Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A Lovely Ride...

Well, this weekend has certainly been a busy one, and this weeks' theme is... well, lovely rides.  Following very close on the heels of the Haworth 1940's event comes the East Lancashire Railway 1940's event, so another reason to dress up (like I need one!) in my best.  Thankfully, unlike the Saturday at Haworth, this weekend saw the sun arrive in Lancashire, so there was a perfect reason to don my lovely sheer vintage dress that I bought at the Chester Vintage Fair.  Deciding that some discretion was required, I decorously pulled on a vintage slip to hide my exciting bits and hopefully stop any elderly gentlemen having heart attacks!

Dexi - East Lancs Railway 1940's Weekend 2013
 Nevertheless, I still got plenty of stares and photos taken walking down the main street and around the railway station at Ramsbottom, which is the main focal point of the event at the little Lancashire town.  Despite the number of times I've been to this event, this was actually the first that I decided to take the lovely steam train down to Bury, where more events were happening.  The 15-minute journey was a pleasure, passing some surprisingly pretty countryside en-route.  The old-style railway carriages were beautiful, too, and brought to my somewhat rude imagination lots of scenarios involving gorgeously attired and sexy strangers on trains, sat close together in the little private seating areas.  Mmmmm....  The shaded glimpse of eye contact from beneath the brim of his dark fedora, the fluttering eyelashes over the top of the newspaper, the 'accidental' touching when sexily crossing legs to expose just a bit more thigh and stocking top, the anticipation of that long, very, very dark tunnel just ahead were propriety can be forgotten, and in the comforting darkness the first touch of a strong hand on a stocking-clad leg, lips meeting for a stolen kiss and thighs parting...  Oooh, sorry, where was I..?  Oh , yes... on the way to Bury.

Dexi - East Lancs Railway 1940's Weekend 2013
 There were more vintage stalls at the Bury railway station, as well entertainment from Paul and Natasha Harper, but I didn't stay too long as I wanted to get back to Ramsbottom for the battle re-enactment that was taking place on the railway station in the early afternoon.  Overall, a great event, if not as busy as Haworth with it's coach-loads of visitors.  But maybe that's a good thing!

Dexi - East Lancs Railway 1940's Weekend 2013
Sunday saw a rather different vintage experience... I visited one of my gentleman friends, who, a couple of weeks ago, took me to Oulton Park to watch some fabulous classic car racing.  This time, however, I was invited for a drive out in his lovely 1960's Alfa Romeo Spider, and, as the sun was shining, this was, as they say in the Godfather, "an offer I couldn't refuse" (as the car is Italian, of course!).  No sooner had we arrived back at his house than his gorgeous wife decided that she wanted to, er, take me for a ride, too.  So off we went again.  I thoroughly loved the experience, and hopefully it will be one to repeat!

Dexi - and a gorgeous Alfa Romeo Spider
Speaking of cars, I do hope you enjoy this week's Picture Of The Week, taken at the recent Haworth 1940's event, and as always available on the Gallery page of my website.  Somewhat larger (and newer) than the Alfa, but it still works (hopefully) for the picture!

Back to the present, however, and it's business as usual... so if you fancy a glamorous and lovely ride, then come for a visit to Altrincham!

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