Sunday, 29 December 2013

Christmas Day Ramblings and Rumblings

Firstly, I hope everyone's had a lovely Christmas.  It's not all over just yet through, as we still have New Year's Eve to get through, and so far I have to say that my holiday season has been a bit, er.... rubbish.  My sinusitis hasn't fully gone, so I've suffered through the Christmas season with the feeling that I've got a head cold from hell.  It left me feeling a little, well, like Bad Santa (hence the Picture Of The Week).  My plans for a more seasonal Picture Of The Week went slightly awry - thanks to my sinusitis and Manchester's usual seasonal weather (it rained).  I resorted to some very obvious photoshopping to convey how I felt.  Bah Humbug!

Nevertheless, I was determined not to have my whole Christmas ruined.  As some of you may remember, every Christmas Day a small group of us pack a car and head off to the Lake District for an early morning fell-walk.  Last year it was Loweswater.  This year the plans were for a decent hike up Walla Crag (1200ft high and 5 miles long) near Derwentwater, but my slightly poorly condition meant that this was changed to the shorter and slightly easier Falcon Crag (900ft and 3 miles), again on the east-side of Derwentwater.

It was a very early start at 7.00am on Christmas morning, and by 9.00am we had parked up in the designated car park and beginning our walk.

The first past of the walk takes you across the bottom of Falcon Crag, the way made difficult by the numerous boulders that have fallen from the Crag and litter the area.  Although not high up, I still got a lovely view down Derwentwater through the early morning mist towards Keswick.

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Derwentwater, Christmas Day 2013
The next section of the trek took us to Ashness Bridge - apparently one of the most photographed scenes in the Lakes before heading steeply uphill towards the top of Falcon Crag.

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Ashness Bridge, Christmas Day 2013
 The ascent of the Crag was a bit heavy going, the buffeting wind taking quite a lot of energy to fight against, but some of the views from higher up the Crag were well worth it - the pretty town of Keswick could now be seen, and the first rays of sunshine were fighting their way through the mist and clouds.

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - view from Falcon Crag, Christmas Day 2013
 The view from the top of Falcon Crag was stunning - a clear panorama from the south shores of Derwentwater to the Keswick and the imposing heights of Skiddaw at the north of the lake, and across the lake the hills of Cat Bells and High Spy were all lit by the brightening sun.  It was only a short walk across the top of the windswept Crag before beginning the descent, the walk still providing lovely views.

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Keswick and Derwentwater, Christmas Day 2013
 After two and a half hours we were back in the car, a little more windblown and tired than we were setting off, but all pleased by the delightful trek. 

We headed back to Keswick, to finish off with a customary drink at The Inn At Keswick.  I adore this pub, and by Christmas lunchtime it is full of tired walkers, dogs and Christmas cheer.  They always serve lovely beer and have a decent selection of whisky too.  We managed to get in just before the crowd, and got a table right in front of the warming log fire.  Perfect.

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - The Inn At Keswick, Christmas Day 2013
 By 2.30pm we were heading back south, stopping off briefly at Ambleside as I'd seen a pretty Christmas display at the Salutation Hotel that I wanted a picture of...

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Ambleside
... before finding our way back on the M6 and homeward bound.  A truly wonderful Christmas.

As the Picture Of The Week will be up until the New Year, I'll leave you with a quick closing shot in full Pic Of The Week resolution, proving that I did get to the top of Falcon Crag despite my sinusitis and poor choice of walking boots (hehe).

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Falcon Crag, Christmas Day 2013

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Subversive Sex In The City

Last week I was feeling very run down and poorly - thanks to a case of acute sinusitis.  Very, very painful, and only alleviated once the doctor prescribed the correct medication (at the second attempt).  So, as I approached last weekend, and very conscious that Christmas (and the season for visiting friends and family) is very much upon us, I took a trip south to the Ess & Emm bed and breakfast in lovely Warwickshire to catch up with the dear friends who run it.

A brief phone call before I left Manchester on Friday morning let me know that a Saturday night trip to London, specifically the Subversion fetish club, was on the cards, so I made sure my black latex catsuit and Natacha Marro knee boots were packed, along with my rather strong painkillers.

Saturday was spent having a lazy morning before a short journey into historic Warwick, with the intention of visiting the amazing Fetters, surely the finest dungeon equipment suppliers in the UK.  I always leave their studio/shop with a wishlist that only a lottery win would cover.  Oh well.

From there it was into the old part of the city for lunch - at the fabulous Micatto in Warwick's ancient Market Place.

I indulged in a divine Burrato (buffalo cheese and pumpkin pureĆ©), followed by a rich cinnamon and date pastry with rum and raisin ice cream.  Delicious, and finished with the best limoncello outside of Italy.  Utterly wonderful.  I know the photo above doesn't show the fabulous food, but I did love the Christmas trees lined up outside.  It was an absolutely fantastic place, with a brilliant atmosphere and service.

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing, before getting ready for a fabulously fetish night ahead.  I had a great time at Subversion the last time I went, even if it was well over a year ago.  I squeezed into my catsuit, got polished to a slippery and shiny sheen, and pulled on my fantastic Natacha Marro boots.  Catsuited and booted, as they say, and enough time for a snapshot...

One of the great things about being south of Birmingham is the travelling distance to London - not that I'd want to do it everyday, of course.  But, on an evening like this, we left Warwickshire at 9.15pm, and by 10.30pm we were pulling up outside MI6, and more importantly, Subversion, ready to party.  There was a quick (as it was bloody cold, and latex isn't known for it's heat-retention properties!) opportunity for a photo outside the club (this week's Picture Of The Week on the website) before heading inside.

As we still managed (in club terms) to arrive early, it wasn't too busy when we got in, and it was a chance to have a catch-up with other friends we hadn't seen for a while.  There was already some playing going on in the dungeon/playroom area however, and I watched with delight as two men got a very sexy lady onto a whipping bench and took it in turns to spank and whip her.  Delightful.

Slowly, though, the club began to fill up, and I recognised a male submissive friend that I hadn't had the opportunity of playing with for some time.  As the dungeon equipment was in use, I pushed him down onto the floor, and once he was laid on his back proceeded to do some light trampling, gently, but firmly digging the six inch heels of my boots into his nipples, stomach and crotch.  I had him kneel on all fours and took a comfortable seat on his back to await a space on the equipment.  In the meantime, I watched a beautiful young lady in a fetish-styled kimono and very tiny panties being given a real workout from her partner, and the heavy sounds of the thick leather flogger striking her gorgeous arse echoed above the subdued music in the dungeon.

