Monday, 26 August 2013

Swinging In The Rain

August - and a month since my last post!  Where did the time go?  There's no doubt that the summer of 2013 has been a hotter, drier season than last year's rather dismal affair.  However, the rains have caught up with good old Blighty again, and have done so just in time for the 2013 Twinwood FestivalLast year I was lucky to attend Twinwood in the bright sunshine, but this year the skies over Bedfordshire were definitely not as promising.  I had been rather nervously following the weather reports all week for the Twinwood area, and quite often the BBC and Metcheck had differing views.  One thing they agreed on, though, was that it was going to rain.  They just couldn't agree on how much.

For a lady, that presents all kind of problems.  What outfit to wear, and what on earth to put on your feet?  As usual, I did have an idea of my outfit, but the weather reports made it very clear that it wasn't going to be high-heeled sandal weather.  I decided, eventually, on a lovely pink vintage dress, and took a decision to take along my see-through vintage mackintosh to guard against the rain.  Knowing that areas of the Twinwood site can get pretty muddy, I had to go with my high-heeled Hunter wellington boots.  Not exactly glamorous, but the best in the circumstances.

I still got up on Saturday morning hopeful that the sun would make an appearance, but one look outside the hotel bedroom window made me realise that the clouds were there for the day.  Luckily, on arriving at Twinwood in time for the gates opening at 10.00am, the rain wasn't too bad at all - just a very light shower.  Already, however, I was grateful for the mac and wellies!

Dexi - Twinwood Festival 2013
As I strolled past the first couple of stalls just outside the entrance gate a girl commented very quickly on the pvc mac.  "That is absolutely amazing, where on earth did you get that?" she said, stroking the very shiny and translucent material.  It was, shall we say, to become a surprising theme throughout the day.

Once through the gates it was business as usual - although the main outside arena did look a sad sight under the brooding skies.  Twinwood offers some great music, of course, and is a brilliant event to pick up an extra special vintage outfit.  As I wandered around the stalls, sadly I did hear stories of damaged stock from the previous evening's downpour.  Nevertheless, that old 'Dunkirk spirit' was very much on display as people chose to simply forget about the weather and concentrate on having a good time.

Dexi - Twinwood Festival 2013
As I strolled out of one stall, two ladies in lovely 1940's attire stopped me.  "Can we ask, where did you get the mac from?  Did you buy it here?"  I told them it was "just from a site on the internet", knowing that it was a slightly pervy site that I bought it from.  Ten minutes later a couple stopped me.  The gentleman's eyes were very wide and staring.  "Where did you buy that mac from?" asked his wife, "it's perfect for an event like this."  I decided honesty was the best answer, and told them it was a pervy site, and that I didn't just buy it for events like this - it came in useful in the bedroom too.  She giggled, and the dapper gentleman replied "Well, you've just made an old man very happy."

Dexi - Twinwood Festival 2013
As always, there were some lovely cars on site, from functional military vehicles to hot-rods, and there dedication in agreeing to bring these expensive vehicles out in such bad weather conditions has to be applauded.  I even saw the lovely fern-green Chevrolet from last year - still one of my favourite cars.

Dexi - Twinwood Festival 2013
 I especially loved watching the two beautiful and classic Rolls-Royce limousines tip-toeing very gently around the puddles of Twinwood before parking up.

Dexi - Twinwood Festival 2013
 With the weather being a little, shall we say, 'unsettled', I didn't get to see many of the bands this year.  Also a casualty of the weather was the lack of aircraft - no Mustang/Spitfire flypasts this year, not that you'd have seen them anyway with the low cloud.  It is a little frustrating, to say the least, that I'm now sitting in the hot morning sun in Manchester writing this!  I was very disappointed to see that the brilliant Max Raabe Orchestra not attending this year either - certainly one of the highlights of last year.  Hopefully they will make a return next year, although it appears they are becoming busier and bigger, so we'll have to wait and see.

By 4.00pm I decided to head back to the hotel and rest before returning to enjoy the evening's entertainment.  I was pleased to see people still braving the weather to sit in the main arena to see the acts on the main stage - they are certainly more hardcore than I am.  On the way back across the field I bumped into a gorgeous red-headed girl that I'd met at last year's event.  We chatted a bit before she said "Where did you get your mac from - it's absolutely gorgeous?"  I think I should be on a commission here!  I'm also starting to wonder if there are a lot more people out there with secret little fetishes after this event now.

Dexi - Twinwood Festival 2013
After a brief rest at the hotel I headed back to Twinwood.  The rain had eased off again, for a short time at least, and I was soon ensconced in the Colonial Bar to enjoy the evening with friends.  I particularly enjoyed seeing one gorgeous lady shaking her delicious curves on stage with her band, and had to get a closer look...

Dexi - Twinwood Festival 2013
 Who was she?  I have absolutely no idea - I'd had a fair few Southern Comfort and Lemonades by then (not my usual choice, but choice was limited!), but I could have watched her all night.  She had a great voice, and her band were on superb form too.  I'm impressed that I managed to get even a couple of decent photos considering the photographic issues of bright stage lights, lots of very dark shadows and lots of alcohol!

Dexi - Twinwood Festival 2013
It was a brilliant night, and more than made up for missing much of the music during the day, and when we finally headed back to the hotel en-masse later that night, there was certainly a feeling once again that, despite the rain, Twinwood was still a fantastic event.

As much as it's been quiet on the blog this month, things will be changing.  This coming weekend will definitely give me something to write about (see if you can guess where I will be going!), and the Goodwood Revival is coming up very quickly indeed.  It's been two years since I last attended and I can't wait to go back - this time with a very large group of friends to make it even better. 

Finally, onto Picture Of The Week.  There have been quite a few since the last Posting, of course, but this week's, as last week's was the result of having some spare time and an industrial roll of shiny black wrapping clingfilm.  The, er, rude photos will be going up on my Adultwork Gallery as soon as I get them, so this week's is just a little teaser - if you like the feel and look of tight, shiny black things, that is!

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