Sunday, 31 March 2013

Torture Garden Manchester

As noted in my last blog, Saturday night saw the arrival of world-famous Torture Garden to Manchester.  The club is one of the foremost names in the fetish world, of course, and I have enjoyed many of their events in London and Edinburgh, so the chance to attend an event in Manchester wasn't one to miss.

As it was held in the city's vibrant Northern Quarter, it was only a short taxi ride from home - always a sensible idea anyway when dressed in clinging latex and 6 inch stilettos.  On arrival, at 10.30pm, it was already thronging with gorgeous attendees - a very good sign, as many clubs do not get busy until later in the night, and I am pleased to say that it turned out to be a fantastic night.  It also clearly managed to bring in a fair number of visitors from outside the city to enjoy a night of lovely latex fetish frolics.  I am certainly hoping that TG makes a return to the city this year, as the north of England is certainly in need of an injection of fetish magic into the scene.

Dexi - Torture Garden at Manchester
I did get one of my friends to try and get a photo within the club, but a dry-ice machine and a throng of hot, latex-clad people do not help with ideal conditions!  As an introduction to the fetish scene I cannot recommend TG enough - dance music, sexy and well-dressed people, and a very liberal attitude, but without some of the darker and more subversive elements of the serious BDSM clubs.

It has been a very cold Spring Bank Holiday, and I'm desperately hoping that the weather starts to improve soon, as the open-air 1940's events begin soon (stockings and heels... mmmmm!), and I don't think I can face that biting wind in one of my flimsy vintage dresses.  What I could do with right now, in fact, is one of those hot bubble baths that I luxuriated in during my recent stay in Harrogate, and the subject of last week's Picture Of The Week.  This week's, in fact, is from the same visit - one for the stockings and heel fans, and, I hope, in anticipation of the warmer weather ahead!

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