Monday, 3 February 2014

Latex Loveliness in London

My word... only one post in January!  Having said that, January was (as usual) quiet on the party and events front.  I only managed two posts in January last year, so I'm not going to be too disappointed.

Anyway, I did spend most of January looking forward to the end of the month - not because January is generally a crap time of the year, but because I'd arranged to visit London, or more importantly, the fetish club Rubber Cult.

A spin-off from the very successful Club Rub, it is a purely latex-attire event, and the prospect of seeing lots of sexy gents and ladies in tight-fitting shiny latex kept me warm inside through the chilly January weeks.  With London less than two hours' drive away from the B&B Dungeon Ess and Emm in Warwickshire, the plan was to meet there first and head down in a group to North London.  I took a couple of outfits to Warwickshire, and decided on my white latex blouse and tight black latex pencil skirt.

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - dressed for Rubber Cult
 After setting off at 7.30pm, we were walking through the doors of Shillibeers, the venue, before 9.30pm.  Shillibeers is a fantastic venue - lovely and warm for a start (very important, as latex isn't known for it's heat-retention properties), with a good selection of drinks and plenty of seating too, for those in towering high heels that need a rest through the night.

I was right to have looked forward to the event - I can't remember the last time I'd seen so many lovely female forms in exquisite figure-skimming sexy clothing.  I recognised one stunning lady, and had to think where I knew her from.  I remembered her name was Red, and I'd modelled with her over a decade ago.  It was lovely to have a chat and surprised that she remembered me too - though I don't think either of us has changed that much.

I also met up with Miss SOS, who'd I managed to become, er, very friendly with at a fetish event in 2012.  We agreed to have a bit of a play later on...

First, however, came the fashion show and evening entertainment by fetish burlesque acts.  First on-stage was a stunning blonde in latex corset, latex stockings and high heels.  To a great dance track 'I Want To See Your Pussy' by Lords Of Acid she writhed sexily around a chair, culminating in pulling off her latex G-String, revealing a gorgeous shaved pussy, and then pouring milk all over herself and between her legs.  Brilliant.  Next up a dark gothic girl, who, to dark, brooding music, became rather infatuated with a teapot of mysterious dark liquid, and having drunk it all, pulled aside her panties, pissed into the teapot, and began drinking again.  As many know, I've been attending burlesque clubs for some time, so couldn't help comparing the acts that I saw at Rubber Cult with many of the others that I've seen over the years.  Back in the 1950's, the 'heyday of burlesque', it was a little cheeky, sexy, sometimes theatrical, and sometimes pure 'cheesecake'.  However, back in the 1950's, this was probably quite rude and exciting, and coupled with the underground and perhaps 'sleazy' connotations, made it almost cutting edge entertainment.  Fast-forward to the new century, however, and like Elvis' famous hips, the shock factor has gone as society's idea of what constitutes as lewdness and rudeness has changed.  What is left, once the sleaze-and-tease/shock and sexiness have been removed, is something that can veer towards being a little too cute, safe, predictable and twee.  Purely from a personal point of view, of course, I thought that the acts at Rubber Cult are at a point where modern-day burlesque should be - back to being theatrical, a little rude, very sexy, with a pinch of shock-factor thrown in.  I understand that for many professional burlesque acts, sticking to the ideals of the 50's is probably an integral part of what they do, but I'd rather watch girls pissing into teapots, I think.

The fashion show was from TripleL Latex, and I certainly saw a couple of dresses (and the girls in them) that I would have loved to have tried.

After the entertainment on stage had finished, I took the night's entertainment into my own hands - literally.  I took the delightful Miss SOS over to a whipping bench, and a heavy spanking session ensued.  We were joined by Red, and the two of us made sure that our little submissive girl left the night with a glowing bottom.  After punishing Miss SOS for a good twenty minutes we shared a very nice three-way kiss.  Lovely.

Overall impressions?  A fantastic club with some very friendly people, good music, decent malt whiskies and sooo many gorgeous girls.  I think I will be going back!

In keeping with the cold and chilly weather, this week's Picture Of The Week (a day late as I've just got back from Ess&Emm) is a return to those freezing, bitter Salford Quays.  Brrr! 

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