Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Mind Your P's and Q's...

Ah, the internet.  A wonderful tool for, as Trekkie from Avenue Q would say, Porn.  And Pervery.  Oh, and other things, of course - such as being able to learn, debate and, very importantly, have a voice.  And sometimes we do need to speak up.

As many may already be aware, the Scottish Parliament will be shortly debating a Bill that will infringe on the rights of consenting adults to go about their private business - this Bill, in fact.  The wonderfully ill-informed Rhoda Grant (who, sadly, looks as though she last had an orgasm in 1983) believes that the vast majority of escorts/working girls/prostitutes/harlots/insert terminology here are in the role against their will, are trafficked, exploited, abused and degraded.  I have to say that I am definitely, positively and most explicitly (oooer!) none of these.  I love what I do.  I believe what I do is positive and beneficial.  And I am most definitely against her narrow-minded, obsolete, misguided and prudish vision of how we should be living.  This is my choice, and as a choice I think it has more moral standing than say, oh, being an MP.

The aim for Scotland is to criminalise anyone found guilty of the act of 'purchasing' sex.  This will possibly mean a nice little listing on the Sex Offenders register for those convicted, and labelled as such along with rapists, paedophiles and the like.  This is because, as mentioned earlier, that she believes the old 'sexual exploitation' myth, and those procuring services of these poor, abused and degraded girls (like myself, apparently) are worthy of being thrown into the same cess-pit.  Where Scotland leads, England will probably follow - so beware, be forewarned and forearmed. 

I am aware that there are inherent risks in this line of work - but there are risks in many jobs, and they are not under attack from these do-gooders.  Why?  It can only be some out-of-date puritanism that drives this opinion.  There are horrific stories out there of girls abused, degraded and attacked, but the fact is these sad events don't just happen to working girls.  I have met many working girls over the last year, and for all of them it has been their choice to work in this profession and none have been coerced into this line of work.  However, if Ms. Grant has her way she will take away their livelihoods and push them either onto benefits or into lowly-paid work, where they certainly will feel abused, degraded and exploited. 

So please, add your voice if you want to avoid persecution from the Perv Police.  Oh, and if you are going to be visited by the Perv Police, they won't be dressed like this....
Dexi - definitely NOT a Perv Police uniform
Yes, it's a gratuitous picture of me in leather boots, leather gloves, leather corset and stockings.  But a reminder, too, that some of the sexual freedoms and experiences that we currently enjoy may well be taken away unless we speak up.

You can respond here, and also keep informed of all of the encroachments on our sexual civil liberties by our wonderful and morally-upstanding MPs (stop laughing at the back - this is serious!) by following Scot-Pep and the brilliant Sexual Freedom Coalition.

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