Sunday, 27 May 2012

Toxic Bankers in Salford Quays

This weekend I went to The Lowry Theatre with friends to watch a new play, Toxic Bankers, written by Andrew Taylor and Desmond O'Connor (not the one who appeared on Morecambe and Wise!).  I have seen Des O'Connor perform at burlesque venues many times, and was certainly looking forward to seeing how his musical works fitted in with Andrew Taylor's writing.  It was in no doubt a very contemporary play, and although it centered on the financial world and the problems faced by Greece and the Euro in general, it was by no means as dull as it sounds.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable 2 hours, with a darkly comedic theme, even though Desmond's more, er, risqué side was toned down a little to fit the storyline.  All-in-all a very different option from Carousel, which was playing in another part of the Theatre.
Dexi - At The Lowry Theatre for Toxic Bankers

I've been spending a lot of time at Salford Quays recently - as well as my recent modelling evening there and my visit to The Lowry Theatre, I also spent a little time there on Friday.  The recent weather has been glorious, of course, and even with the hotel room air-conditioning on full-blast, it was decidedly hot, sweaty and sticky - even more so after a two-hour 'workout' - thank you for that, 'G'!
Dexi - Salford Quays, post 'workout'.

I'm certainly hoping it stays like this for next wekeend, as it's the East-Lancs Railways 1940's event, which I'm really looking forward to.  Before then, I'm back in Manchester on Monday 28th May, and looking forward to getting all hot, sweaty and sticking... again.

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