Monday, 7 May 2012

Bank Holiday Weekend - May Day, May Day!

I feel like I'm living out of a suitacse at the moment - I haven't spent much time at home since I began my recent bunch of tours.  Even my time in Manchester has, for a portion of it, been spent in hotel rooms.  However, on the positive side of things my tours have been fun and productive.  And so it was that I travelled to London for the Bank Holiday Weekend, and another visit to Torture Garden.  In truth, the journey south was fated to be a bad one.  The tickets for the TG Birthday Ball got waylaid, a fact I didn't realise until I had already reached Staffordshire.  That meant veering away from my planned route in order to find a cybercafe where I could reprint my E-Tickets.  E-Tickets....if anyone can explain, when I book an event online, pay online, and then have to print my own tickets, why do I have to pay a 'booking fee'?  Anyway, I digress, much like my journey to London.  No sooner had I joined the motorway than the sign popped up... M40 closed, for three junctions.  Another detour, this time across country to M1.

It was a rather frazzled lady that finally stopped on Holloway Road in order to visit Atsuko Kudo with a view to buying a new outfit.  After squeezing myself into lots of gorgeously tight and beautiful latex outfits I was close to making my purchase, when I realised I was running out of time on the parking meter.  I popped back outside to find this on the windscreen....
Close by was a 'traffic enforcement officer' and I asked him why I had been ticketed.  "The Arsenal are playing at home today, didn't you know?  It means no parking anywhere around here."  No, I bloody didn't know, but thanks for telling me.  I'd love to know why Islington Council thinks this is supporting their local businesses and people.  I bet they are the ones behind all those E-Tickets, too.

Nevermind, I thought, as I left Holloway Road, it's not too far over the Thames to my apartment.  Or so I thought.... with many of the main roads through the City areas closed, there were more detours all over the east-side of London.  Over an hour later I got to my apartment.

I have to say, however, that Torture Garden turned a disastrous start into a brilliant weekend.  Held again at the Coronet Theatre, it was a truly fantastic night.  Great memories included getting into a cage on the dancefloor with four gorgeous girls and getting very intimate with them all... meeting S again from my recent visit to Subversion and getting hot and steamy with her again... some great music, including great tracks by the brilliant 'Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer', Imelda May and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, and getting a bit, er, hot with a very lovely couple in the 'chill-out' room.  So many gorgeous people, gorgeous outfits and a truly liberated atmosphere - even staying until the late early-hours meant there was not enough time...

So, now back in Manchester, although very briefly - on Wednesday 9th May I am heading over to Anglia to the city of Norwich for three days, and looking forward to seeing some more of the country that I haven't visited before.

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