Sunday, 3 February 2013

Photo Freeze

"The road to Hell is paved with good intentions," they say.  I can sort of vouch for this, as this weekend I decided I wouldn't mind doing some more photos around Manchester one night.  It would give me a chance to do some pictures for my website and my Adultwork gallery too.  That was the 'good intentions' part.  The 'Hell' bit is when I stepped outside my house and realised how nipple-hardening cold it actually was.  Cold enough to, well, make Hell freeze over.  It didn't help that I was wearing my tiny PVC mac and only my new crotchless tights and patent high-heels to keep me 'warm'.  My photographer for the night, bless her, kept asking if I was sure about this plan as we headed into the city centre, but I can be a bit obstinate sometimes.  It was easy to be brave sat in the warm car.

First stop was Salford Quays.  We jumped out of the car on the quayside on Central Bay, and the arctic temperature very quickly stripped away any resolution to carry on.  It was only -2 °C, but felt a lot lower than that in my totally inappropriate clothing.  The term 'below freezing' will now have a new meaning for me - in my crotchless tights, I can confirm that my 'below' was certainly frozen.

One chap in one of the nearby apartments was gazing intently at our hurried photoshoot - I'm sure he couldn't see my, er, exposed areas, but he must of wondered what we were up to in that weather.  It's a shame we had to hurry back to the car after about 2 minutes, as the Quays looked especially beautiful as I looked across the water to the Lowry theatre, Media City and the Imperial War Museum (a fantastic day out, by the way - I can vouch for that, too!).  Any thoughts of continuing soon evaporated, and my resolve to continue thawed more than I did, even with the car heating on full-blast.  Oh well. I did at least get one picture that I was happy enough with, though, which is this week's Picture Of The Week on my website.

Speaking of pictures, my dear friend and expert photographer Robert Babylon invited me once again to The Gallery Liverpool, to attend the Erotic Exhibition.

I visited this last year when he showed his work, and a quick look on the Gallery's website this week brought a little surprise - a photo of me.  I had a brilliant time there last year, so accepted his invitation without delay.  Now, it's not often that a chap lets me down, but this week Robert telephoned me back - he won't be attending this year as he's going to be showing his work here instead.  Las Vegas instead of Liverpool?  No contest, especially in this bloody weather.  Sadly, there wasn't an invitation to head off to Vegas, so it looks like I may be left to visit on my own on the 22nd February.

Dexi - 2012 Erotic Exhibition, The Gallery Liverpool
I'm heading up to Glasgow on the weekend of 16/17th February, and it will be my first 'tour' for many months.  I've also, you'll be pleased to know, thawed out completely from my midnight excursions to the bitter wastes of Salford, so if you require warming up yourself, give me a call...

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