Sunday, 27 October 2013

Same Old Songs

"There may be trouble ahead..."  One of my favourite songs, from the sublime voice of Nat 'King' Cole.  And very apt for this week.  Why? well, another week, and another load of bollocks in the media regarding prostitution.  First of all, I am old enough to remember those dark days of AIDS and the surrounding fears that swept the country, and indeed the world, in the late 1980's.  Remember those stark images of gravestones, imploring the importance of safe-sex if you wanted to not just keep your health, but your life too?  Only in the backward and ignorant parts of the world is this message still not understood.  Oh, wait.  It appears that maybe in our so-called 'enlightened' western world we are still struggling with this message, too - or at least Sir Stephen House is.  Don't know who he is?  Me neither, until this week, when, as Chief Constable of Police Scotland he was responsible for the decision to remove any "items of a sexual nature" from the brothels and massage parlours of Edinburgh - which, astonishingly, will include condoms.

This flies in the face of all common-sense, and is a very worrying path to be taking.  Potentially it will endanger girls and their customers more than ever.  The choice may well come down to either having a relatively safe environment where you cannot practise safe-sex, or taking the choice to continue to have safe-sex out onto the streets.  What a wonderfully liberated and progressive society we live in.

With Scotland's referendum for independence coming up, and the SNP constantly talking about a 'fairer society', it seems clear that this 'fairer society' won't include everyone.  Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, as The Who sang many years ago.  And another great song.

Secondly, from the ridiculous to the, er, ridiculous.  Yes, that paragon, that giant of investigative journalism that is, er, Jodie Marsh has hit the media again.  This is the girl who rose to 'TV Stardom' in Essex Wives a decade ago, who has featured in numerous 'Lad's Mags', Celebrity Big Brother, etc, etc ad nauseam.  She has recently filmed a 'documentary' (and I use that term uneasily - documentaries are, in my mind, by distinguished and knowledgeable people like Sir David Attenborough) about prostitution, and some of her findings were truly shocking.  She visited Amsterdam and Manchester on her travels, hoping to get a glimpse of the life of a 'working girl'.  I especially liked her opinion that "Mostly the thing they had in common was they’d all been forced into it by a man. And their lives were s***."  Oh, and how being around the sex business has totally put her off sex, even when she's been celibate for over two years.  She also came to the conclusion, as we always hear, that the vast majority (70% - in her words) were trafficked.

She sat in a 'window' in Amsterdam's red-light district, to get a first hand understanding of what it's like to be a sex worker.  On this experience, she made her conclusions and hated it - having men to gape at her like she was "a piece of meat" (from someone who made her fame by removing her clothes and working as a lap dancer - very bizarre).  Fine, she can't do the job, it's not for her.  And she has no understanding of how someone could do it - so therefore it's all disgusting and even the lowest of the low should not be subjected to it.  However, I feel the same everytime I have to ring the electric company and get that depressed and suicidal call-centre operative on the line who has already spoken to fifty complaining customers that day, or go to the supermarket and see the person on the cash-till looking despairingly at the line of twenty impatient customers lining up.  I couldn't do those jobs, but am grateful someone can.

Sorry to burst her bubble, but I think she really needs to work a bit harder and try a different view of the sex trade.  First of all, no self-respecting sex worker would let her and her 'investigative team' within a mile of their day-to-day lives and business.  The girls she doesn't see or know about are the ones like me, that are not trafficked, are not controlled by a pimp, choose their customers and when they see them, and, importantly, control their own lives.  I would never, ever, dream of letting her and her 'media team' into my life in any way, allow her to present it to the world in any way she wanted, and ruin my reputation and business without any comeback on herself - apart from allowing her more media attention and a paycheck.  So, what she has is a tiny glimpse, and a misleading one at that, into a business she has no understanding of at all - and has then been paid to produce a load of shit on her 'experience'.  So, bollocks, in other words.

