Monday, 26 November 2012

A Bit Of A Boob

 Being a fairly outspoken, liberated and exhibitionist girl, I have, on occasion, managed to cause a stir.  Usually it is within the confines of civilised society, so I was a little taken aback to find that I had somehow managed to cause a minor outrage at, of all things, a fetish club.

 Yes, this weekend I was invited as a guest to a members-only fetish event staged at a hotel in the Midlands.  Having an event in the same building as I was staying definitely has it's attractions - no waiting for taxis in the bitter cold (oh yes, I still remember Edinburgh after that Torture Garden event), no travelling to/from the event in totally inappropriate clothing, and the chance to, er, extend the party in my hotel room should someone catch my eye. And so, with bag nicely packed with a couple of suitable outfits I headed off on Friday to enjoy two full nights and one full day of fetish pleasure.

 I was really impressed with the accomodation - not least as I had been given one of the suites for the weekend, which meant a huge bathroom, large bedroom with a bed big enough for four adults (more of that later) and a seperate lounge.  Fantastic.  And, nicely settled in, I dressed for the evening event.  Outfit No.1 for the Friday night event was my lovely latex catsuit.  I still love the classic look that it gives me, as much as I love the strategically-placed zip-through crotch.

Dexi - Independent Escort - wearing my Black latex catsuit in a hotel lobby.
  The Friday evening was regarded as an informal event, and was a great opportunity to get to know some of the other club members, including the lovely and divine Miss SOS, who I immediately decided was worth getting to know very well...
Dexi - Independent Escort - getting to know the gorgeous Miss SOS...
 It still managed to be a very late night, as the party continued until 3.00am the next morning as ten of us convened in my suite.

 Saturday daytime was a more dressed-down day - so I chose my black leather Puimond corset, black leather skirt and classic white blouse, finished with my tight leather 6" heeled Natacha Marro boots.

Dexi - Independent Escort -black leather, white blouse... a classic look
 There was time for shopping, too, as a few fetish traders had set up stalls in some of the groundfloor meeting rooms.  I found some delectable nipple weights, which will no doubt come in very useful...  I was also asked to do some modelling for the fetish catwalk show in the afternoon, which was a great chance to wear some fabulous outfits from the likes of Ectomorph.

 Soon the Saturday evening arrived.  Knowing that the event was a 'formal' occasion, I chose my tight long red latex skirt from Ectomorph, my red latex underbust corset from HW Designs, latex nipple tassles and bolero, both from Cathouse Clothing.  I arrived in the main bar pre-dinner drinks, and was very warmly greeted by many of the male and female members there.  That was, until one of the older female members took it upon herself to bullishly and very loudly tell me that my outfit was not appropriate and not welcome at the evening fetish dinner, and that I must go and change before sitting down the meal.  To say I was surprised would be an understatement.  We had, shall we say, a few words, as I defended my opinion that the outfit was perfectly suitable for a fetish event.

Dexi - Independent Escort - and the cause of the commotion
 My outfits for fetish club events are generally chosen for their 'accessibility', if you know what I mean, so to have such comments levelled at me for this outfit was a bit of a shock, as I thought it was quite tame and glamorous.  I was still wondering whether to carry on for the dinner or not, when one club-member after another, including some of the organisers, came up to me to give me their full support. I duly commenced to the evening meal, and actually had a great night, again with more members approaching to say that they were supportive of my choice of outfit and glad that I had attended the event.

 Once again the party continued in my suite, this time culminating in a 5-girl orgy on my bed.  My newly-acquired nipple weights had their first use, and my dildos, vibrators and strap-on were all well-used that night.  Finally, at 4.00am I retired to my bed for a very well-earned sleep.  The following morning I arrived later for breakfast, to find that my nipple tassles and nearly-bare breasts were the main subject of conversation, and would continue to be as the club was holding it's annual General Meeting that morning, and my Saturday evening outfit boob(s) would be No.1 on the agenda. Nevertheless, it was a fantastic weekend, and most of the people I met were truly fabulous.  I would certainly go back again - if they will have me, that is!

 And finally, a quick catch up on some of the Picture Of The Week images that I have used recently.  The second photo of me wearing the mackintosh, stockings and suspenders and hat was taken on a rather cold night in Manchester, and a few security guards turned up to see what I was up to - no doubt in case there was a strange terrorist threat brewing.  Last week's poster-style image was a morning-after-the-night-before photo, from my trip to Torture Garden in London, as mentioned here.  It was a fabulous apartment, and posing for that picture was entertaining for the people walking past the plate-glass window.  This week's, as usual on my Gallery page, is from a visit to a Manchester apartment, which again gave me an opportunity to display my exhibitionist streak... although the, ahem, close-up nature of the photograph doesn't quite show it.  I hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Mind Your P's and Q's...

Ah, the internet.  A wonderful tool for, as Trekkie from Avenue Q would say, Porn.  And Pervery.  Oh, and other things, of course - such as being able to learn, debate and, very importantly, have a voice.  And sometimes we do need to speak up.

