Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Time has flown by recently, and I was pretty shocked to find that 18th February was my last posting.  Since then, a few events have brought to mind the final shootout scene in 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly'.

First, let's look at 'The Bad'.  Another shocking piece of political underhanded dealing, this time from the glorious European Parliament.  As The Independent newspaper reports, a call for a Europe-wide ban on pornography has been sneaked into the 'Report On Eliminating Gender Stereotypes'.  Now, this report may have some valid points regarding tackling some issues, but to hide such a blanket crack-down on free speech and liberty is nothing short of horrendous.  Worryingly, the report does not have any clear targets apart from it's rather vague 'pornography in the media' label, but we can all guess that it's true intended target is to be any form of widespread communication - ie. magazines, newspapers, internet, etc.  The Report was drafted by Kartika Tamara Liotard, on whom Wikipedia mentions that "she continues to pursue her agenda against online pornography and online freedom in 2013 with her position on the European Parliament's Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM)."  Those of you who have read my Blog for some time will know that I have always worked in the adult industry, including some time in the pornography trade, and I was certainly there out of my own choice - and I enjoyed it.  It may seem strange to someone like Liotard, but not all women want to be 'rescued and saved' from pornography and prostitution - I can safely and honestly say that out of the hundred or so girls that I have met I have never, ever, encountered a single one that was working in the industry because she was forced to be there.  The issue of trafficking women for the sex trade has been brought up on my blog before, and I will reiterate that this is an issue that definitely needs shutting down, but to once again 'stereotype' (surely Ms. Liotard is against any stereotypes, isn't she?) all women in the adult industry as being there against their wishes is plain ignorant and wrong.

Now, I refrain from putting up certain nude pictures on my blog, but I think this is a special case.  So, in the good old British tradition,  I'm sticking two up to you, Ms. Liotard.  No, not fingers, but these, as I think it would annoy you more...

Dexi - Independent Escort... and proud of it
Speaking of ignorance, let us move on to 'The Ugly'.  This time, an attack on women who choose to work in the sex trade from, yes, you've guessed it, other women... again.  Hannah Bett's well-written article in The Guardian raised some really worrying viewpoints from Julie Burchill ("When the sex war is won prostitutes should be shot as collaborators for their terrible betrayal of all women") and that other well-informed MEP Rhoda Grant, who last week considered that "damage to individual sex workers was a price worth paying" for her tunnel-visioned Bill to be passed.  Hold on a moment.  Think about that again... a MEP is saying that violence against women is acceptable, as it helps her get a Bill accepted?  How can this 'woman' (I use the term against my better judgement) advocate such actions and stay in a position of trust and 'power'?  And what is it about some women that feel that they have a moral duty to police and control other women?  Is it some form of misguided feminism?  Or is it down to the old double-standards - women who enjoy sex are BAD GIRLS, and are tainted, disgusting, and cheap, who cheat 'The Rules' (that say all women must be Good Girls, who remain virginal until their wedding night and only have intercourse in order to procreate).

Whatever is going on in politics right now, it appears that, as ever, free-speech and the right to be a consensual sexual adult are under fire.  Fight back now - write to your MEP's and complain about the intrusion of the 'State' into your private bedroom affairs, before it is too late and our hands are tied.

After all that dismal news, I will end with 'The Good'.  This week I was invited to Harrogate for a naughty break away by one of my long-time gentleman 'friends'.  I don't advertise overnight stays on my website as I think they only really work once you've got to know someone over a period of time, and luckily my 'beau' for the trip was such a gentleman.  We arrived in Harrogate late on Friday morning, in time for a fabulous brunch at the famous Betty's tea rooms. 

Dexi - Betty's at Harrogate
I know it is a rather obvious place to head for, and I normally shy away from such tourist spots, but it was somewhere I'd never been and can certainly vouch for the refreshments they offer.  It was with rather full bellies that we headed to check in at the exclusive boutique hotel, where we had the pleasure of a full suite for our stay.  The break included a full-body massage, too, much needed after some, ahem, strenuous bedroom exercises.

Harrogate itself is fabulous - less touristy but prettier than York, in my opinion, and I love the green open spaces that the town has.  We were also conveniently close to the Montpellier area, which is full of boutiques and antique shops.  It was here that I found a real treasure-trove.  Elegant Era is a vintage shop specialising in my favourite decades - 1930's, 1940's and 1950's, and I happily spent an hour here trying on beautiful dresses and hats for the upcoming 1940's/1950's summer season.  I did manage to buy a beautiful late 1930's/1940's gown that will be worn once the weather gets a little warmer!  Sadly, the promise of Spring didn't hold out for the whole time we were there, and on Saturday it turned distinctly chillier, so we headed back over the Pennines to Manchester... but I've already promised myself a visit back there in April for a Vintage Fair event.

Now, of course, I am back in Macnhester, and back from Monday to Friday in Altrincham working in an industry that I am not ashamed to be in, am working in it because I want to, and enjoying it.

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