Monday, 18 March 2013

Bathing Belle

Don't be misled by the Blog title this week - I definitely haven't been out bathing in the sea this week - it's far, far too cold for that.  No, the title refers to what I got up to this last weekend.

First of all, Saturday night brought about the 6th Birthday of the Slippery Belle burlesque club.  I've been attending the club since it began, so the opportunity to celebrate another anniversary couldn't be passed up.  The venue this time was in Manchester city centre, so another good reason to attend as it meant only a short taxi ride from home. 

As expected for such a celebration, the entertainment was fantastic - I especially love the routines of the gorgeous Havana Hurricane, whose bump n' grind show has it's roots firmly in the naughty strip-tease acts of the 50's.  Thrilling, very, very sexy and perfectly executed.  I saw Havana for the first time at The Frou Frou Club in Hebden Bridge on New Year's Eve, and enjoyed her show this time around just as much as I did then. 

Dexi - the delicious Havana Hurricane
I also loved the routines by Heidi Bang Tidy (again, who I saw at The Frou Frou Club) and vocalist Eva Fox, who, along with having a great voice, was fabulously uncouth and funny.  It was a great night for catching up with friends, too, in-between enjoying the bouncing boobs and bottoms onstage.  Speaking of boobs, I made some new bosom-buddies that evening...

Dexi - Boobs!
 Sunday saw me attending the Vinrtage Home Fair at the tremendous Victoria Baths in Manchester.  Many will know that I love the designs of yesteryear, so events like this, particularly so close to home, are a must.  The venue is truly outstanding, even though it is still in the middle of an extensive restoration.

Dexi - The Victoria Baths, Manchester
Although I have attended this event before, this was the first time that I actually took the opportunity to wander around the building itself.  Even though the restoration is far from finished, the beauty of the tiling and windows is breathtaking.  I would have loved to have seen it in it's early 20th Century heyday, and hope that some of it's former glory is recaptured in the restoration.  Of course, I took the opportunity to grab a photo to show you some of the beautiful tiling.... and a bit of stocking top, too, for good measure...

Dexi - The Victoria Baths, Manchester

Onwards, also, with the new Picture Of The Week.  Last week's was taken by my companion for the Harrogate break, as I'm sure some of you may have guessed.  This week's is a rather more stark and rude affair.  The battery-powered vibrator that I am holding is one that I bought from my somewhat trouble-making visit to a fetish event last year.  Ah, memories.... But I'm looking forward, too - it's already beginning to look like being quite a busy Spring - there are more vintage events lined up and some fetish nights, too.  In between these, I'll be providing entertainment of my own, of course, so if you fancy a little bit of this belle let me know...

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