Eventually, a whipping bench became available, and I took the opportunity of using a friend's 'Devil's Tongue' on my submissive's bare buttocks.  The workout got me all excited and hot in my slinky catsuit, and I was a much contented lady who handed the well-abused Devil's Tongue back!

Once midnight had come and gone, the atmosphere became much more playful.  A chance comment from a gorgeous gent to a mutual friend about me ("she ticks all my boxes") led to me introducing myself to him.  Whilst chatting I began playing with his bare nipples, which had an electrifying effect on him - suddenly he was nuzzling my latex-clad breasts in agonising delight while I pinched and pulled the hardening nubs on his chest.  The next thing I knew, we were french-kissing, his hands running all over my rubber-bound body.  I pulled away from his kisses and teased his nipples a bit more, bringing more anguished pleasure to his face.  We kissed deeply again, and there was more body-stroking, (both of us this time!).  Without anywhere to take the scene to it's obvious conclusion (even though I desperately wanted him there and then), we made a promise that we'd see each other again for a play session in the New Year.

By 3.30am it was time to head home, and I finally managed to crawl into my bed just after 5.00am.  An absolutely brilliant night, and it has made me vow to do many more fetish events in 2014.

Speaking of fetish clubs, I recently saw a video of the great Skin Two Midlands event that I attended in November this year - and it was surprise to see me on it, even briefly.  See if you can spot me!

So, with Christmas here properly, I'm hoping to get a chance to do a rude XXXmas shoot this week, so I'll be out and about wearing very little - assuming the weather holds up.  Keep an eye open in Manchester - there just may be a slutty Miss Santa around!!!

Monday, 2 December 2013

Hard Rock Hell VII

After a long weekend away I'm back in Manchester with my ears still ringing and husky voice from the glorious sounds of Wales.  Yes, as we head full steam into winter, this weekend I was at a holiday camp in North Wales.  There can only be one good reason - Hard Rock Hell.

For those that do not know, Hard Rock Hell is an annual gathering of rock bands for a three-day 'indoor' festival - so, no tents, no mud, and no rain to contend with.  Although this was the seventh time the event has been held, it was my first visit.  Costs are brilliant - the more in a chalet the cheaper it is, (five in ours) and then you can deafen yourself from midday all the way through to the early hours of the morning, should you desire.

It was an early start for us on Thursday, and after passing Chester it was required that we stopped off at the OK Diner on the A55 for some brunch.  A bunch of rockers were just leaving as I walked up to the door, and caught them all having a good look (I was in my skintight shiny leggings and high-heeled boots).  I smiled at them, and asked "Hard Rock Hell?"  I got a loud cheer from them, and shouts that they'd hope to see me there.  I bet they did.

Shortly we were back on the A55 and heading through North Wales, at what point things went a little wrong.  Now, I know I shouldn't judge, but when a couple of friends decided to join me for the weekend away and provide the transport, I should have been a bit worried.  The last time we used his car wasn't too successful - this time the fault wasn't mechanical.  After two hours of driving we suddenly hit a dead-end at a ferry terminal.  "Where are we?" I asked from the back seat.  "Holyhead," came the very disgruntled answer from the driver.  "Isn't that on Anglesey where the ferries go across to Ireland?" I enquired.  "Yes," our chauffeur replied.  There was a lengthy silence.  "I don't think we should be on Anglesey," I said, helpfully.  There was a fair bit of swearing and cursing as we headed all the way back over Anglesey to the mainland, before finding the right road again.

It was 3.00pm when we finally arrived at the Hafan Y Mor Holiday Village, and joined the queue to check-in.  Once that was done, we found our chalet, unpacked, (and I administered a couple of whiskies for our stressed driver to calm his nerves) and headed off to see the opening ceremony.

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Hard Rock Hell
The first act I saw was Uli John Roth (a name I managed to totally mispronounce - Ooli John Wrote, apparently, as he's German).  A guitarist in the original Scorpions rock band (as on the YouTube link), he played some unbelievable riffs on the guitar, and an old Scorpions track 'In Trance' seemed to get the biggest cheer of the set.  Next up was the official opening ceremony, with freaky clowns and dancing circus girls (the theme of this year's event was the circus).  I had a good look around the various stalls, too, offering clothing, CD's and music memorabilia.

Friday dawned, and after breakfast I headed off back towards the main stages whilst my travelling companions remained in bed.  One of the things I noticed about Hard Rock Hell was the great feeling of camaraderie and safety, despite a few thousands boozed up rockers in attendance, I felt perfectly safe wandering on my own - something I probably wouldn't do in some of the city centre bar areas on a weekend night.

A band were setting up on the smaller Jagermeister stage as I walked in.  "Oooh, good," I thought, "I may stay and listen for a song or two."  It was the end of their set before I left - they were called Wildside Riot, and their brilliant sleazy rock was just the thing to get the day going.

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Hard Rock Hell - Wildside Riot
From there I wandered over to the 'Unplugged' stage, so see Mia Klose (and hopefully my friends who may have dragged themselves out of bed).  Mia Klose is a Swedish blonde beauty, very petite and lovely, and her acoustic set was at the other end of the spectrum from Wildside Riot.  She showed she was a real professional however, when the sound really did go off for a while (truly 'unplugged') but carried on singing her heart out.

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Hard Rock Hell - Mia Klose
After a quick mid-afternoon siesta back in the chalet, it was time to head back to the main arena for some more entertainment.  I'd certainly taken a number of outfits, not being too sure of what the weather would be like.  It was surprisingly mild in Wales, however, so my skin-hugging leopard print dress would be perfect for the night ahead.

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Hard Rock Hell
Phil Campbell (the Motorhead guitarist) was still midway through a great set when we arrived, and a storming finale saw the night set up for the big band on the Friday night - Black Star Riders.  Black Star Riders are the remnants of what were Thin Lizzy, the legendary rock group of the 70's and 80's, and there was a huge and loyal cheer as they took the stage.  They were bloody fantastic - the new songs blending in perfectly with the old Lizzy classics.  'Bound For Glory', from the new album, had already lifted the ceiling, but it was the two Lizzy anthems 'The Cowboy Song' and 'The Boys Are Back In Town' which completely blew it away. 

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Hard Rock Hell - Black Star Riders
They left the stage to huge applause, and the shouting, clapping and cheering continued until they came back on - this time with Motorhead's Phil Campbell in tow.  They proceeded to rip through and astonishing version of 'Rosalie', and left the stage finally to an even bigger ovation than before.

I woke up on a very bright and sunny Saturday morning with my ears still ringing a little, and reminded myself that ear-plugs perhaps would have been a good idea. I pulled on my skin-tight leather-look dress and headed off once again to the stage areas.

