Sunday, 12 May 2013

A Vintage Time!

Despite the British weather doing it's best to ruin Spring already, I've had a lovely, and rather vintage, weekend.

Firstly, Saturday saw the usual heavy rain across Manchester city centre.  It looked like it was going to be a quiet day, as I had nothing planned after a busy week.  However, at 11.00am I had a telephone call from a lovely gentleman friend who knows I like the old classic car or two.  "Do you fancy joining me for an afternoon at Oulton Park to watch some classic car racing?"  Well, a girl like me finds it hard to turn down an invite like that, so, with my trusty high-heeled wellies on and warm dress wrapping my body, I was collected in a deliciously noisy Land Rover Defender and just after lunch we arrived at the Cheshire race circuit.

The rain didn't let up at Oulton Park, either - at times throwing down hailstones, but very conveniently parked up in the high 4x4 we could watch the action from the warmth of the Land Rover when the weather got too much.  The slippery track did make for some interesting racing though.

It was a brilliant afternoon, with some fantastically close racing - I was amazed at how the little Austin A35s and A40s (yes, this is a girl who knows some of the old cars!) did against the big Jaguars in the saloon racing - indeed, there is something rather bizarre in the sight of the dinky little Austins and Fiat 500s whipping past the old Jags on the corners and the straights.

There was some lovely sports car racing too - and I've decided that the red MGA coupĂ© that was entered in the penultimate race is one of the prettiest cars I've ever seen.  Lovely.

Best-sounding car of the afternoon?  A draw between the V8 growls of a Ford Mustang and Aston Martin Vantage.  Awesome.  And the sensory pleasures didn't end there - my gallant beau even bought me chips and hot chocolate at the circuit - I'm a girl easily pleased!

Dexi - Aston Martin Race Day at Oulton Park 2013
 Sunday was a rather more sedate kind of vintage event - this time a trip over the Pennines to Halifax, where the Cedar Court Hotel was having a vintage fair.  Feeling a little more glamorous, I donned my lovely polka-dot dress from Harrogate, pretty high heels and stockings (of course).  "Another Vintage Fair?" I hear you ask.  Yes, there are always some things a lady like me desires!

Dexi - The Cedar Court Hotel's Vintage Fair
 This time, however, I only came away with a couple of things - a lovely red dress with a gorgeous slit up one side - just the right length up the thigh to show some sexy stocking tops, and a thick faux-fur stole for those outdoors 1940's events when it is a little chilly.  Speaking of which, Haworth's tremendous 1940's event is on next week, and the weather forecast at the moment doesn't look good.  What a good job I bought that PVC mac.  The mackintosh, in all it's lovely translucence, is back on my website this week as Picture Of The Week again.  However, I think I may be wearing it with a few more clothes underneath it next week...

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