Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Tarts, Stars and Cars

I've already received a couple of invites to various events over the next couple of months, but was very surprised to receive an invitation last week for the 9th September, when a dear friend and his gorgeous wife presented me with a lovely early birthday present (yes, it's that time again, hint hint!) - a ticket for a day out at Carfest North arranged by Chris Evans on the Sunday.  Cars, music and food - what more, apart from dresses and shoes, does a lady need?  Oh, apart from that, of course.

Firstly, though, speaking of that, I'm glad that I changed that rickety bed as I'm sure it would have collapsed by now, after some recent energetic exertions.  With a spare day on the Saturday before Carfest North, I decided it was time for a shopping trip into Manchester, something I haven't done for nearly six months.  I shimmied into a slinky dress, popped on my high-heels, and headed off to the big city.  I suppose that now I'm working from Cheshire I can no longer class myself as a Manchester tart.  However, on arrival in the city centre I did see this which made me smile and made me consider if I should have patented the name...

Dexi - the gorgeous Manchester Tart
I didn't buy one, though - I can easily think of a few other Manchester Tarts that I'd rather be licking and munching on.  Mmmm... tarts.... yummy.

I did treat myself to a few lovely and very sexy dresses on the day, but a girl like me is always on the lookout for shoes.  It was with this in mind that I strolled into Harvey Nichols.  Harvey Nichols, in my view, has always lingered behind Selfridges for it's shoe collection... but not any more.  The escalator in Harvey Nichols took me to Dexi-heaven on the first floor...

Dexi - Harlot Heaven at Harvey Nicks!
Yes, the utterly amazing Christian Louboutin has opened up a proper display in the store.  My favourites were the tartan ultra high-heels.  Did I say my birthday is coming around again?  No?  Well, my birthday is coming around again, so if any gentlemen out there really want to treat me, then I've an idea where we can go. 

It was a shopped-out Dexi that awoke on Sunday morning, where I was whisked away to Cholmondeley Castle for Carfest North by my lovely hosts for the day.  The weather was wonderful, which meant that my choice of outfit for the day was a vintage Hawaiian dress that I bought from Twinwood, with high heeled sandals (in order to cope with the rough ground).

Dexi - Carfest North 2012
It was a great show, especially considering that it was the first year of the event.  Highlights, in no particular order - Pimms, the Lancaster, Razorlight, the roar of the cars on the hill course, the Vulcan, Pimms (again), and the truly fantastic Morgan stand.  Did I mention my birthday...?  Oh, I did.  Anyway, if any gentlemen really, really want to treat me, can I suggest being collected in this....

Dexi - Morgan Aero Coupe at Carfest North - it's mine 'cos I licked it
...and then being chauffeured (preferably at high speed) over to the Louboutin store in Harvey Nichols.  My absolutely favourite car of the show.  However, the real highlight, in truth, was the Vulcan bomber.  I've seen this before at the Goodwood Revival, but never as low as it flew at Carfest.  Not only that, but as the pilot piled on the power to pull away from it's dive the ground shook with the force.  I understand that more than a few car-alarms were set off in the nearby car-park!  Truly amazing.

I must take this opportunity to thank the lovely couple who gave me this present - in return I'll make sure you have some lovely memories too when we next meet... stockings and my harlot-red silk dress for starters...?

Of course I'm back now, er, beavering away in Altrincham, so if you fancy a bit of Manchester Cheshire Tart, you know who to call!

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