Sunday, 9 March 2014

Move On Up

"Move On Up, towards your destination,
Though you may find from time to time complications..."

Ah... Curtis Mayfield and some rather pertinent lyrics from a classic song to start this post.  Firstly, apologies to all those who tried making appointments to come and see me this last week but I had to turn down.  You see, I've been a busy girl, but rather than enjoying myself and the company of lovely gentlemen, I've been busy packing boxes, tramping up and down stairs, begging friends for help, decorating, cleaning and generally getting a little stressed and tired.  The reason - yes, after nineteen months in Altrincham, I've moved out to seek new pastures.

The old Altrincham apartment was easy to get to for me and my visitors (A56/M56/trams, etc), but lacked a few things - the bedroom was small, it had poor parking and was sometimes noisy (not all the noise was from my bedroom, unfortunately!).  It served it's purpose, but, like a worn out pair of high heels, the time had come to find a replacement.

So, once the new year had begun, I started to get itchy feet and look for something more suitable.  After a LOT of searching, I've found (hopefully) the right place.  Wanting to stay on the south-side of Manchester, I looked as far afield as Cheadle, Wilmslow, Cheadle Hulme, Chorlton and Didsbury... before finally finding the new apartment in.... ALTRINCHAM! 

So, now finally unpacked and bed set up, life will hopefully return to normal.  There are better parking facilities, I have a bigger bedroom (in order to swing some of those whips for certain individuals!) and a lovely full-fronted mirrored wardrobe right next to the bed.  Mmmmm!

So, once again I've been too busy for a Picture Of The Week for the last couple of weeks... but it's updated now to show my new room.

As a 'goodbye' to the old place, I'll sign off with a photo from the very first set of pictures that I took back there, and at the same time look forward to fun, frolics and photos in the new boudoir!

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort

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