Sunday, 31 March 2013

Torture Garden Manchester

As noted in my last blog, Saturday night saw the arrival of world-famous Torture Garden to Manchester.  The club is one of the foremost names in the fetish world, of course, and I have enjoyed many of their events in London and Edinburgh, so the chance to attend an event in Manchester wasn't one to miss.

As it was held in the city's vibrant Northern Quarter, it was only a short taxi ride from home - always a sensible idea anyway when dressed in clinging latex and 6 inch stilettos.  On arrival, at 10.30pm, it was already thronging with gorgeous attendees - a very good sign, as many clubs do not get busy until later in the night, and I am pleased to say that it turned out to be a fantastic night.  It also clearly managed to bring in a fair number of visitors from outside the city to enjoy a night of lovely latex fetish frolics.  I am certainly hoping that TG makes a return to the city this year, as the north of England is certainly in need of an injection of fetish magic into the scene.

Dexi - Torture Garden at Manchester
I did get one of my friends to try and get a photo within the club, but a dry-ice machine and a throng of hot, latex-clad people do not help with ideal conditions!  As an introduction to the fetish scene I cannot recommend TG enough - dance music, sexy and well-dressed people, and a very liberal attitude, but without some of the darker and more subversive elements of the serious BDSM clubs.

It has been a very cold Spring Bank Holiday, and I'm desperately hoping that the weather starts to improve soon, as the open-air 1940's events begin soon (stockings and heels... mmmmm!), and I don't think I can face that biting wind in one of my flimsy vintage dresses.  What I could do with right now, in fact, is one of those hot bubble baths that I luxuriated in during my recent stay in Harrogate, and the subject of last week's Picture Of The Week.  This week's, in fact, is from the same visit - one for the stockings and heel fans, and, I hope, in anticipation of the warmer weather ahead!

Friday, 29 March 2013

A Palace Of Curiosities

A quick update this time, ahead of a busy weekend, which I'll be writing about early next week.  Midweek evenings are usually a quiet time for me, as usually I have finished my 'exertions' for the day and rarely have an evening event planned, unlike the weekend.  This week was different though.  Firstly, it was time to visit South Manchester to have my regular health checks at one of the hospitals.  After my appointment, it was a rush to get straight back into the city centre to visit Waterstones, where I was due to attend the official launch of The Palace Of Curiosities, the new book by Rosie 'Lugosi' Garland.  I was pleased to see that they event had sold out of tickets, and there was certainly a queue to get copies of the book signed by the lovely lady.

Dexi - The Palace Of Curiosities at Waterstones
I was lucky to grab one of the last copies that evening.  It's astonishing to think that I first met Rosie at the very first Club Lash in Manchester 15 years ago.  A lot has certainly happened in that time, but some things haven't changed a great deal - back then I was still in the model/lap-dancing business and generally being a bit of a hussy.  These days I'm generally a bit more of being a hussy and less of a model, of course.

Dexi - Rosie Garland and A Palace Of Curiosities
 So, on with the rest of the Bank Holiday Weekend.  It is, of course, Torture Garden in Manchester on Saturday night, and I will be there - although I still haven't decided what to wear.  I will be sure to get a picture or two for you, though...

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Chocolate Fetish

As the whole country shivers and struggles through blizzards and torrential flooding rain, Manchester remains, as ever, under a grey sky.  A brief flurry of snow overnight was as much as we got here.  Manchester, it seems, doesn't 'do' weather.  Unless it is rain, of course.  So, in order to make sure that time and the year is passing that means filling your diary and making sure you try and do different things - otherwise, the days and months blur under the grey skyscape of purgatory.  Last week it was vintage and burlesque, this week, a bit of fetish (and a sprinkling of more burlesque... and what burlesque, too) and chocolate.  Apart from shoes, what more could a girl ask for?

Saturday morning saw a visit into a very chilly Manchester City Centre to the brilliant Northern Quarter.  There was only one reason to get up early on such a day and drag a girl like me out of the confines of her warm bed, and that was the promise of CHOCOLATE.  In fact, it was a visit to the divine BonBon.

Dexi - Bonbon Chocolate Shop, Manchester Northern Quarter
Now, when I say 'chocolate', it isn't the usual high-street/supermarket stuff I'm talking about.  This IS chocolate.  I was lucky enough to meet Joey Collins, the Chocolatier, who makes all of his delights fresh, from scratch, and all are made onsite.  From little bite-sized nibbles, to heavy wedges of Brownie-heaven, slabs of thick flavour-filled chocolate bars... oh, sorry, getting carried away just thinking about it...  The best thing, though, even amongst the rich pleasures here, is the hot chocolate.  The hot chocolate is exactly as it should be - not too sweet, thick, ever-so-slightly bitter but simply, simply heavenly.  Especially when the weather is as cold as it is.  Heavenly chocolate for a Heavenly Harlot - a perfect partnership.

