Tuesday, 5 June 2012

East Lancs Railway 1940's War Weekend

Following on from Haworth and their 1940's weekend, the next date in my 1940's diary is usually at the East Lancs Railway, and this time it fell on the same weekend as the Jubilee.  I wish I'd bought shares in bunting production, as the red, white and blue of the Union Jack was visible everywhere you looked. 

After suffering a chilly day at Haworth, I planned a little better this time - and decided Saturday looked to offer the best weather, and, after slipping on my vintage girdle, seamed stockings and heels and original 1940's suit, headed off to start the day at Bury train station.  With a lovely track-side bar, stalls and entertainment, Bury station is always a good place to start the weekend.  There's always a good chance to get close to the locomotives, and although I'm by no means a train-spotter I can appreciate to splendour of these lovely old machines.  With steam and coal-smoke billowing around, the sounds and smells can transport me straight into the film 'Brief Encounter'.  I know what you are thinking here - the very nature of my profession surely means that I am no stranger to 'Brief Encounters' anyway, and without any doubt any conversation at 'Milford Junction' would be very different...

Dexi - East Lancs 1940's Weekend/Bury
Anyway, I digress - after a couple of hours at Bury, it was time to move on further up the track to Ramsbottom.  Although again centered around the train station, the event offers a great opportunity to explore the pretty town.  There was certainly more to see at Ramsbottom.  Entertainment at the station was courtesy of Paul Harper and his daughter Natasha, singing all of the old classics from the late 1930's and war period.  Paul's ability to recapture the sounds of the era led to a role in the film 'Atonement', although he does tone down some of the saucier lyrics that he sang in the film. 
Dexi - East Lancs 1940's Weekend/Ramsbottom

Ramsbottom also has the lovely Chocolate Cafe which always provides a lovely late lunch, and the Memories antique shop, which always manages to take a little of my money whenever I visit.  This time it I just had to buy a lovely vintage skirt and jacket suit, which will no doubt be worn in the near future.  Ramsbottom also had a lovely little display of vintage vehicles, including a beautiful old Cadillac...
Dexi - East Lancs 1940's Weekend

and lots of military vehicles, many in pristine condition.  As always, a great event and opportunity to meet up with many old friends from the scene, and as ever I was impressed by the attention to detail of so many of the outfits and machinery on display.