Sunday, 24 November 2013


After the great music of Skin Two last weekend I found myself reliving some of the artists I heard that night, and one song in particular that blared from the CD player got me thinking a conversation I had that night...

"Too big, too small?
Size does matter, after all

 Ah, yes, the brilliant Rammstein and their notorious 'Pussy' track - surely one of the greatest videos ever... and who says those Germans don't have a sense of humour!  Anyway, whilst at Skin Two I met up with an old acquaintance that I hadn't seen since she moved to Birmingham a couple of years ago after a bad break-up.  After a little catch-up she mentioned that after a fairly long relationship she had started seeing a new gent.  I don't know if it was the underlying sexuality of the event, but I suddenly found her disclosing information about her new relationship that I wasn't quite expecting.  After holding back for all of, oh, a week, she said, they had recently had their first bout of proper bedroom frolics.  And there the issue arose.  Or maybe didn't, quite.  You see, it appeared her previous boyfriend was nicely proportioned in the 'undercarriage department', but Mr New Man was a little late into the 'Cocks R Us' store and only got their smaller offerings.  She tried not be disappointed, but had got used to something a little larger to play with.

Now, as I've mentioned before all my friends know what I do for pleasure and career-wise.  However, never being that close to this lady and deliberately choosing to be discreet who I do tell, she had no idea of my new 'business' so I kept quiet regarding my own experiences while she divulged her bedroom secrets.  But later on I found myself pondering her comments regarding cock size again, and whether or not I've ever been 'disappointed' in the way she was.  I've certainly seen a fair few naked men before my arrival into the Harlot Hotel, and since landing at said destination I can honestly say that I've seen, and experienced, quite a few more naked men and cocks - of many differing shapes and sizes.  So, "does size matter?" 

Firstly, yes, I've been with men with cocks on the somewhat smaller scale.  And I've been with men whose large cocks I could only just get my lips around.  'Mouth lips or pussy lips?' I hear you ask.  Well, both, I suppose.  But what was best, and what did I prefer?

Thinking back over my time as an escort, I have had two very memorable experiences - yet both at, shall we say, different ends of the scale.

One gent told me prior to meeting that he wasn't well-hung and to make sure I would still be happy to see him.  He undressed, and indeed he wasn't as 'blessed' as some in the penis department... but, after some fantastic foreplay, brought me to a thundering orgasm with his cock very nicely finding my most sensitive pussy-parts while he fucked me.  I also recall very happily another gentleman disrobing to reveal a very thick, very long cock - easily over 8 inches in length, with a thickness bigger than my wrist.  I was a little nervous to say the least, and imagined being rather sore for the remainder of the week... however, after lots of oral foreplay and sensual touching and stroking I was ready to be fucked, and this chap knew exactly what to do with his cock.  I found my tight pussy very gorgeously stretched, stroked and filled.  It was a very satisfied lady who said goodbye to her beau that afternoon.

I think those adventurous Indians knew a thing or two when compiling the Kama Sutra - their thoughts were that ideally the size of the man's cock - hare (small) , bull (medium) or horse (large) should match the depth of the lady's pussy (deer, mare, elephant).  Anything other than this, well, then one person is going to be disappointed.  One girlfriend I know can't feel much if the man's cock is smaller than 7 inches, but being blessed with a rather tighter pussy I can certainly cope with and enjoy a smaller size than that.

Ultimately my experience shows, in a rather dull and predictable fashion, that it's not what you have, but what you do with it that counts.  I will, of course, continue my exciting research and update you if I find out anything else!

In the meantime, and as a tasty visual representation of this topic, I'll leave you with this 'fruity' little picture to keep you titillated.  It goes without saying that if you can help me in my research, then I'm sure you can give me a call.

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort
Finally, onto the subject of my Picture Of The Week.  As many will know, the idea for this was really to put a larger picture on the Gallery Page of my website for you to (hopefully) enjoy - sometimes they are simple snapshots taken at opportune moments (like last week's in the hotel corridor at Skin Two Midlands), other times they are very definitely staged and set up.  This week's, titled rather naughtily A Peek Of Pussy (and in line with the Rammstein song), is without doubt in the latter camp.  A couple of months ago I ventured south to the Goodwood Revival, as some may remember.  On the way back I stopped over at Basingstoke to visit a very dear friend and world-renown erotic photographer Robert Babylon.  Robert's work has been featured in exhibitions around the world, so the opportunity to do little modelling for him can never be passed up.  This week's Picture Of The Week is from the session, and is the second time a photo from that shoot has been featured.  If you enjoy even half as much I did doing the photoshoot, then I know it will be well received indeed!  I hope you do enjoy it, as it will be up (Oooer!) for the next two weeks as I will be very busy next weekend - so no doubt there will be lots to tell on my next post!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Birmingham Fetish Weekend

I was surprised to see that it's been a few weeks since my last post - it's not like I've had a particularly quiet time.  Sometimes it's worrying how fast time flies though - I must be having fun!