After leaving BonBon, it was a quick taxi-ride (no, I'm NOT walking in this temperature!) over to Oxford Road to visit Heresy n' Heelz, who are back in the city with their regular Alternative and Burlesque Fair.  As much as there is always the chance to spend some money, the Fair is also a great opportunity to meet up with friends.  Along with the stalls, there is always the chance to see some great entertainment.  This time, the entertainment came from Dutch burlesque star Natsumi Scarlett.  This utterly gorgeous lady is truly fantastic - her show is deliciously decadent and subversively sexy.

Dexi - the exquisite Natsumi Scarlett at Heresy n' Heelz
It was an absolute pleasure to chat to the beautiful lady herself inbetween her shows, and it dawned on me whilst talking to Natsumi that all I needed to make the weekend even better was to get her back to my bed, cover her with some of that delicious chocolate from Bonbon, and enjoy licking every drop off her body.  Yummy yummy.

Heresy n' Heelz are back later in the year, but run other events around the country, so if you fancy some kinky and sexy shopping, with some saucy entertainment thrown in, it may be worth a look to see if they are visiting your area.

Dexi - Heresy n' Heelz, Manchester
On Sunday I had a call from S, a very good friend.  Did I want to accompany him to a Chocolate Festival in Ramsbottom?  More chocolate, but if seemed like it may be worth the journey, as it's only a short trip up the M66 to Ramsbottom, and I know the town quite well, having attended the 1940's events there for the last few years.

Dexi - Chocolate Festival at Ramsbottom
 There were plenty of stalls offering tasters, and even after having plenty of choco-delights on Saturday I found a little room for more.  The best, and closest that I found to Saturday's sensations from Bonbon were the gorgeous choccies from Pure Origin.  I especially loved their Symphony Salt Drops - dark chocolate and sea-salt from Anglesey.  Pure bliss.  I was also pleased to learn that their products are not only ethically sourced, but it is a local company too.  At the moment, I still have a couple of Salt Drops left, so if you fancy a bit of a nibble, let me know...

Dexi - and a couple of tasty titbits from Pure Origin
It's time for another Picture Of The Week, of course, too.  This week's, on my Gallery page as usual, is from my little recent stay in Harrogate.  A lovely warm bubble-bath.... just what is needed in this weather.  I do hope you get all hot looking at it...

Monday, 18 March 2013

Bathing Belle

Don't be misled by the Blog title this week - I definitely haven't been out bathing in the sea this week - it's far, far too cold for that.  No, the title refers to what I got up to this last weekend.

First of all, Saturday night brought about the 6th Birthday of the Slippery Belle burlesque club.  I've been attending the club since it began, so the opportunity to celebrate another anniversary couldn't be passed up.  The venue this time was in Manchester city centre, so another good reason to attend as it meant only a short taxi ride from home. 

As expected for such a celebration, the entertainment was fantastic - I especially love the routines of the gorgeous Havana Hurricane, whose bump n' grind show has it's roots firmly in the naughty strip-tease acts of the 50's.  Thrilling, very, very sexy and perfectly executed.  I saw Havana for the first time at The Frou Frou Club in Hebden Bridge on New Year's Eve, and enjoyed her show this time around just as much as I did then. 

Dexi - the delicious Havana Hurricane
I also loved the routines by Heidi Bang Tidy (again, who I saw at The Frou Frou Club) and vocalist Eva Fox, who, along with having a great voice, was fabulously uncouth and funny.  It was a great night for catching up with friends, too, in-between enjoying the bouncing boobs and bottoms onstage.  Speaking of boobs, I made some new bosom-buddies that evening...

Dexi - Boobs!
 Sunday saw me attending the Vinrtage Home Fair at the tremendous Victoria Baths in Manchester.  Many will know that I love the designs of yesteryear, so events like this, particularly so close to home, are a must.  The venue is truly outstanding, even though it is still in the middle of an extensive restoration.

Dexi - The Victoria Baths, Manchester
Although I have attended this event before, this was the first time that I actually took the opportunity to wander around the building itself.  Even though the restoration is far from finished, the beauty of the tiling and windows is breathtaking.  I would have loved to have seen it in it's early 20th Century heyday, and hope that some of it's former glory is recaptured in the restoration.  Of course, I took the opportunity to grab a photo to show you some of the beautiful tiling.... and a bit of stocking top, too, for good measure...

Dexi - The Victoria Baths, Manchester

Onwards, also, with the new Picture Of The Week.  Last week's was taken by my companion for the Harrogate break, as I'm sure some of you may have guessed.  This week's is a rather more stark and rude affair.  The battery-powered vibrator that I am holding is one that I bought from my somewhat trouble-making visit to a fetish event last year.  Ah, memories.... But I'm looking forward, too - it's already beginning to look like being quite a busy Spring - there are more vintage events lined up and some fetish nights, too.  In between these, I'll be providing entertainment of my own, of course, so if you fancy a little bit of this belle let me know...

Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Time has flown by recently, and I was pretty shocked to find that 18th February was my last posting.  Since then, a few events have brought to mind the final shootout scene in 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly'.

First, let's look at 'The Bad'.  Another shocking piece of political underhanded dealing, this time from the glorious European Parliament.  As The Independent newspaper reports, a call for a Europe-wide ban on pornography has been sneaked into the 'Report On Eliminating Gender Stereotypes'.  Now, this report may have some valid points regarding tackling some issues, but to hide such a blanket crack-down on free speech and liberty is nothing short of horrendous.  Worryingly, the report does not have any clear targets apart from it's rather vague 'pornography in the media' label, but we can all guess that it's true intended target is to be any form of widespread communication - ie. magazines, newspapers, internet, etc.  The Report was drafted by Kartika Tamara Liotard, on whom Wikipedia mentions that "she continues to pursue her agenda against online pornography and online freedom in 2013 with her position on the European Parliament's Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM)."  Those of you who have read my Blog for some time will know that I have always worked in the adult industry, including some time in the pornography trade, and I was certainly there out of my own choice - and I enjoyed it.  It may seem strange to someone like Liotard, but not all women want to be 'rescued and saved' from pornography and prostitution - I can safely and honestly say that out of the hundred or so girls that I have met I have never, ever, encountered a single one that was working in the industry because she was forced to be there.  The issue of trafficking women for the sex trade has been brought up on my blog before, and I will reiterate that this is an issue that definitely needs shutting down, but to once again 'stereotype' (surely Ms. Liotard is against any stereotypes, isn't she?) all women in the adult industry as being there against their wishes is plain ignorant and wrong.

Now, I refrain from putting up certain nude pictures on my blog, but I think this is a special case.  So, in the good old British tradition,  I'm sticking two up to you, Ms. Liotard.  No, not fingers, but these, as I think it would annoy you more...

Dexi - Independent Escort... and proud of it
Speaking of ignorance, let us move on to 'The Ugly'.  This time, an attack on women who choose to work in the sex trade from, yes, you've guessed it, other women... again.  Hannah Bett's well-written article in The Guardian raised some really worrying viewpoints from Julie Burchill ("When the sex war is won prostitutes should be shot as collaborators for their terrible betrayal of all women") and that other well-informed MEP Rhoda Grant, who last week considered that "damage to individual sex workers was a price worth paying" for her tunnel-visioned Bill to be passed.  Hold on a moment.  Think about that again... a MEP is saying that violence against women is acceptable, as it helps her get a Bill accepted?  How can this 'woman' (I use the term against my better judgement) advocate such actions and stay in a position of trust and 'power'?  And what is it about some women that feel that they have a moral duty to police and control other women?  Is it some form of misguided feminism?  Or is it down to the old double-standards - women who enjoy sex are BAD GIRLS, and are tainted, disgusting, and cheap, who cheat 'The Rules' (that say all women must be Good Girls, who remain virginal until their wedding night and only have intercourse in order to procreate).

Whatever is going on in politics right now, it appears that, as ever, free-speech and the right to be a consensual sexual adult are under fire.  Fight back now - write to your MEP's and complain about the intrusion of the 'State' into your private bedroom affairs, before it is too late and our hands are tied.

After all that dismal news, I will end with 'The Good'.  This week I was invited to Harrogate for a naughty break away by one of my long-time gentleman 'friends'.  I don't advertise overnight stays on my website as I think they only really work once you've got to know someone over a period of time, and luckily my 'beau' for the trip was such a gentleman.  We arrived in Harrogate late on Friday morning, in time for a fabulous brunch at the famous Betty's tea rooms. 

Dexi - Betty's at Harrogate
I know it is a rather obvious place to head for, and I normally shy away from such tourist spots, but it was somewhere I'd never been and can certainly vouch for the refreshments they offer.  It was with rather full bellies that we headed to check in at the exclusive boutique hotel, where we had the pleasure of a full suite for our stay.  The break included a full-body massage, too, much needed after some, ahem, strenuous bedroom exercises.

Harrogate itself is fabulous - less touristy but prettier than York, in my opinion, and I love the green open spaces that the town has.  We were also conveniently close to the Montpellier area, which is full of boutiques and antique shops.  It was here that I found a real treasure-trove.  Elegant Era is a vintage shop specialising in my favourite decades - 1930's, 1940's and 1950's, and I happily spent an hour here trying on beautiful dresses and hats for the upcoming 1940's/1950's summer season.  I did manage to buy a beautiful late 1930's/1940's gown that will be worn once the weather gets a little warmer!  Sadly, the promise of Spring didn't hold out for the whole time we were there, and on Saturday it turned distinctly chillier, so we headed back over the Pennines to Manchester... but I've already promised myself a visit back there in April for a Vintage Fair event.

Now, of course, I am back in Macnhester, and back from Monday to Friday in Altrincham working in an industry that I am not ashamed to be in, am working in it because I want to, and enjoying it.