Sunday, 2 September 2012

Terrific Twinwood

As I mentioned in my last post, I spent the Bank Holiday weekend in Bedfordshire - or more accurately at the one-time site of the Twinwood Airforce base.  Famous for being the airfield that Glenn Miller took off from on his fateful and last flight, it is now the location of the utterly fabulous Twinwood Festival, which is a celebration of the music and styles of the the 1940's and 1950's - perfect for me, as these are my favourite fashion decades and also the periods of some of my favourite music. 

Dexi - Twinwood 2012
 As a frequent visitor to the Goodwood Revival and knowing how busy these events get, I made sure that I arrived at the festival nice and early on the Saturday morning - in fact, just as the gates were opening, which was ideal.  A couple of very early morning shower spells made me wonder if the sun would make a visit, too, and I'm pleased to say that it did.  I very slightly miscalculated the terrain, however - it was definitely not as firm under foot, or should I say 'under the heel', as I was expecting.  Much of the original airforce base has disappeared, leaving only cindered tracks between the remaining original buildings.  As usual I only took my high heels (then again, I don't actually have any flat shoes anyway) but stayed undaunted and remained in my heels for the two days that I was there.  I did replace my original spike heels with more sensible Vivienne Westwood heels for the second day, though.

Dexi - Twinwood 2012 Chevrolet, Museum details and Twinwood market
Twinwood has lots to offer for a gal with money in her vintage purse - lots of fantastic stalls of original and reproduction retro clothing, furniture, uniforms and memorabilia.  I managed to get myself a couple of great bargains - a gorgeous Hawaiian-style dress for summer (or what's left of it) and a beautiful two-piece 1950's outfit (perfect for Mad Men!), and no doubt they will feature in some blog pictures soon.  Like the Goodwood revival, there were also lots of beautiful classic cars and some truly gorgeous hot-rods.  My particular favourite was the fern-green Chevrolet - in right-hand drive, no less, being originally from South Africa. 

Dexi - Twinwood 2012 favourites, especially the green Chevrolet
 Apart from all this, there is of course the music.  I was especially honoured to meet John Miller, the nephew of the great man himself, who fronted the John Miller Orchestra and perfectly recreated many of the big band sounds of the era.  I have to confess to meeting him under slightly odd circumstances - I realised on my last night there that I didn't have a picture of me in one of my new outfits - I saw a very dapper gentleman buying some fish and chips from a stall and asked him to take my photo - yes, he turned around and it was Mr Twinwood himself.  A perfect gent, of course - and I hope you enjoyed your supper, Mr Miller!  One of the main highlights though had to be the stupendous Max Raabe and the Palast Orchestra - who says Germans don't have a sense of humour?  Not only brilliantly funny but superb musicians, too.

Dexi - Twinwood 2012, museum and more lovely cars
Particularly sobering among the dancing, fun and drinking of the weekend was a visit to the on-site museum, that showed again just what some of the older generation lived through, fought for and endured through those dark years of the Second World War.  I especially looked at some of the 'medical' instruments on display and thought that they more resembled torture devices - in fact I was pretty sure that I had used some in my time as a professional Dominatrix.

It was a weekend I won't forget, and have already pencilled it into my 2013 diary.  I am back in Manchester now, of course, and once again providing my own brand of entertainment in Altrincham.  However, the party-season is already approaching, with invites to fetish clubs and vintage events to attend.  I will, as always, keep you posted!

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