert Babylon a lovely night at the Erotic Exhibition at The Gallery, in Liverpool.
Dexi - Erotic Exhibition, The Gallery Liverpool

Dexi - Erotic Exhibition, The Gallery Liverpool
I have also been wined and dined by lovely gentlemen in some of Manchester and London's top restaurants, treated to incredible trips to Amsterdam, London, Goodwood and Brighton.  Oh, and had many awesome orgasms at the hands, tongues and, well, you get the idea, of some lovely gentlemen in the last year.  So does that bring us up-to-date?

Not quite - as a recap it's pretty much all there, but I'm sure I'll remember other little bits too, but now for a proper update...

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