First off were two ex-Iron Maiden vocalists - Blaze Bailey, followed by Paul D'ianno, on his final ever gig.  Both were OK, but couldn't match the energy of Friday's headliners.  That all changed, however, when Aussie rockers Airbourne hit the stage.

Heavily influenced by AC/DC, they have somehow managed to update their fellow countrymen's sound.  Accordingly, the whole main stage arena became one big party for the next one and a half hours.  They even pipped Black Star Riders to the best band of the weekend.  Highlights - Joel O'Keeffe, lead vocalist and guitarist, running into the crowd whilst still playing and even cracking beer cans (sorry, tinnies!) open with his head. Infectious good humour and pounding songs - totally brilliant.

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Hard Rock Hell - Airbourne
It was an impossible act to follow, but Irish rock band The Answer did their best - and even came very close.  As Airbourne have taken the AC/DC sound to a new generation, The Answer similarly take the classic Led Zeppelin sound and recreate it.  Thunderous riffs and screaming vocals, The Answer were a perfect end to an utterly superb and unforgettable weekend.

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Hard Rock Hell - The Answer
I have already booked for next year - there are very few tickets left with a year to go!  I'm now counting down to November 2014!

Sunday, 24 November 2013


After the great music of Skin Two last weekend I found myself reliving some of the artists I heard that night, and one song in particular that blared from the CD player got me thinking a conversation I had that night...

"Too big, too small?
Size does matter, after all

 Ah, yes, the brilliant Rammstein and their notorious 'Pussy' track - surely one of the greatest videos ever... and who says those Germans don't have a sense of humour!  Anyway, whilst at Skin Two I met up with an old acquaintance that I hadn't seen since she moved to Birmingham a couple of years ago after a bad break-up.  After a little catch-up she mentioned that after a fairly long relationship she had started seeing a new gent.  I don't know if it was the underlying sexuality of the event, but I suddenly found her disclosing information about her new relationship that I wasn't quite expecting.  After holding back for all of, oh, a week, she said, they had recently had their first bout of proper bedroom frolics.  And there the issue arose.  Or maybe didn't, quite.  You see, it appeared her previous boyfriend was nicely proportioned in the 'undercarriage department', but Mr New Man was a little late into the 'Cocks R Us' store and only got their smaller offerings.  She tried not be disappointed, but had got used to something a little larger to play with.

Now, as I've mentioned before all my friends know what I do for pleasure and career-wise.  However, never being that close to this lady and deliberately choosing to be discreet who I do tell, she had no idea of my new 'business' so I kept quiet regarding my own experiences while she divulged her bedroom secrets.  But later on I found myself pondering her comments regarding cock size again, and whether or not I've ever been 'disappointed' in the way she was.  I've certainly seen a fair few naked men before my arrival into the Harlot Hotel, and since landing at said destination I can honestly say that I've seen, and experienced, quite a few more naked men and cocks - of many differing shapes and sizes.  So, "does size matter?" 

Firstly, yes, I've been with men with cocks on the somewhat smaller scale.  And I've been with men whose large cocks I could only just get my lips around.  'Mouth lips or pussy lips?' I hear you ask.  Well, both, I suppose.  But what was best, and what did I prefer?

Thinking back over my time as an escort, I have had two very memorable experiences - yet both at, shall we say, different ends of the scale.

One gent told me prior to meeting that he wasn't well-hung and to make sure I would still be happy to see him.  He undressed, and indeed he wasn't as 'blessed' as some in the penis department... but, after some fantastic foreplay, brought me to a thundering orgasm with his cock very nicely finding my most sensitive pussy-parts while he fucked me.  I also recall very happily another gentleman disrobing to reveal a very thick, very long cock - easily over 8 inches in length, with a thickness bigger than my wrist.  I was a little nervous to say the least, and imagined being rather sore for the remainder of the week... however, after lots of oral foreplay and sensual touching and stroking I was ready to be fucked, and this chap knew exactly what to do with his cock.  I found my tight pussy very gorgeously stretched, stroked and filled.  It was a very satisfied lady who said goodbye to her beau that afternoon.

I think those adventurous Indians knew a thing or two when compiling the Kama Sutra - their thoughts were that ideally the size of the man's cock - hare (small) , bull (medium) or horse (large) should match the depth of the lady's pussy (deer, mare, elephant).  Anything other than this, well, then one person is going to be disappointed.  One girlfriend I know can't feel much if the man's cock is smaller than 7 inches, but being blessed with a rather tighter pussy I can certainly cope with and enjoy a smaller size than that.

Ultimately my experience shows, in a rather dull and predictable fashion, that it's not what you have, but what you do with it that counts.  I will, of course, continue my exciting research and update you if I find out anything else!

In the meantime, and as a tasty visual representation of this topic, I'll leave you with this 'fruity' little picture to keep you titillated.  It goes without saying that if you can help me in my research, then I'm sure you can give me a call.

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort
Finally, onto the subject of my Picture Of The Week.  As many will know, the idea for this was really to put a larger picture on the Gallery Page of my website for you to (hopefully) enjoy - sometimes they are simple snapshots taken at opportune moments (like last week's in the hotel corridor at Skin Two Midlands), other times they are very definitely staged and set up.  This week's, titled rather naughtily A Peek Of Pussy (and in line with the Rammstein song), is without doubt in the latter camp.  A couple of months ago I ventured south to the Goodwood Revival, as some may remember.  On the way back I stopped over at Basingstoke to visit a very dear friend and world-renown erotic photographer Robert Babylon.  Robert's work has been featured in exhibitions around the world, so the opportunity to do little modelling for him can never be passed up.  This week's Picture Of The Week is from the session, and is the second time a photo from that shoot has been featured.  If you enjoy even half as much I did doing the photoshoot, then I know it will be well received indeed!  I hope you do enjoy it, as it will be up (Oooer!) for the next two weeks as I will be very busy next weekend - so no doubt there will be lots to tell on my next post!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Birmingham Fetish Weekend

I was surprised to see that it's been a few weeks since my last post - it's not like I've had a particularly quiet time.  Sometimes it's worrying how fast time flies though - I must be having fun!

Well, I certainly have been having some fun this weekend.  Heading down to Birmingham via the M6 on a Friday afternoon is never a good idea, as any travellers on that particular motorway section will tell you - so there had to be a very good reason to attempt it.  And of course there was.

This weekend saw the first ever Birmingham Fetish Weekend, spread from Friday night through to Sunday evening, and there hasn't been anything on the fetish scene tried on this scale since the brilliant Skin Two weekends in London a few years ago.

Skin Two holding their own event as part of the weekend celebrations on the Friday was enough to get me packing my latex outfit and brave the southbound journey to Birmingham.

