Sunday, 5 August 2012


Readers of my blog will see that my last post concerned the Royal Horticultural Society's event at Tatton Park.  This last weekend made me realise how contrasting certain elements in my life are, as the final weekend in July saw me attending the Manchester Academy to see the rock band Sulpher.  This was courtesy of some free tickets from a friend (thank you, M).  I was a little wary on arriving at the Academy, as it appeared that I may not be too welcome...

Dexi - Sulpher at Manchester Academy

It turned in to a great night, however, with Supher having some exceptional support acts, particularly Resist, a local rock band from Manchester.  Tatton Park was all about my vintage dress, flowers, gardens and floral displays.  Here, it was all sweat, thrashing guitar chords, thundering drums... and leather and high heeled boots, of course.

Dexi - Sulpher at Manchester Academy
I've now settled into my new boudoir in Altrincham, so next on the agenda is updating the pictures on my website and adding more Adultwork galleries.  A busy life for a working girl, indeed.  And speaking of busy bees, a very big thank you to 'R' who, after enjoying my hospitality, asked me to make a donation on his behalf to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust to help these little chaps...

Dexi - Bumblebee Conservation Trust
Oh, and also a big thank you to 'G', who brought a lovely gift of two bottles of Bruichladdich whisky - one organic and one Sherry Classic.  'G', I'm still enjoying trying to work out which one I prefer!

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