Sunday, 30 September 2012

S&M at... Ess & Emm

Last weekend I was invited to a very dear friend's 50th birthday party, held at the fabulous Ess & Emm dungeon in lovely Warwickshire.  For those who may be not aware, Ess & Emm usually caters for those seeking a delightful and debauched B&B getaway for libertines, but on this occasion was the venue for the birthday celebration.

Knowing that there would be a few submissives there, I chose a little lingerie outfit that allowed plenty of movement - I didn't want to be wearing anything that may constict my 'caning' arm, as I had a feeling that the birthday boy would prove to be a recipient of a few lashes.  So, in corset, stockings, high-heeled ankle boots and barely-there bra, I joined the celebrations at the dungeon.

Dexi - Lingerie, Stocking and High Heels
And it was definitely a night for libertines - and I definitely indulged in some of my favourite vices.  At the request of a willing gentleman submissive I indulged in some erotic CBT - that's not this CBT, by the way, but this CBT - even though you could call it therapy of a kind.  He came equipped too - his bag included horse-brush, clothes pegs, candles (for a delightful hot-wax treatment) and sandpaper, which, ironically, was similar to the contents of my shopping basket on my last trip to B&Q - I'll never see the store in the same way again.  To finish off, I introduced the excited chap to some electrical stimulation, which had him yelping and jumping - similar to the way I behave whenever I'm in Agent Provocateur.  Afterwards, he was kind enough to introduce me to his lovely long-legged wife.  She, of course, didn't get quite the same treatment - it was definitely more gentle and playful...

The birthday boy himself got his particular wish - 49 strikes of the cane, the 50th was given as my choice.  I chose to test the remaining nerves of his bruised buttocks with the point of my high heels.  Did I get him a present apart from this?  Of course - a couple, in fact.  He was very happy with them - he seemed to play with them a lot.

Dexi - A couple of presents for the birthday boy
Speaking of birthdays, did I mention.... oh, I did... I'm still hoping that the Morgan-owning gent with a penchant for Yorkshire Strumpet will be in touch to whisk me away to Harvey Nicks, of course.

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