Sunday, 6 January 2013

Happy Frou Year!

Well, 2012 has dragged itself away - some of it was very bad, of course, with the loss of someone very important to me, but at least it wasn't as bad as it could have been.  We'll call that one a draw, then.  Happily, the old year ended in a much better fashion than expected.  I had a brilliant Christmas Day, noted here previously, and on New Year's Eve decided to venture north to lovely Hebden Bridge to attend The Frou Frou Club.  It was the first time that the burlesque club had run an event on New Year's Eve, and was my first time of attending the Club itself.  In truth, New Year's Eve is generally a let-down - crowded and over-priced bars (paying to get into a 'pub'?  No thank you...), and my last truly memorable NYE was at the sadly-missed Jillys, so the chance to get dressed-up and be entertained by gorgeous girls removing items of clothing was one that I couldn't resist.

Dexi - at The Frou Frou Club
  The event is held in the town's lovely Little Theatre, and is a very different set-up than one I've seen before - the theatre lay-out means no-one is left standing (never much fun in high-heels) and everyone gets a decent view of the stage in order to enjoy the acts.  There are also plenty of intervals so that drinks could be topped-up - important, too, for a good evening out.

The Frou Frou Club is organised and hosted by the stunning and charming Lady Wildflower.  I have to say I had a fantastic night, and the acts were brilliant.  Havana Hurricane's bump n' grind routine was mesmerising, Heidi Bang Tidy's debut of her 'Loo-Roll Cover' girl brilliantly funny, and Scarlett Daggers was simply ravishing.  Light-hearted fun came from Jollyboat - a duo from nearby Todmorden whose piss-taking of Simon Cowell and the whole X-Factor/The Voice nonsense was hilarious and truthful.

The holiday season is truly left behind, but already there are more events coming up in the next few weeks to brighten the January gloom, which I'm looking forward to.  And, it's back to my normal routine too - so if you fancy lifting your January gloom by being entertained by a lovely lady removing items of clothing (unless you like the stockings and high-heels, of course), then give me a call!

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