Sunday, 6 October 2013

What A Rush

Ahhh... that's more like it.  After the horror of the A17 I recently endured, I had a bit of an antidote this week.

Firstly, I was taken out for a quick rush over to north Wales for a day out around the lovely country roads, including a fabulous lunch at a 1950's diner on, of all places, the A55!

Dexi - Independent Escort - 1950's diner
 After a great meal, we managed to enjoy some of the tremendous scenery offered by north Wales, and the roads were fantastic and fun - so much more fun than that A17 monstrosity.

A lovely day out.

I was then taken by some friends to see the latest Ron Howard film 'Rush', chronicling the fight for the 1976 Formula One championship between rivals Nikki Lauda and James Hunt.  I'm not the biggest F1 fan at all, but I thought the film was absolutely brilliant, and was certainly provided a rush in itself.  Some fantastic action and acting, and also some rather glamorous ladies to keep the lustful eye entertained too. 

Dexi - Independent Escort - Rush
Even if you are not hugely interested in cars and motorsport, I can thoroughly recommend it.

Final 'rush' of the post - I've had some lovely presents since I've been entertaining, (and this week my apartment looks a little like a florists - thanks to C and T who brought lovely bright and beautiful bunches of flowers)...

Dexi - Independent Escort - Flowers

However, this week I also received something a little different (ooer!).  I was offered a microlight flight a few weeks ago, and didn't think the offer was a serious one.  However, with a clear and lovely autumn sky for the weekend, the telephone call came asking if I was still interested in trying it.  I was duly collected from Manchester, whisked away and in no time at all we took to the skies.

Dexi - Independent Escort - microlighting
Incredibly thrilling, awe-inspiring, and a totally different way to see the countryside.  It was a great feeling to wave to ramblers from over 200 feet up, and have them waving back  from the hillsides.  Even better (if not a little scary) when I was given the opportunity to take over the controls.  Thankfully, I didn't crash and we arrived back on earth safe and sound and exhilarated.

Also this weekend I was out in Manchester city centre on Saturday night - resulting in this week's Picture Of The Week.  A quick snapsot on the way home taken in Manchester's great Northern Quarter.  Black leather and bright graffiti - a lovely combination.

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