Sunday, 24 March 2013

Chocolate Fetish

As the whole country shivers and struggles through blizzards and torrential flooding rain, Manchester remains, as ever, under a grey sky.  A brief flurry of snow overnight was as much as we got here.  Manchester, it seems, doesn't 'do' weather.  Unless it is rain, of course.  So, in order to make sure that time and the year is passing that means filling your diary and making sure you try and do different things - otherwise, the days and months blur under the grey skyscape of purgatory.  Last week it was vintage and burlesque, this week, a bit of fetish (and a sprinkling of more burlesque... and what burlesque, too) and chocolate.  Apart from shoes, what more could a girl ask for?

Saturday morning saw a visit into a very chilly Manchester City Centre to the brilliant Northern Quarter.  There was only one reason to get up early on such a day and drag a girl like me out of the confines of her warm bed, and that was the promise of CHOCOLATE.  In fact, it was a visit to the divine BonBon.

Dexi - Bonbon Chocolate Shop, Manchester Northern Quarter
Now, when I say 'chocolate', it isn't the usual high-street/supermarket stuff I'm talking about.  This IS chocolate.  I was lucky enough to meet Joey Collins, the Chocolatier, who makes all of his delights fresh, from scratch, and all are made onsite.  From little bite-sized nibbles, to heavy wedges of Brownie-heaven, slabs of thick flavour-filled chocolate bars... oh, sorry, getting carried away just thinking about it...  The best thing, though, even amongst the rich pleasures here, is the hot chocolate.  The hot chocolate is exactly as it should be - not too sweet, thick, ever-so-slightly bitter but simply, simply heavenly.  Especially when the weather is as cold as it is.  Heavenly chocolate for a Heavenly Harlot - a perfect partnership.

After leaving BonBon, it was a quick taxi-ride (no, I'm NOT walking in this temperature!) over to Oxford Road to visit Heresy n' Heelz, who are back in the city with their regular Alternative and Burlesque Fair.  As much as there is always the chance to spend some money, the Fair is also a great opportunity to meet up with friends.  Along with the stalls, there is always the chance to see some great entertainment.  This time, the entertainment came from Dutch burlesque star Natsumi Scarlett.  This utterly gorgeous lady is truly fantastic - her show is deliciously decadent and subversively sexy.

Dexi - the exquisite Natsumi Scarlett at Heresy n' Heelz
It was an absolute pleasure to chat to the beautiful lady herself inbetween her shows, and it dawned on me whilst talking to Natsumi that all I needed to make the weekend even better was to get her back to my bed, cover her with some of that delicious chocolate from Bonbon, and enjoy licking every drop off her body.  Yummy yummy.

Heresy n' Heelz are back later in the year, but run other events around the country, so if you fancy some kinky and sexy shopping, with some saucy entertainment thrown in, it may be worth a look to see if they are visiting your area.

Dexi - Heresy n' Heelz, Manchester
On Sunday I had a call from S, a very good friend.  Did I want to accompany him to a Chocolate Festival in Ramsbottom?  More chocolate, but if seemed like it may be worth the journey, as it's only a short trip up the M66 to Ramsbottom, and I know the town quite well, having attended the 1940's events there for the last few years.

Dexi - Chocolate Festival at Ramsbottom
 There were plenty of stalls offering tasters, and even after having plenty of choco-delights on Saturday I found a little room for more.  The best, and closest that I found to Saturday's sensations from Bonbon were the gorgeous choccies from Pure Origin.  I especially loved their Symphony Salt Drops - dark chocolate and sea-salt from Anglesey.  Pure bliss.  I was also pleased to learn that their products are not only ethically sourced, but it is a local company too.  At the moment, I still have a couple of Salt Drops left, so if you fancy a bit of a nibble, let me know...

Dexi - and a couple of tasty titbits from Pure Origin
It's time for another Picture Of The Week, of course, too.  This week's, on my Gallery page as usual, is from my little recent stay in Harrogate.  A lovely warm bubble-bath.... just what is needed in this weather.  I do hope you get all hot looking at it...

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