Monday, 5 November 2012

Wheels, Websites and... oooh, whisky again!

Just a week after my last post, I have another little update to complete already.  Firstly, I made a little jaunt up to Blackpool this last weekend to visit the Winter Gardens for a Hot-Rod and Custom Car and Bike Show.  Now, I have to confess to not having the highest opinion of Blackpool - I prefer Brighton's more elegant, glamorous and cosmopolitan facade with it's seedy and sordid underbelly (a little like myself, I think) to Blackpool's more kiss-me-quick/stag-and-hen-night vibe.  However, the thought of some fabulous hot-rods so close to Manchester was enough to lure me to the seaside resort.  Although there wasn't a massive number of cars and bikes on display, the machines that were there were enough to keep me entertained for a few hours.

Dexi - Hot Rod and Custom Car and Bike Show, Blackpool 2012
Unfortunately, when trying to get out of the town I got caught up in the Illuminations traffic, which meant 30 minutes sat in one long traffic queue - which maybe wouldn't have been so bad if I'd have been sat in one the gorgeous Hot Rods from the show.  Oh well.

Having had a look at my website, I decided that it needed a little addition.  I have introduced a 'Picture Of The Week' on my Gallery page.  I will be updating this image on a weekly basis, and is an opportunity to put some of my favourite pictures in a much larger size than usual on the website.  My first picture is definitely one of my favourites - even though it doesn't feature my usual fetish for high-heels and stockings.  It was one of those rare moments that just suited taking a picture.  I'll let you guess where it was taken, but here's a clue - it certainly wasn't Blackpool!  If you want to have a look, you'll find the Gallery on my website here.

Lastly, a 'Thank You' to G, who very kindly brought over some Welsh whisky - Penderyn.  I've already tried a sip and was very impressed - especially the Sherrywood.  Oh, and the roses were a lovely thought, too.  XXX.

I am back now enjoying myself in Altrincham after my recent break, and already have some other weekend trips planned.  As always, I will be keeping you updated!

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