Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Subversive Sex In The City

Last week I was feeling very run down and poorly - thanks to a case of acute sinusitis.  Very, very painful, and only alleviated once the doctor prescribed the correct medication (at the second attempt).  So, as I approached last weekend, and very conscious that Christmas (and the season for visiting friends and family) is very much upon us, I took a trip south to the Ess & Emm bed and breakfast in lovely Warwickshire to catch up with the dear friends who run it.

A brief phone call before I left Manchester on Friday morning let me know that a Saturday night trip to London, specifically the Subversion fetish club, was on the cards, so I made sure my black latex catsuit and Natacha Marro knee boots were packed, along with my rather strong painkillers.

Saturday was spent having a lazy morning before a short journey into historic Warwick, with the intention of visiting the amazing Fetters, surely the finest dungeon equipment suppliers in the UK.  I always leave their studio/shop with a wishlist that only a lottery win would cover.  Oh well.

From there it was into the old part of the city for lunch - at the fabulous Micatto in Warwick's ancient Market Place.

I indulged in a divine Burrato (buffalo cheese and pumpkin pure√©), followed by a rich cinnamon and date pastry with rum and raisin ice cream.  Delicious, and finished with the best limoncello outside of Italy.  Utterly wonderful.  I know the photo above doesn't show the fabulous food, but I did love the Christmas trees lined up outside.  It was an absolutely fantastic place, with a brilliant atmosphere and service.

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing, before getting ready for a fabulously fetish night ahead.  I had a great time at Subversion the last time I went, even if it was well over a year ago.  I squeezed into my catsuit, got polished to a slippery and shiny sheen, and pulled on my fantastic Natacha Marro boots.  Catsuited and booted, as they say, and enough time for a snapshot...

One of the great things about being south of Birmingham is the travelling distance to London - not that I'd want to do it everyday, of course.  But, on an evening like this, we left Warwickshire at 9.15pm, and by 10.30pm we were pulling up outside MI6, and more importantly, Subversion, ready to party.  There was a quick (as it was bloody cold, and latex isn't known for it's heat-retention properties!) opportunity for a photo outside the club (this week's Picture Of The Week on the website) before heading inside.

As we still managed (in club terms) to arrive early, it wasn't too busy when we got in, and it was a chance to have a catch-up with other friends we hadn't seen for a while.  There was already some playing going on in the dungeon/playroom area however, and I watched with delight as two men got a very sexy lady onto a whipping bench and took it in turns to spank and whip her.  Delightful.

Slowly, though, the club began to fill up, and I recognised a male submissive friend that I hadn't had the opportunity of playing with for some time.  As the dungeon equipment was in use, I pushed him down onto the floor, and once he was laid on his back proceeded to do some light trampling, gently, but firmly digging the six inch heels of my boots into his nipples, stomach and crotch.  I had him kneel on all fours and took a comfortable seat on his back to await a space on the equipment.  In the meantime, I watched a beautiful young lady in a fetish-styled kimono and very tiny panties being given a real workout from her partner, and the heavy sounds of the thick leather flogger striking her gorgeous arse echoed above the subdued music in the dungeon.

Eventually, a whipping bench became available, and I took the opportunity of using a friend's 'Devil's Tongue' on my submissive's bare buttocks.  The workout got me all excited and hot in my slinky catsuit, and I was a much contented lady who handed the well-abused Devil's Tongue back!

Once midnight had come and gone, the atmosphere became much more playful.  A chance comment from a gorgeous gent to a mutual friend about me ("she ticks all my boxes") led to me introducing myself to him.  Whilst chatting I began playing with his bare nipples, which had an electrifying effect on him - suddenly he was nuzzling my latex-clad breasts in agonising delight while I pinched and pulled the hardening nubs on his chest.  The next thing I knew, we were french-kissing, his hands running all over my rubber-bound body.  I pulled away from his kisses and teased his nipples a bit more, bringing more anguished pleasure to his face.  We kissed deeply again, and there was more body-stroking, (both of us this time!).  Without anywhere to take the scene to it's obvious conclusion (even though I desperately wanted him there and then), we made a promise that we'd see each other again for a play session in the New Year.

By 3.30am it was time to head home, and I finally managed to crawl into my bed just after 5.00am.  An absolutely brilliant night, and it has made me vow to do many more fetish events in 2014.

Speaking of fetish clubs, I recently saw a video of the great Skin Two Midlands event that I attended in November this year - and it was surprise to see me on it, even briefly.  See if you can spot me!

So, with Christmas here properly, I'm hoping to get a chance to do a rude XXXmas shoot this week, so I'll be out and about wearing very little - assuming the weather holds up.  Keep an eye open in Manchester - there just may be a slutty Miss Santa around!!!

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