An early arrival at the hotel meant a few hours of rest - much needed for the event ahead.  I had already decided to wear my new girdle and nipple pasties from Arcanum Accessories and a matching top and stockings made to match courtesy of Cathouse in Liversedge.  So, fully dressed (well, there wasn't a lot to the outfit, but know what I mean), shined to a shimmering sheen and high heeled boots laced on it was time to grab a taxi and head over to the party.

Dexi - Independent Escort - Skin Two at the Birmingham Fetish Weekend 2013
There was a brief point of nerves when, dropped at Lower Essex Street (the location of the nightclub), the venue appeared to have disappeared.  Walking around Birmingham in my, er, slightly revealing outfit wasn't something I was looking forward to.  I stopped to ask some doormen standing around outside a club where the Karbon nightclub was.  "Here," replied one of them.  It appeared that since the original tickets being printed that the nightclub had simply changed it's name. Appropriately, it was now called DV8, and it was very nice to step into the warmth of the club away from the chill of the November night.

Readers of this blog will know that I love the 30's, 40's glamour, style and music, but being a Libran this has to be balanced by another side - and this is my somewhat 'darker side' of fetish clubs, BDSM, the pounding pulse of sweaty rock clubs and very inappropriate sexual deviancy.  So, to walk through the club entrance and into the pneumatic metal dance of Rammstein was heavenly (and I love Snow White in that video!).  Straight after Rammstein it was over to shock-rocker Marilyn Manson to keep the dancefloor full and heaving with latex and leather-clad bodies.  Sometimes, you just know it's going to be a great night...

Along with the dance area, there was a burlesque area (featuring Natsumi Scarlett - I never get tired of lusting after her) and a dungeon/play area too.  I was, at one point, roped in to help the compere on stage, trying to pick out the kinks of various audience members.  One stunning and very pierced amazon admitted that my guess of 'needle-play' was correct.  She certainly had a few piercings that I'd have loved to have played with.  One chap, rather predictably given his servile attitude to me, was into female domination and submission.  It was a bit easy - but one chap dressed in 'steam-punk' attire had me a little baffled - no visual clues at all.  It turned out his kink was 'pleasuring others'. Two out of three ain't bad, as Meatloaf once said.

Later on, back on the dancefloor, I saw a young man walking over to me.  "Are you from Manchester?" he asked, trying to be heard over the throbbing speakers.  "Oh-oh," I thought, "how does he know me?"  I said yes, and he replied that he has spotted me a few times at a rock club in Manchester.  He then called over his gorgeous blonde girlfriend, M and introduced us.  I was very quickly having a very close dance with her, so close in fact that her tight latex outfit pulled off one of my nipple pasties.  "Oh, fuck it," I thought, and pulled the other off, too.  Very soon we were having a very hot and sexy kiss, sliding our hands over each others bodies.  Yes, this was turning out to be a great night.

By 2.00am the club had quietened down a little, and with the burlesque acts finished the small stage area was turned over to an impromptu photo area.  With my naked breasts now fully on show, I was asked to pose for a number of photographers with a few other sexy ladies - no doubt those photos will be doing the rounds on the internet in a week or so!  I sneaked a quick one myself (ooer, missus!) in one of the little seated booths in the burlesque area...

Dexi - Independent Escort - Skin Two at the Birmingham Fetish Weekend 2013
Taking your own photos is slightly against the rules, but then I'm a girl that doesn't always abide by them.  2.30am arrived and it was time to head back to the hotel.  Overall, a brilliant night, and the only down-side was that my other plans meant I couldn't enjoy any of the other delights that the weekend was offering.  Next year will be different if they host it again, and I will make sure that I stay over in Birmingham to make full use of the events.

This week's Picture Of The Week is, of course, taken from the night - in fact, taken when I arrived back at the hotel (minus nipple-pasties!).  A 'quickie', as it were, but I know there a few fans out there of luscious female curves and latex.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Same Old Songs

"There may be trouble ahead..."  One of my favourite songs, from the sublime voice of Nat 'King' Cole.  And very apt for this week.  Why? well, another week, and another load of bollocks in the media regarding prostitution.  First of all, I am old enough to remember those dark days of AIDS and the surrounding fears that swept the country, and indeed the world, in the late 1980's.  Remember those stark images of gravestones, imploring the importance of safe-sex if you wanted to not just keep your health, but your life too?  Only in the backward and ignorant parts of the world is this message still not understood.  Oh, wait.  It appears that maybe in our so-called 'enlightened' western world we are still struggling with this message, too - or at least Sir Stephen House is.  Don't know who he is?  Me neither, until this week, when, as Chief Constable of Police Scotland he was responsible for the decision to remove any "items of a sexual nature" from the brothels and massage parlours of Edinburgh - which, astonishingly, will include condoms.

This flies in the face of all common-sense, and is a very worrying path to be taking.  Potentially it will endanger girls and their customers more than ever.  The choice may well come down to either having a relatively safe environment where you cannot practise safe-sex, or taking the choice to continue to have safe-sex out onto the streets.  What a wonderfully liberated and progressive society we live in.

With Scotland's referendum for independence coming up, and the SNP constantly talking about a 'fairer society', it seems clear that this 'fairer society' won't include everyone.  Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, as The Who sang many years ago.  And another great song.

Secondly, from the ridiculous to the, er, ridiculous.  Yes, that paragon, that giant of investigative journalism that is, er, Jodie Marsh has hit the media again.  This is the girl who rose to 'TV Stardom' in Essex Wives a decade ago, who has featured in numerous 'Lad's Mags', Celebrity Big Brother, etc, etc ad nauseam.  She has recently filmed a 'documentary' (and I use that term uneasily - documentaries are, in my mind, by distinguished and knowledgeable people like Sir David Attenborough) about prostitution, and some of her findings were truly shocking.  She visited Amsterdam and Manchester on her travels, hoping to get a glimpse of the life of a 'working girl'.  I especially liked her opinion that "Mostly the thing they had in common was they’d all been forced into it by a man. And their lives were s***."  Oh, and how being around the sex business has totally put her off sex, even when she's been celibate for over two years.  She also came to the conclusion, as we always hear, that the vast majority (70% - in her words) were trafficked.

She sat in a 'window' in Amsterdam's red-light district, to get a first hand understanding of what it's like to be a sex worker.  On this experience, she made her conclusions and hated it - having men to gape at her like she was "a piece of meat" (from someone who made her fame by removing her clothes and working as a lap dancer - very bizarre).  Fine, she can't do the job, it's not for her.  And she has no understanding of how someone could do it - so therefore it's all disgusting and even the lowest of the low should not be subjected to it.  However, I feel the same everytime I have to ring the electric company and get that depressed and suicidal call-centre operative on the line who has already spoken to fifty complaining customers that day, or go to the supermarket and see the person on the cash-till looking despairingly at the line of twenty impatient customers lining up.  I couldn't do those jobs, but am grateful someone can.