As many may already be aware, the Scottish Parliament will be shortly debating a Bill that will infringe on the rights of consenting adults to go about their private business - this Bill, in fact.  The wonderfully ill-informed Rhoda Grant (who, sadly, looks as though she last had an orgasm in 1983) believes that the vast majority of escorts/working girls/prostitutes/harlots/insert terminology here are in the role against their will, are trafficked, exploited, abused and degraded.  I have to say that I am definitely, positively and most explicitly (oooer!) none of these.  I love what I do.  I believe what I do is positive and beneficial.  And I am most definitely against her narrow-minded, obsolete, misguided and prudish vision of how we should be living.  This is my choice, and as a choice I think it has more moral standing than say, oh, being an MP.

The aim for Scotland is to criminalise anyone found guilty of the act of 'purchasing' sex.  This will possibly mean a nice little listing on the Sex Offenders register for those convicted, and labelled as such along with rapists, paedophiles and the like.  This is because, as mentioned earlier, that she believes the old 'sexual exploitation' myth, and those procuring services of these poor, abused and degraded girls (like myself, apparently) are worthy of being thrown into the same cess-pit.  Where Scotland leads, England will probably follow - so beware, be forewarned and forearmed. 

I am aware that there are inherent risks in this line of work - but there are risks in many jobs, and they are not under attack from these do-gooders.  Why?  It can only be some out-of-date puritanism that drives this opinion.  There are horrific stories out there of girls abused, degraded and attacked, but the fact is these sad events don't just happen to working girls.  I have met many working girls over the last year, and for all of them it has been their choice to work in this profession and none have been coerced into this line of work.  However, if Ms. Grant has her way she will take away their livelihoods and push them either onto benefits or into lowly-paid work, where they certainly will feel abused, degraded and exploited. 

So please, add your voice if you want to avoid persecution from the Perv Police.  Oh, and if you are going to be visited by the Perv Police, they won't be dressed like this....
Dexi - definitely NOT a Perv Police uniform
Yes, it's a gratuitous picture of me in leather boots, leather gloves, leather corset and stockings.  But a reminder, too, that some of the sexual freedoms and experiences that we currently enjoy may well be taken away unless we speak up.

You can respond here, and also keep informed of all of the encroachments on our sexual civil liberties by our wonderful and morally-upstanding MPs (stop laughing at the back - this is serious!) by following Scot-Pep and the brilliant Sexual Freedom Coalition.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Picture Of The Week... Part Two

I'm wondering if anyone DID actually manage to guess where last week's photo was taken.  In case you were wondering, it was a dilapidated farmers cottage near Scalea in beautiful Southern Italy.  I was actually posing for a professional photographer who was taking his picture from outside the building, when his assistant, waiting inside the cottage, spotted the shot and snapped away.  A lovely momento of my visit there.

This week's picture was an altogether more chilly affair, even if it was summer when it was taken.  And it was a little more crowded than the shoot in Italy - especially when a few security chaps turned up to check what was happening!

You'll find the picture on my website Gallery page... here as usual.  I hope you like it.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Wheels, Websites and... oooh, whisky again!

Just a week after my last post, I have another little update to complete already.  Firstly, I made a little jaunt up to Blackpool this last weekend to visit the Winter Gardens for a Hot-Rod and Custom Car and Bike Show.  Now, I have to confess to not having the highest opinion of Blackpool - I prefer Brighton's more elegant, glamorous and cosmopolitan facade with it's seedy and sordid underbelly (a little like myself, I think) to Blackpool's more kiss-me-quick/stag-and-hen-night vibe.  However, the thought of some fabulous hot-rods so close to Manchester was enough to lure me to the seaside resort.  Although there wasn't a massive number of cars and bikes on display, the machines that were there were enough to keep me entertained for a few hours.

Dexi - Hot Rod and Custom Car and Bike Show, Blackpool 2012
Unfortunately, when trying to get out of the town I got caught up in the Illuminations traffic, which meant 30 minutes sat in one long traffic queue - which maybe wouldn't have been so bad if I'd have been sat in one the gorgeous Hot Rods from the show.  Oh well.

Having had a look at my website, I decided that it needed a little addition.  I have introduced a 'Picture Of The Week' on my Gallery page.  I will be updating this image on a weekly basis, and is an opportunity to put some of my favourite pictures in a much larger size than usual on the website.  My first picture is definitely one of my favourites - even though it doesn't feature my usual fetish for high-heels and stockings.  It was one of those rare moments that just suited taking a picture.  I'll let you guess where it was taken, but here's a clue - it certainly wasn't Blackpool!  If you want to have a look, you'll find the Gallery on my website here.

Lastly, a 'Thank You' to G, who very kindly brought over some Welsh whisky - Penderyn.  I've already tried a sip and was very impressed - especially the Sherrywood.  Oh, and the roses were a lovely thought, too.  XXX.

I am back now enjoying myself in Altrincham after my recent break, and already have some other weekend trips planned.  As always, I will be keeping you updated!