Monday, 2 September 2013

Skin To (Skin - not here, thank you)

I'm late again with updating Picture Of The Week.  There is a good reason - this weekend saw a trip over the Pennines to Leeds - to visit, once again the Skin Two North event.  The very first fetish event that I ever attended was in fact the original Skin Two extravaganza at the old Hammersmith Palais in London.  How times have changed, and particularly for the fetish scene!  The original event slipped away a few years ago, and little attempts to bring it back to life in the capital haven't quite worked, but the Skin Two North event in Leeds has at least had a few years of running now since it's first night in 2009.

After arriving in Leeds just after lunch, I had a quick jaunt over to the event, at Vox just outside of the city centre. The afternoon saw the fetish market being held there, and it was an opportunity to catch up with friends and browse the fetish stalls.  I didn't stay too long, though, as my intention was to have a rest before venturing out on the night.  As for my choice of outfit, it was the recently purchased pink corset (which, by coincidence, is on this week's Picture Of The Week again!), stockings, satin wrist gloves and high heeled boots.

And so, refreshed and taxi (for 6!) booked, we headed back to Vox for the main event.  It certainly wasn't as busy as the old Hammersmith Palais nights, where over two thousand people attended from all over the world.  However, I was very pleased to see a good crowd, and even more pleased to see many gorgeous girls in attendance.

The club was very nicely split into two defined areas - on one side there was a dancefloor, and on the other, separated by the entrance to the club, was the dungeon/chill-out area.  I have to confess to venturing into the dancefloor area only very briefly, as the other side was far more interesting.  Maybe it's age, but it was great to be able to chat with old, and new, friends without the thumping dancemusic associated with so many clubs, and usually so difficult to escape from.  Also keeping my interest going for the night was a 6-foot tall red-headed amazon, dressed as Leeloo from the film The Fifth Element - only this girl's was in sexy slinky latex.

A little later on, things became even more, er, friendly.  With various scenes being played out in the adjoining dungeon area, myself and two sexy girlfriends decided to begin our own party.  Cue lots of red lips kissing, and hands stroking and fondling.  At one point I got down on my knees, pulled the gusset of my friend's tiny shorts aside, and began to lick her very wet pussy.  As I heard her gasping and felt my own pussy become wet and slick, I felt a tap on my shoulder.  I looked around, wondering if it was another girl who fancied joining in.  No such luck.  It was one of the 'dungeon aides'.  "You'll have to stop that, we don't allow that sort of behaviour here," he said.  I asked him if he was serious - I mean, this was a fetish club wasn't it?  "Aye, but we don't have a licence for that kind of behaviour - so you have to stop."

Now, I'm not entirely sure if this chap even knew what he was doing, but he did rather spoil the mood (having fits of laughter isn't always appropriate to a sexy atmosphere).  However, it did really, and excuse me, piss me off.  I know I don't always behave properly at fetish events, but this really did seem a step too far from the dungeon policeman.  If two girls can't put on a very sexy display in a fetish club, then what is the world coming to?  I dread to think.  What was also worrying was the fact that this chap, who surely must be knowledgeable of the law, thinks that his main concern was that two girls having some foreplay may be troublesome regarding the venue's licence, but not the various scenes of BDSM/whipping/cock and ball play, etc, etc. games going on the dungeon area.  Very confusing.

What it did mean, also, is that I and my gorgeous latex catsuit-attired vamp and her partner simply took our playtime back to the hotel, and this time my pussy-licking and cock-sucking, I'm happy to say, was uninterrupted.

Dexi - Skin Two North 2013
 Overall, though, I had a great night, which obviously would have been better for all concerned if a full-scale girl/girl orgy had happened, but this is maybe one for the organisers to rethink.  For me, it wasn't until 5.00am that I finally went to bed to get some sleep - always the sign of a very good, satisfying and long night.

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