Sorry to burst her bubble, but I think she really needs to work a bit harder and try a different view of the sex trade.  First of all, no self-respecting sex worker would let her and her 'investigative team' within a mile of their day-to-day lives and business.  The girls she doesn't see or know about are the ones like me, that are not trafficked, are not controlled by a pimp, choose their customers and when they see them, and, importantly, control their own lives.  I would never, ever, dream of letting her and her 'media team' into my life in any way, allow her to present it to the world in any way she wanted, and ruin my reputation and business without any comeback on herself - apart from allowing her more media attention and a paycheck.  So, what she has is a tiny glimpse, and a misleading one at that, into a business she has no understanding of at all - and has then been paid to produce a load of shit on her 'experience'.  So, bollocks, in other words.

Oh, and for the record, she also states that her work as a lap dancer wasn't part of the sex business (yeah, yeah...), and that 70% (hmmm... she seems to like that figure, doesn't she...?) of lap dancers are lesbians.  Sorry, but this is bullshit of the truly highest order.  I worked as a lap dancer for a fair few years, and I don't recall meeting even one that was even bisexual.  In fact, I'd say the majority of them back when I was a lap dancer would run a mile at the mention of bisexuality/lesbianism and anything different, ie. fetishism.

"Maybe I'll find on the way down the line, That I'm free, free to be me."  And another great song - Black Night by Deep Purple.  Free to be me?  Not when the likes of Jodie Marsh and Stephen House are around, it seems.

Anyway - onto better things.  This week I went along to the Manchester235 casino for the city's Vintage Awards night.  Great fun, and I didn't realise just how many people in the retro scene I know - so it was an evening with friends, really.  It was also a night of cocktails, but even on a two-for-the-price-for-one deal, I didn't even get tipsy - despite having six of them.

Dexi - Independent Escort
Must try harder next time.  As well as watching all the vintage entertainers, entrepreneurs and businesses receive their awards, we were also treated to some burlesque acts too - including Ginger La Rouge, whose 'champagne glass' finale was definitely worth watching.

Dexi - Independent Escort
 Finally, onto this week's Picture Of The Week.  Titled, rather appropriately, 'Black Night', it was taken on the way to a friend's Hallowe'en Party.  Yes, it's a see-through dress, which I wore with no underwear.  It's a good job I have understanding and very pervy friends...

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Birthday Girl!

Oh well... so much for the so-called 'Blitz Spirit'.  With it being my birthday week, I had planned to be out and about as much as possible.  This meant that last Saturday the plan was to head over to go to Pickering for their 1940's weekend, but one look at the weather forecast on the BBC and reliable reports from friends already at the pretty North Yorkshire town - both telling me that it the rain was bucketing down - was enough to make me think I needed a Plan B.  Not that Heresy and Heelz, back at Sound Control in Manchester for their customary visit, was a poor second choice by any means.  Especially when I would no doubt see friends, have a chance to wander some alternative stalls and, of course, catch the stunning Natsumi Scarlett performing two of her theatrical and dark burlesque routines.  It's certainly a great way to while away a grey Saturday afternoon in October.

As an event, it does seem to be getting busier each time I visit, and as always there was plenty of stalls to browse.  It's not just about shopping, though, with pole-dancers providing the entertainment downstairs and the beautiful Natsumi Scarlett performing on the main stage upstairs.

Dexi - Independent Escort - Heresy and Heelz, Manchester
I didn't see too much of the pole-dancers, in truth, as I was waylaid by a gorgeous latex girdle on the fabulous Arcanum Accessories display. This proved a little problem - I was expecting the visit to Heresy & Heelz to be a social event, and didn't go armed with a lot of money, and here I was chatting to the girdle's designer and maker and deliberating about colours and trim.  I even went as far as to try it on for size, even though I knew I didn't have enough money with me.

Dexi - Independent Escort - Girdle from Arcanum Accessories
However, I'm glad to say that common sense prevailed.  I ordered one (with some trim differences to the one in the photo) with a small deposit paid, and no doubt I'll have some pictures in the near future.

By mid-afternoon I was upstairs, ready to drool over the gorgeous Natsumi Scarlett.  A fantastic geisha routine was sexy enough to have me dampening my panties, or would have done had I been wearing any.

Dexi - Independent Escort - Natsumi Scarlett's Geisha routine
Natsumi - if you ever need a place to sleep while you are visiting the UK, I'll always find some room in my bed.

Onto the middle of the week, and one of the problems with living so close to the city centre is that Bon Bon is never far away.  Ah yes - my favourite chocolate shop has had a few changes recently.  The original chocolatier has departed, and it is now his lovely assistant, Miss BonBon herself, who is running it and making her own chocolates.  As I am, ahem, a bit of a regular, I'd told her I would visit on my actual birthday.  I did, and a little surprise was waiting for me...

Dexi - Independent Escort - Bon Bon chocolates
Yes, four specially-made and utterly gorgeous Rose Chocolates she'd made herself - an unexpected and truly wonderful gift.  They were simply divine, with a delicate floral rose accent that was complimented by the creamy white chocolate.  Fantastic.

It didn't stop me ordering another bunch of her little pleasures whilst I sat and chatted with her though.

Dexi - Independent Escort - more Bon Bon choccies!
From Bon Bon, and nicely warmed with tea and choccies, I headed over to the new Vintage Twists store on Port Street in Manchester's Northern Quarter.  When everyone else is trying to shut down costly premises and move to online shopping, Vintage Twists have gone the other way - yes, they still have their online store, but it is so nice to be able to touch and see their goods.

Dexi - Independent Escort - Vintage Twists in Manchester
I came away with some skin-tight black cigarette pants, and plans to visit again very soon.

This last weekend I joined friends for a trip down the M62 to Liverpool, to catch the Martini Lounge burlesque show at the Epstein Theatre.  I'd seen some of the acts previously, but was looking forward to seeing Millie Dollar and Missy Malone again - two very lovely ladies who always put on a polished and professional routine.  I had a great night - even if I did forget to take any photos during the evening - apart from this 'titillating' one that was taken of my tasty bits, which I thought you might like...