Oh, and for the record, she also states that her work as a lap dancer wasn't part of the sex business (yeah, yeah...), and that 70% (hmmm... she seems to like that figure, doesn't she...?) of lap dancers are lesbians.  Sorry, but this is bullshit of the truly highest order.  I worked as a lap dancer for a fair few years, and I don't recall meeting even one that was even bisexual.  In fact, I'd say the majority of them back when I was a lap dancer would run a mile at the mention of bisexuality/lesbianism and anything different, ie. fetishism.

"Maybe I'll find on the way down the line, That I'm free, free to be me."  And another great song - Black Night by Deep Purple.  Free to be me?  Not when the likes of Jodie Marsh and Stephen House are around, it seems.

Anyway - onto better things.  This week I went along to the Manchester235 casino for the city's Vintage Awards night.  Great fun, and I didn't realise just how many people in the retro scene I know - so it was an evening with friends, really.  It was also a night of cocktails, but even on a two-for-the-price-for-one deal, I didn't even get tipsy - despite having six of them.

Dexi - Independent Escort
Must try harder next time.  As well as watching all the vintage entertainers, entrepreneurs and businesses receive their awards, we were also treated to some burlesque acts too - including Ginger La Rouge, whose 'champagne glass' finale was definitely worth watching.

Dexi - Independent Escort
 Finally, onto this week's Picture Of The Week.  Titled, rather appropriately, 'Black Night', it was taken on the way to a friend's Hallowe'en Party.  Yes, it's a see-through dress, which I wore with no underwear.  It's a good job I have understanding and very pervy friends...

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Birthday Girl!

Oh well... so much for the so-called 'Blitz Spirit'.  With it being my birthday week, I had planned to be out and about as much as possible.  This meant that last Saturday the plan was to head over to go to Pickering for their 1940's weekend, but one look at the weather forecast on the BBC and reliable reports from friends already at the pretty North Yorkshire town - both telling me that it the rain was bucketing down - was enough to make me think I needed a Plan B.  Not that Heresy and Heelz, back at Sound Control in Manchester for their customary visit, was a poor second choice by any means.  Especially when I would no doubt see friends, have a chance to wander some alternative stalls and, of course, catch the stunning Natsumi Scarlett performing two of her theatrical and dark burlesque routines.  It's certainly a great way to while away a grey Saturday afternoon in October.

As an event, it does seem to be getting busier each time I visit, and as always there was plenty of stalls to browse.  It's not just about shopping, though, with pole-dancers providing the entertainment downstairs and the beautiful Natsumi Scarlett performing on the main stage upstairs.

Dexi - Independent Escort - Heresy and Heelz, Manchester
I didn't see too much of the pole-dancers, in truth, as I was waylaid by a gorgeous latex girdle on the fabulous Arcanum Accessories display. This proved a little problem - I was expecting the visit to Heresy & Heelz to be a social event, and didn't go armed with a lot of money, and here I was chatting to the girdle's designer and maker and deliberating about colours and trim.  I even went as far as to try it on for size, even though I knew I didn't have enough money with me.

Dexi - Independent Escort - Girdle from Arcanum Accessories
However, I'm glad to say that common sense prevailed.  I ordered one (with some trim differences to the one in the photo) with a small deposit paid, and no doubt I'll have some pictures in the near future.

By mid-afternoon I was upstairs, ready to drool over the gorgeous Natsumi Scarlett.  A fantastic geisha routine was sexy enough to have me dampening my panties, or would have done had I been wearing any.

Dexi - Independent Escort - Natsumi Scarlett's Geisha routine
Natsumi - if you ever need a place to sleep while you are visiting the UK, I'll always find some room in my bed.

Onto the middle of the week, and one of the problems with living so close to the city centre is that Bon Bon is never far away.  Ah yes - my favourite chocolate shop has had a few changes recently.  The original chocolatier has departed, and it is now his lovely assistant, Miss BonBon herself, who is running it and making her own chocolates.  As I am, ahem, a bit of a regular, I'd told her I would visit on my actual birthday.  I did, and a little surprise was waiting for me...

