Sunday, 29 September 2013

Road To No(rfolking)where

It's been a busy week - the Goodwood Revival two weeks ago, followed by visits to friends in the south, then back to Manchester for just one day before heading off again last Friday - this time to the beautiful Norfolk coast for the North Norfolk 1940's weekend.

Sadly, the trip didn't get off to a good start.  The M6 south-bound was blocked for the best part of an hour due to an overturned caravan, then roadworks at Nottingham meant further time added onto an already long journey.  And all that before the purgatory that is... the A17.  Yes, if there is anything that sums up the catholic notion of purgatory, then this road is it.  Anyone who has travelled it knows the tales of mind-numbing horror... anyone who hasn't, well, all I can say is to avoid if at all possible.  Flat, drab fields of dull, green vegetation for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles, a single-carriageway road full of slow caravans, slower lorries and crawling tractors, semi-industrial farm units as far as the eye can see, greenhouses, and more greenhouses, lines and lines of cabbages (in the fields, not the roads), more caravans, more cabbages (in the caravans, obviously), no-one overtaking (pointless anyway - there's just another tractor/lorry/two hundred vehicles in front of you... as we found out), roadworks... it is just .............................................................. endless.  South Lincolnshire must surely be the dullest part of the country I have ever seen - and at 45mph for an hour and a half I saw a lot of it.  I wanted to take a photo of it to remind me how awful it really was, but there was no way our driver was going to stop and lose his place in the 10-mile queue of traffic.  Not even with the offer of a blow-job, which just shows how desperate the whole situation really had become.

But then, after some five hours travelling, we passed Kings Lynn and reached the edge of Norfolk.  Rather quickly the villages turned prettier.  Trees began appearing, there were dips and crests and bends in the road, and life, and a sense of hope, returned.  And, finally, some six and a half hours after being picked up from my apartment in Manchester city centre, we arrived in Sheringham on the north Norfolk coast.  When I explained to the lovely proprietor about our rather long journey, the first thing he said was "You didn't come down the A17, did you?"  When I said yes, he looked like he was going to cry, like some poor soul whose long-buried memory of torture had just reared it's head again.

There was time for a quick wander around Sheringham before a very well-earned dinner in the nearby village of Holt, (at the truly wonderful Byfords deli-restaurant), before retiring to our fantastic B&B to rest before Saturday.  Holt itself was a stunning little town, and it was just as gorgeous as the Sundae I had at Byfords.

Dexi - Independent Escort - Byfords in Holt
 Saturday dawned, and I was happy to see that it looked a lot warmer than the previous weekend at the Goodwood Revival.  After dressing (in my lovely satin slip and stockings and suspenders, of course!) and a very hearty breakfast it was time to jump on the lovely steam train at Sheringham Station and head all the way down the line to Holt.

Dexi - Independent Escort - North Norfolk Railway 1940's weekend
I am in no way a train-spotter, but I do love these old trains and the carriages that accompany them.  The corridors in the carriages lead into six-seater cabins, and is a great way to converse with your fellow travellers (if you want to, that is!).  There is still a faint perfume of old-time glamour and style about these trains and carriages, even if during their working lives they were part of the daily transport.  I also like the idea of a bit of sexy seclusion if you were to be alone in one with an amorous lover.  Mmmmm...

Dexi - Independent Escort - a lovely vintage railway coach
Anyway, the station at Holt was absolutely lovely.  A very pretty station full of flower displays, surrounded by lush trees, a vintage car display and with a vintage market to boot.  I was a very good girl, though, and managed to keep my money in my purse.  The pair of black, sheer wrist-gloves that I have been hunting down eluded my searches at Goodwood, and again here sadly.  Nevertheless, it was lovely to browse the stalls and enjoy the atmosphere.

Dexi - Independent Escort - Holt railway station
A chance meeting with friends also meant a great opportunity to sit and have drink in the station cafe and enjoy the sights and sounds of the steam-trains and travellers, many of whom had made a great effort in dressing the part.

Dexi - Independent Escort - Holt railway station
After a while it was time to jump back on the train (this time in the bar coach) and head for the middle station of Weybourne - much smaller than Holt or Sheringham.  I, of all ladies, know that size doesn't usually matter, and Weybourne was picture-perfect.  A little bar serving some tremendous local real ale (lavender and honey ale... mmmm) had been set up behind the station, and in the warm Autumnal sunshine the scene over to the coast was simply stunning.  Another fantastic car display, and a DJ playing some great 40's melodies added to the ambience.

Dexi - Independent Escort - Weybourne railway station
After a beer or two at Weybourne it was time to jump on the next train (this time in the wooden luggage coach) and head back to Sheringham.  The town was absolutely buzzing and crowded, and even getting off the train at the busy Sheringham station was difficult.  The town had made a fantastic effort to get in the spirit of things, and I don't think I saw one shop in the centre that hadn't arranged a fantastic window-display.  Flags and bunting abounded, and speakers down the main street sounded the big-band sounds of the 1940's.

Dexi - Independent Escort - Sheringham
The evening was almost as busy, with the main street full of revellers and a live big-band in the courtyard of The Lobster inn.  The varied military vehicles still parked around the main square added a distinctly authentic wartime feel to the proceedings, and it was a truly fabulous end to a great day.

Dexi - Independent Escort - Sheringham at night, 1940's weekend
Back in Manchester and contemplating the weekend has left me in a quandary.  North Norfolk was undoubtedly beautiful, and I'd love to go back and see more of the stunning countryside and villages... but the journey to and from there is more than a little daunting (it still took five and a half hours to get home, without any caravans overturning on the M6!).  Right now I can say it was a great event, made better by the lovely sunny weather and area, but I will still have to think twice before venturing onto the Road To Nowhere again...!

This week's Picture Of The Week is taken from that weekend - Saturday morning, actually, whilst dressing, and caught very nicely in my stockings, suspenders and slip.  I am now back in Manchester, and will be back in the Altrincham apartment next week... if anyone wants to have a closer look and feel of those stockings!

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