Monday, 29 April 2013

I Can See Clearly (through) Now

In my last Post, I promised to let you know how my escapades went regarding getting a photo-shoot done for some saucy website pictures.  In truth, it wasn't the success that I had hoped - partly down to some bad planning on my part.  I arranged to meet one of my photographers in deepest darkest Cheshire last weekend, and had already planned my outfit for the day.  Late last year I had bought a gorgeous see-through mackintosh to wear over my vintage outfits in poor weather, but the harlot in me had already noted the possibilities of wearing it with very little underneath.  So, with mac in my bag, and stockings and high-heeled boots on and wrapped up in a warm coat, I set off for the pre-arranged meeting point.

What I had forgotten to check properly was the weather forecast.  When I arrived at the meeting point and pulled the mac out of the bag, the photographer took one look at the thin, translucent coat and then one look at the overcast and darkening sky, and said, "Oh dear.."  We agreed that some haste was going to be required, so I quickly donned the mac and immediately regretted my decision to go for this outfit.  The biting wind glided it's chilly fingers up the hem of the mac and coiled it's cooling arms around my naked flesh.  My legs, encased in black hold-ups and boots, were fine, but the rest of my body was struggling to keep warm.  When the first heavy raindrops began to fall, I knew it was time to go, despite being outside for only half an hour.  Nevertheless, we did get a couple of pictures - last week's Picture Of The Week was one of them.  It has gone now, of course, but there will no doubt be another in the near future.  Until then, I'll leave you with this somewhat smaller taster...

Dexi - PVC Raincoat, and a cold Spring day
Onto this latest weekend, and this time I wasn't bothered about the weather - the reason?  It was the York Festival Of Vintage at the city's beautiful racecourse, and it was indoors!  I was well-wrapped up this time, anyway - vintage wool suit (yes, the Goodwood Revival winning costume came out again), stockings, vintage girdle, leather gloves and heels, of course.

Dexi - York Festival Of Vintage 2013
 Although this event has been running for some time, this was the first time that I had attended, and I can certainly say that it is well worth visiting.  Two large halls selling vintage clothing, furniture and memorabilia, some lovely old cars to view and entertainment, too, from various bands and DJs over the weekend playing music of the 40's, 50's and 60's.

Dexi - York Festival Of Vintage 2013
There was already a fairly impressive queue when I arrived just before the doors opened at 10.00am on Saturday, and I managed to stay until the very end of the day, too, as even then there was a little more to see and stalls to peruse.  I was really impressed with the effort some of the attendees had made with their outfits - there were some gorgeous and gorgeously-attired ladies there, and even the gents made an effort too - many looking extremely dapper and fabulous.  After the Nantwich Revival Festival, this also was a fantastic start to the vintage weekends that spring up all over the country during the Spring and Summer months.  Indeed Haworth, one of my favourites, is only a few weeks away.  I did only come away with a couple of small things, though - some lovely pink vintage gloves and a brooch that complemented my outfit on the day.  For once I was a good girl.

Dexi - York Festival Of Vintage 2013
Being a good girl didn't last, unfortunately.  Sunday saw me attending another vintage fair at another racecourse - this time Decorative Fairs at Chester racecourse.  A little closer to home, but not the size and splendour of the York festival, it was nevertheless another reason to slide on some stockings and a vintage dress and see if I could pick anything exciting up. 

Unlike York, however, this time I did find a dress that caught my eye.. a vintage dress of such fine material that it is, like my PVC mac, completely see-through.  When I tried it on in the ladies toilet it clearly showed the vintage girdle and stockings that I was wearing underneath!  It would, maybe, not be a good idea to wear it like this to a daytime vintage event... I ended up buying a sexy silk slip to go under it from another stall for such occasions!

Dexi - Chester Vintage Fair 2013, and a see-through vintage dress!
So, my last two weekends have been bookended by see-through outfits.  I wonder if I'm getting a little, well, perverted...

May is already looking very busy, and I'm going to be out and about for the next few weekends - so there will be plenty to catch up on this month!

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