Dexi - Independent Escort - Bon Bon chocolates
Yes, four specially-made and utterly gorgeous Rose Chocolates she'd made herself - an unexpected and truly wonderful gift.  They were simply divine, with a delicate floral rose accent that was complimented by the creamy white chocolate.  Fantastic.

It didn't stop me ordering another bunch of her little pleasures whilst I sat and chatted with her though.

Dexi - Independent Escort - more Bon Bon choccies!
From Bon Bon, and nicely warmed with tea and choccies, I headed over to the new Vintage Twists store on Port Street in Manchester's Northern Quarter.  When everyone else is trying to shut down costly premises and move to online shopping, Vintage Twists have gone the other way - yes, they still have their online store, but it is so nice to be able to touch and see their goods.

Dexi - Independent Escort - Vintage Twists in Manchester
I came away with some skin-tight black cigarette pants, and plans to visit again very soon.

This last weekend I joined friends for a trip down the M62 to Liverpool, to catch the Martini Lounge burlesque show at the Epstein Theatre.  I'd seen some of the acts previously, but was looking forward to seeing Millie Dollar and Missy Malone again - two very lovely ladies who always put on a polished and professional routine.  I had a great night - even if I did forget to take any photos during the evening - apart from this 'titillating' one that was taken of my tasty bits, which I thought you might like...

Dexi - Independent Escort - at the Martini Lounge in Liverpool
After the show we retired to the bar to have a few more drinks and chat.  Sadly, just after we'd sat down to enjoy some company the fire alarms went off, meaning we had to file out into the street, not ideal in scanty clothing in the middle of October.  However, Hanover Street in Liverpool was definitely interesting - I've never seen so many pretty girls in miniskirts and high heels.  Those Liverpool girls are utterly fantastic. Despite the visual interest provided by the city's female population,  I'm sad to say that old Blitz Spirit was still not operational - after waiting for 20 minutes to go back into the theatre we gave up and headed back to the car to have a warm drive home.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

What A Rush

Ahhh... that's more like it.  After the horror of the A17 I recently endured, I had a bit of an antidote this week.

Firstly, I was taken out for a quick rush over to north Wales for a day out around the lovely country roads, including a fabulous lunch at a 1950's diner on, of all places, the A55!

Dexi - Independent Escort - 1950's diner
 After a great meal, we managed to enjoy some of the tremendous scenery offered by north Wales, and the roads were fantastic and fun - so much more fun than that A17 monstrosity.

A lovely day out.

I was then taken by some friends to see the latest Ron Howard film 'Rush', chronicling the fight for the 1976 Formula One championship between rivals Nikki Lauda and James Hunt.  I'm not the biggest F1 fan at all, but I thought the film was absolutely brilliant, and was certainly provided a rush in itself.  Some fantastic action and acting, and also some rather glamorous ladies to keep the lustful eye entertained too. 

Dexi - Independent Escort - Rush
Even if you are not hugely interested in cars and motorsport, I can thoroughly recommend it.

Final 'rush' of the post - I've had some lovely presents since I've been entertaining, (and this week my apartment looks a little like a florists - thanks to C and T who brought lovely bright and beautiful bunches of flowers)...

Dexi - Independent Escort - Flowers

However, this week I also received something a little different (ooer!).  I was offered a microlight flight a few weeks ago, and didn't think the offer was a serious one.  However, with a clear and lovely autumn sky for the weekend, the telephone call came asking if I was still interested in trying it.  I was duly collected from Manchester, whisked away and in no time at all we took to the skies.

Dexi - Independent Escort - microlighting
Incredibly thrilling, awe-inspiring, and a totally different way to see the countryside.  It was a great feeling to wave to ramblers from over 200 feet up, and have them waving back  from the hillsides.  Even better (if not a little scary) when I was given the opportunity to take over the controls.  Thankfully, I didn't crash and we arrived back on earth safe and sound and exhilarated.

Also this weekend I was out in Manchester city centre on Saturday night - resulting in this week's Picture Of The Week.  A quick snapsot on the way home taken in Manchester's great Northern Quarter.  Black leather and bright graffiti - a lovely combination.