Dexi - Independent Escort - at the Martini Lounge in Liverpool
After the show we retired to the bar to have a few more drinks and chat.  Sadly, just after we'd sat down to enjoy some company the fire alarms went off, meaning we had to file out into the street, not ideal in scanty clothing in the middle of October.  However, Hanover Street in Liverpool was definitely interesting - I've never seen so many pretty girls in miniskirts and high heels.  Those Liverpool girls are utterly fantastic. Despite the visual interest provided by the city's female population,  I'm sad to say that old Blitz Spirit was still not operational - after waiting for 20 minutes to go back into the theatre we gave up and headed back to the car to have a warm drive home.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

What A Rush

Ahhh... that's more like it.  After the horror of the A17 I recently endured, I had a bit of an antidote this week.

Firstly, I was taken out for a quick rush over to north Wales for a day out around the lovely country roads, including a fabulous lunch at a 1950's diner on, of all places, the A55!

Dexi - Independent Escort - 1950's diner
 After a great meal, we managed to enjoy some of the tremendous scenery offered by north Wales, and the roads were fantastic and fun - so much more fun than that A17 monstrosity.

A lovely day out.

I was then taken by some friends to see the latest Ron Howard film 'Rush', chronicling the fight for the 1976 Formula One championship between rivals Nikki Lauda and James Hunt.  I'm not the biggest F1 fan at all, but I thought the film was absolutely brilliant, and was certainly provided a rush in itself.  Some fantastic action and acting, and also some rather glamorous ladies to keep the lustful eye entertained too. 

Dexi - Independent Escort - Rush
Even if you are not hugely interested in cars and motorsport, I can thoroughly recommend it.

Final 'rush' of the post - I've had some lovely presents since I've been entertaining, (and this week my apartment looks a little like a florists - thanks to C and T who brought lovely bright and beautiful bunches of flowers)...

Dexi - Independent Escort - Flowers

However, this week I also received something a little different (ooer!).  I was offered a microlight flight a few weeks ago, and didn't think the offer was a serious one.  However, with a clear and lovely autumn sky for the weekend, the telephone call came asking if I was still interested in trying it.  I was duly collected from Manchester, whisked away and in no time at all we took to the skies.

Dexi - Independent Escort - microlighting
Incredibly thrilling, awe-inspiring, and a totally different way to see the countryside.  It was a great feeling to wave to ramblers from over 200 feet up, and have them waving back  from the hillsides.  Even better (if not a little scary) when I was given the opportunity to take over the controls.  Thankfully, I didn't crash and we arrived back on earth safe and sound and exhilarated.

Also this weekend I was out in Manchester city centre on Saturday night - resulting in this week's Picture Of The Week.  A quick snapsot on the way home taken in Manchester's great Northern Quarter.  Black leather and bright graffiti - a lovely combination.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Road To No(rfolking)where

It's been a busy week - the Goodwood Revival two weeks ago, followed by visits to friends in the south, then back to Manchester for just one day before heading off again last Friday - this time to the beautiful Norfolk coast for the North Norfolk 1940's weekend.

Sadly, the trip didn't get off to a good start.  The M6 south-bound was blocked for the best part of an hour due to an overturned caravan, then roadworks at Nottingham meant further time added onto an already long journey.  And all that before the purgatory that is... the A17.  Yes, if there is anything that sums up the catholic notion of purgatory, then this road is it.  Anyone who has travelled it knows the tales of mind-numbing horror... anyone who hasn't, well, all I can say is to avoid if at all possible.  Flat, drab fields of dull, green vegetation for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles, a single-carriageway road full of slow caravans, slower lorries and crawling tractors, semi-industrial farm units as far as the eye can see, greenhouses, and more greenhouses, lines and lines of cabbages (in the fields, not the roads), more caravans, more cabbages (in the caravans, obviously), no-one overtaking (pointless anyway - there's just another tractor/lorry/two hundred vehicles in front of you... as we found out), roadworks... it is just .............................................................. endless.  South Lincolnshire must surely be the dullest part of the country I have ever seen - and at 45mph for an hour and a half I saw a lot of it.  I wanted to take a photo of it to remind me how awful it really was, but there was no way our driver was going to stop and lose his place in the 10-mile queue of traffic.  Not even with the offer of a blow-job, which just shows how desperate the whole situation really had become.

But then, after some five hours travelling, we passed Kings Lynn and reached the edge of Norfolk.  Rather quickly the villages turned prettier.  Trees began appearing, there were dips and crests and bends in the road, and life, and a sense of hope, returned.  And, finally, some six and a half hours after being picked up from my apartment in Manchester city centre, we arrived in Sheringham on the north Norfolk coast.  When I explained to the lovely proprietor about our rather long journey, the first thing he said was "You didn't come down the A17, did you?"  When I said yes, he looked like he was going to cry, like some poor soul whose long-buried memory of torture had just reared it's head again.

There was time for a quick wander around Sheringham before a very well-earned dinner in the nearby village of Holt, (at the truly wonderful Byfords deli-restaurant), before retiring to our fantastic B&B to rest before Saturday.  Holt itself was a stunning little town, and it was just as gorgeous as the Sundae I had at Byfords.

Dexi - Independent Escort - Byfords in Holt
 Saturday dawned, and I was happy to see that it looked a lot warmer than the previous weekend at the Goodwood Revival.  After dressing (in my lovely satin slip and stockings and suspenders, of course!) and a very hearty breakfast it was time to jump on the lovely steam train at Sheringham Station and head all the way down the line to Holt.

Dexi - Independent Escort - North Norfolk Railway 1940's weekend
I am in no way a train-spotter, but I do love these old trains and the carriages that accompany them.  The corridors in the carriages lead into six-seater cabins, and is a great way to converse with your fellow travellers (if you want to, that is!).  There is still a faint perfume of old-time glamour and style about these trains and carriages, even if during their working lives they were part of the daily transport.  I also like the idea of a bit of sexy seclusion if you were to be alone in one with an amorous lover.  Mmmmm...

Dexi - Independent Escort - a lovely vintage railway coach
Anyway, the station at Holt was absolutely lovely.  A very pretty station full of flower displays, surrounded by lush trees, a vintage car display and with a vintage market to boot.  I was a very good girl, though, and managed to keep my money in my purse.  The pair of black, sheer wrist-gloves that I have been hunting down eluded my searches at Goodwood, and again here sadly.  Nevertheless, it was lovely to browse the stalls and enjoy the atmosphere.

Dexi - Independent Escort - Holt railway station
A chance meeting with friends also meant a great opportunity to sit and have drink in the station cafe and enjoy the sights and sounds of the steam-trains and travellers, many of whom had made a great effort in dressing the part.