Well, I certainly have been having some fun this weekend.  Heading down to Birmingham via the M6 on a Friday afternoon is never a good idea, as any travellers on that particular motorway section will tell you - so there had to be a very good reason to attempt it.  And of course there was.

This weekend saw the first ever Birmingham Fetish Weekend, spread from Friday night through to Sunday evening, and there hasn't been anything on the fetish scene tried on this scale since the brilliant Skin Two weekends in London a few years ago.

Skin Two holding their own event as part of the weekend celebrations on the Friday was enough to get me packing my latex outfit and brave the southbound journey to Birmingham.

An early arrival at the hotel meant a few hours of rest - much needed for the event ahead.  I had already decided to wear my new girdle and nipple pasties from Arcanum Accessories and a matching top and stockings made to match courtesy of Cathouse in Liversedge.  So, fully dressed (well, there wasn't a lot to the outfit, but know what I mean), shined to a shimmering sheen and high heeled boots laced on it was time to grab a taxi and head over to the party.

Dexi - Independent Escort - Skin Two at the Birmingham Fetish Weekend 2013
There was a brief point of nerves when, dropped at Lower Essex Street (the location of the nightclub), the venue appeared to have disappeared.  Walking around Birmingham in my, er, slightly revealing outfit wasn't something I was looking forward to.  I stopped to ask some doormen standing around outside a club where the Karbon nightclub was.  "Here," replied one of them.  It appeared that since the original tickets being printed that the nightclub had simply changed it's name. Appropriately, it was now called DV8, and it was very nice to step into the warmth of the club away from the chill of the November night.

Readers of this blog will know that I love the 30's, 40's glamour, style and music, but being a Libran this has to be balanced by another side - and this is my somewhat 'darker side' of fetish clubs, BDSM, the pounding pulse of sweaty rock clubs and very inappropriate sexual deviancy.  So, to walk through the club entrance and into the pneumatic metal dance of Rammstein was heavenly (and I love Snow White in that video!).  Straight after Rammstein it was over to shock-rocker Marilyn Manson to keep the dancefloor full and heaving with latex and leather-clad bodies.  Sometimes, you just know it's going to be a great night...

Along with the dance area, there was a burlesque area (featuring Natsumi Scarlett - I never get tired of lusting after her) and a dungeon/play area too.  I was, at one point, roped in to help the compere on stage, trying to pick out the kinks of various audience members.  One stunning and very pierced amazon admitted that my guess of 'needle-play' was correct.  She certainly had a few piercings that I'd have loved to have played with.  One chap, rather predictably given his servile attitude to me, was into female domination and submission.  It was a bit easy - but one chap dressed in 'steam-punk' attire had me a little baffled - no visual clues at all.  It turned out his kink was 'pleasuring others'. Two out of three ain't bad, as Meatloaf once said.

Later on, back on the dancefloor, I saw a young man walking over to me.  "Are you from Manchester?" he asked, trying to be heard over the throbbing speakers.  "Oh-oh," I thought, "how does he know me?"  I said yes, and he replied that he has spotted me a few times at a rock club in Manchester.  He then called over his gorgeous blonde girlfriend, M and introduced us.  I was very quickly having a very close dance with her, so close in fact that her tight latex outfit pulled off one of my nipple pasties.  "Oh, fuck it," I thought, and pulled the other off, too.  Very soon we were having a very hot and sexy kiss, sliding our hands over each others bodies.  Yes, this was turning out to be a great night.

By 2.00am the club had quietened down a little, and with the burlesque acts finished the small stage area was turned over to an impromptu photo area.  With my naked breasts now fully on show, I was asked to pose for a number of photographers with a few other sexy ladies - no doubt those photos will be doing the rounds on the internet in a week or so!  I sneaked a quick one myself (ooer, missus!) in one of the little seated booths in the burlesque area...

Dexi - Independent Escort - Skin Two at the Birmingham Fetish Weekend 2013
Taking your own photos is slightly against the rules, but then I'm a girl that doesn't always abide by them.  2.30am arrived and it was time to head back to the hotel.  Overall, a brilliant night, and the only down-side was that my other plans meant I couldn't enjoy any of the other delights that the weekend was offering.  Next year will be different if they host it again, and I will make sure that I stay over in Birmingham to make full use of the events.

This week's Picture Of The Week is, of course, taken from the night - in fact, taken when I arrived back at the hotel (minus nipple-pasties!).  A 'quickie', as it were, but I know there a few fans out there of luscious female curves and latex.