Dexi - Independent Escort - Holt railway station
After a while it was time to jump back on the train (this time in the bar coach) and head for the middle station of Weybourne - much smaller than Holt or Sheringham.  I, of all ladies, know that size doesn't usually matter, and Weybourne was picture-perfect.  A little bar serving some tremendous local real ale (lavender and honey ale... mmmm) had been set up behind the station, and in the warm Autumnal sunshine the scene over to the coast was simply stunning.  Another fantastic car display, and a DJ playing some great 40's melodies added to the ambience.

Dexi - Independent Escort - Weybourne railway station
After a beer or two at Weybourne it was time to jump on the next train (this time in the wooden luggage coach) and head back to Sheringham.  The town was absolutely buzzing and crowded, and even getting off the train at the busy Sheringham station was difficult.  The town had made a fantastic effort to get in the spirit of things, and I don't think I saw one shop in the centre that hadn't arranged a fantastic window-display.  Flags and bunting abounded, and speakers down the main street sounded the big-band sounds of the 1940's.

Dexi - Independent Escort - Sheringham
The evening was almost as busy, with the main street full of revellers and a live big-band in the courtyard of The Lobster inn.  The varied military vehicles still parked around the main square added a distinctly authentic wartime feel to the proceedings, and it was a truly fabulous end to a great day.

Dexi - Independent Escort - Sheringham at night, 1940's weekend
Back in Manchester and contemplating the weekend has left me in a quandary.  North Norfolk was undoubtedly beautiful, and I'd love to go back and see more of the stunning countryside and villages... but the journey to and from there is more than a little daunting (it still took five and a half hours to get home, without any caravans overturning on the M6!).  Right now I can say it was a great event, made better by the lovely sunny weather and area, but I will still have to think twice before venturing onto the Road To Nowhere again...!

This week's Picture Of The Week is taken from that weekend - Saturday morning, actually, whilst dressing, and caught very nicely in my stockings, suspenders and slip.  I am now back in Manchester, and will be back in the Altrincham apartment next week... if anyone wants to have a closer look and feel of those stockings!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Goodwood Revival 2013

Well, that's it for another year - for those who missed out on tickets for the premier retro car festival will have to wait until September 2014.  And of course, the Revival never fails to disappoint.  Or does it..?

Well, firstly it was a very early morning start on Friday from Manchester to head down to Brighton for the weekend.  And by early, I mean 5.00am.  A girl like me usually never sees 5.00am unless it's been a long night and I'm heading to bed, so to be awake and ready to leave my warm apartment for that time was a bit of a shock to the system.

Despite the best efforts of the M25 at rush-hour and the roadworks on the A23 Brighton road, four and a quarter hours later I found myself on the south coast, and, unable to check into the hotel until 2.00pm, with some time to kill.  I was at least ready for the changeable weather, having kept an eye on the forecasts all week, and Brighton was covered by a layer of cloud which occasionally threw down the odd and brief shower.  Breakfast called first, duly taken at the Blackbird Cafe in the centre of the town.  It was just my kind of place - suitably retro and quaint, but it was a bit expensive.

Dexi Independent Escort - Goodwood Revival 2013 - Brighton
Nevertheless, refreshed, I had a lovely wander around Brighton's lovely Lanes areas before heading back to the hotel to check in.

On the evening a group of us gathered at Food For Friends for our customary pre-Goodwood meal, including cocktails, of course.  After a few myself, including a blissful 'El Mulato', we had a fantastic meal and it was a rather tiddly Dexi that hit the bedsheets later that evening, very aware that I had another very early morning ahead of me.

Saturday morning arrived, and by 6.00am we were leaving our hotel for the 30-mile journey to Goodwood.  The weather, sadly, meant that my lovely vintage dresses were not an option, and I hoped my vintage suit, stockings, suspenders, and silk slip would offer enough layers to keep me warm.  We arrived at the Goodwood circuit by 7.00am, and although the gates to the actual race-circuit didn't open until 7.30am, the outfield area offered enough lovely sights to pass the time, including a red MG A, one of my favourite cars, and a motorhome to die for, entered later that day in the Bonham auction.  I'm not sure I could afford it, though, as apparently it managed 1mpg!

Dexi Independent Escort - Goodwood Revival 2013
 At 7.30am on the dot, the gates opened to the large crowd that had already gathered, and we filed in to the sounds of the brass band.  I love the early morning start at the Revival - it's a real opportunity to see as much as possible before the real crowds arrive later on.  This year is also 50 years since the birth of the Ford GT40 programme, and there were lots of these iconic cars on the circuit, as many would be competing in the Whitsun Trophy later that day, and it was great to see them all so close-up without the hustle and bustle of the crowds.  The Pits area is another great place to stop before the main crowds arrive.  The mechanics are usually busy fine-tuning the cars ready for racing, and the sounds and smells are almost as intoxicating as the El Mulato cocktail from the Friday night!  I stood next to one of the GT40's as the mechanic revved the thunderous engine, and the petrol fumes and noise made my eyes water.  Bloody lovely.

Dexi Independent Escort - Goodwood Revival 2013
 It's not just cars, of course.  Goodwood also has a quite impressive history when it comes to aircraft, and the Revival event also hosts the Freddie March Spirit Of Aviation Trophy - awarded to the best vintage aircraft on display.  Again, there was some lovely machinery in the Trophy this year, including an amazing German Junkers Ju52 from 1936.  And as always, dotted around the circuit, there are so many fantastic little displays that it's easy to miss them, especially once the crowds gather.

Dexi Independent Escort - Goodwood Revival 2013
I managed to spend a fair bit of time in the Vintage Market area, and for once didn't spend much at all - maybe my vintage wardrobe has reached a level where I either don't need anything else or I need to get rid of some clothes before getting new ones!

This year, I promised that I would try and see a bit of the racing itself, as usually I miss quite a bit, and my journey to Oulton Park a few months ago rather whetted my appetite.  There are larger crowds at the Revival than Oulton Park, of course, so we trooped off up the circuit to get away from the main area in order to see some racing, and I have to say some of it was spectacular.  The Magwick Cup provided most of them, as the tiny sports cars found that getting grip on the cold and damp race circuit was pretty difficult.

Dexi Independent Escort - Goodwood Revival 2013
With plenty of thrills and spills and speed, and I even forgot the chilly weather for a while.  Yes, sadly, the weather wasn't holding up - although there wasn't much rain (except just enough to make the racing interesting!), it was certainly cold.  My outfit wasn't quite keeping me as warm as I hoped, and our chosen spot next to the racetrack was not exactly sheltered from the wind.  However, on the positive side, our new location did mean that we had a great view of the aerial displays of the Spitfire, Mustang and Curtiss Warhawks.  We were also privileged to see  the longest-serving aircraft in RAF history - the Canberra, the RAF's first jet aircraft.  Not quite as ground-shaking as the Vulcan in terms of sheer decibels, but loud enough as it accelerated away from the circuit.

I did manage to see one last race, too - the Whitsun Trophy, featuring an all-GT40 line-up, and the sound and sight of those fantastic cars as they hurtled around the track was unbelievable - especially with flames shooting from the car's exhausts as they braked.  Quite astonishing.

By 5.30pm sadly I was tired enough to call it a day, and left with some tremendous memories.  However, of all the times I have been, this was certainly the coldest, which took some enjoyment off the day for me.  It is also is getting busier and busier, and the crowds are making it harder and harder to see anything or actually get anywhere.  Of course, the chances are that I will be returning, as it is still a great day, and will no doubt provide lots of memories and smiles as I look back at the photographs in the weeks to come.

Dexi Independent Escort - Goodwood Revival 2013
Speaking of photos, on my way back from Goodwood I called in to see a lovely photographer friend who needing a little modelling doing for his new website.  I was more than happy to help out, and have even managed to get a few pictures done for myself too at the same time.  Hopefully some of them will be on my website in the next few weeks, and I will of course keep you updated on that!

This week's Picture Of The Week was taken in the morning of the Revival, and is a little snapshot of me getting ready for the day ahead.  See?  Memories already...

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Just A Quickie, If You Don't Mind...

Yes, this week it's just a quickie - a quick note that is.  Stop being rowdy at the back!  I'm very mindful (as in looking forward to it everyday!) that next week is the Goodwood Revival, and I will be enjoying a few days in Brighton, then heading off to see a very good and lovely friend for something very specific in mind - you'll learn more next week!

With this very much in my thoughts, this week's Picture Of The Week (as always, on the Gallery Page of my website) will have to also suffice as next week's Picture Of The Week, as I won't be in Manchester to update it.  Again, with retro things filling my head at the moment, I've gone for a sort of retro theme - namely, those old "Carry On..." films - only, this is my take on it.  It was taken at the fabulous Ess & Emm bed and breakfast dungeon in beautiful Warwickshire, and I hope you like it.

I did actually take a trip out today with the very good intention of taking some rather rude photographs for my website and Adultwork Gallery.  With just a coat and underskirt covering my high heels, stockings and suspenders I visited a lovely cuntry... sorry - that's the 'Carry On' influence still rattling in my head... I meant country house and garden in Cheshire.  Finding a secluded part of the extensive garden, I removed my coat and was just pulling down my silk underskirt when a very surprised couple came around the hedge I was hiding behind.  They certainly got a view of a bush that they weren't expecting to find in that part of the garden, and I, in good old journalistic terminology, 'had to make my excuses and leave'.  Which means that this was one of the rare photos of the day...

Dexi Independent Escort - Stockings, high heels and a bit of bush...
Oh well... I'm sure I'll have plenty of photos from next week to make up for it!

Monday, 2 September 2013

Skin To (Skin - not here, thank you)

I'm late again with updating Picture Of The Week.  There is a good reason - this weekend saw a trip over the Pennines to Leeds - to visit, once again the Skin Two North event.  The very first fetish event that I ever attended was in fact the original Skin Two extravaganza at the old Hammersmith Palais in London.  How times have changed, and particularly for the fetish scene!  The original event slipped away a few years ago, and little attempts to bring it back to life in the capital haven't quite worked, but the Skin Two North event in Leeds has at least had a few years of running now since it's first night in 2009.

After arriving in Leeds just after lunch, I had a quick jaunt over to the event, at Vox just outside of the city centre. The afternoon saw the fetish market being held there, and it was an opportunity to catch up with friends and browse the fetish stalls.  I didn't stay too long, though, as my intention was to have a rest before venturing out on the night.  As for my choice of outfit, it was the recently purchased pink corset (which, by coincidence, is on this week's Picture Of The Week again!), stockings, satin wrist gloves and high heeled boots.

And so, refreshed and taxi (for 6!) booked, we headed back to Vox for the main event.  It certainly wasn't as busy as the old Hammersmith Palais nights, where over two thousand people attended from all over the world.  However, I was very pleased to see a good crowd, and even more pleased to see many gorgeous girls in attendance.

The club was very nicely split into two defined areas - on one side there was a dancefloor, and on the other, separated by the entrance to the club, was the dungeon/chill-out area.  I have to confess to venturing into the dancefloor area only very briefly, as the other side was far more interesting.  Maybe it's age, but it was great to be able to chat with old, and new, friends without the thumping dancemusic associated with so many clubs, and usually so difficult to escape from.  Also keeping my interest going for the night was a 6-foot tall red-headed amazon, dressed as Leeloo from the film The Fifth Element - only this girl's was in sexy slinky latex.

A little later on, things became even more, er, friendly.  With various scenes being played out in the adjoining dungeon area, myself and two sexy girlfriends decided to begin our own party.  Cue lots of red lips kissing, and hands stroking and fondling.  At one point I got down on my knees, pulled the gusset of my friend's tiny shorts aside, and began to lick her very wet pussy.  As I heard her gasping and felt my own pussy become wet and slick, I felt a tap on my shoulder.  I looked around, wondering if it was another girl who fancied joining in.  No such luck.  It was one of the 'dungeon aides'.  "You'll have to stop that, we don't allow that sort of behaviour here," he said.  I asked him if he was serious - I mean, this was a fetish club wasn't it?  "Aye, but we don't have a licence for that kind of behaviour - so you have to stop."

Now, I'm not entirely sure if this chap even knew what he was doing, but he did rather spoil the mood (having fits of laughter isn't always appropriate to a sexy atmosphere).  However, it did really, and excuse me, piss me off.  I know I don't always behave properly at fetish events, but this really did seem a step too far from the dungeon policeman.  If two girls can't put on a very sexy display in a fetish club, then what is the world coming to?  I dread to think.  What was also worrying was the fact that this chap, who surely must be knowledgeable of the law, thinks that his main concern was that two girls having some foreplay may be troublesome regarding the venue's licence, but not the various scenes of BDSM/whipping/cock and ball play, etc, etc. games going on the dungeon area.  Very confusing.

What it did mean, also, is that I and my gorgeous latex catsuit-attired vamp and her partner simply took our playtime back to the hotel, and this time my pussy-licking and cock-sucking, I'm happy to say, was uninterrupted.

Dexi - Skin Two North 2013
 Overall, though, I had a great night, which obviously would have been better for all concerned if a full-scale girl/girl orgy had happened, but this is maybe one for the organisers to rethink.  For me, it wasn't until 5.00am that I finally went to bed to get some sleep - always the sign of a very good, satisfying and long night.