Monday, 17 March 2014

Skin Two Sunday

Back in the 1990's, the Skin Two Rubber Ball was THE fetish event.  Held at the now-demolished Hammersmith Palais, it was a colossal night of a few thousand fetish fans getting together to have, well, a ball, and I remember seeing advertisements for this annual night of dance and debauchery in the Independent newspaper and the pre-Murdoch Times, such was it's status.  The first time I attended in the early 1990's I managed to chat with a gorgeous lady in a a leopard-print latex catsuit, who had flown all the way from Toronto just for this one night.  Things change, however, and once the Rubber Ball lost it's venue and councils across the capital and country looked ever more closely and negatively at the 'troublesome' clubs who, shock-horror, allowed sexually-liberated consenting adults to behave like, well, sexually-liberated consenting adults, there was simply nowhere else to go.  The vibrant scene lost it's leader for a time, and it's struggle to find accomodating venues were soon to echo for other superb events like the massive Submission club at Bagley's in Kings Cross.

The driving force behind the Rubber Ball, Skin Two magazine and Skin Two clothing, Tim Woodward, has nevertheless remained active in the scene, attending and promoting ventures mainly across London, but the success of Skin Two North and Skin Two Midlands show that there is life and desire in the old dog yet... as well as still having the vision to try and do something a little, well... different.

Well, this weekend I had the chance to find out what else Tim Woodward has been planning.  An invite to a small and select fetish gathering a few miles north-west of London at a lovely and stylish hotel could not be refused, especially as the event was organised by Mr Skin Two himself.  My first point of call was to my dear friends at Ess & Emm near Warwick on Saturday as the plan was to travel the rest of the way south with them.  It was a great start to the weekend, as more friends turned up to the fetish B&B, one in his latest car - a truly stunning red Corvette (not so little, though, as Prince once sang!)

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Little Red Corvette... Baby you're much too fast...

I was lucky enough, too, to be taken for a spin in the amazing machine on the quiet Sunday morning.  The thunderous roar of the engine was simply exhilarating, and I climbed out of the car beaming from ear to ear.  Brilliant, and a BIG 'thank-you' to M for giving me the chance to ride in a car like that.

Just after lunch our entourage set off for the Skin Two event itself, and on arrival pleased to note a sexy blonde lady in mini-dress and high-heels climbing out of her car and heading towards the hotel.  A great start to the night!  I was also pleased to find the rooms at the gorgeous hotel were fantastic.  This week's Picture Of The Week was a very quick snap-shot taken just after arrival, and I just had time to strip-off my dress and lay on the bed before the camera snapped!

After my fumbled 'selfie' (or whatever the current terminology is), I showered, shaved (those bits on a lady that I like to be smooooth!) and then slipped into my black latex catsuit and high-heeled ankle boots.  A quick mental note to myself to take lint-free cloths for polishing latex next time (I was a little, well, fuzzy from the cloth I had brought with me) and it was time to head to the bar to meet old friends and make new ones.

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - at Skin Two

I was very happy to see more than a few stunning ladies present, and the gorgeous blonde from the car park in attendance.  I promised myself to get to know her better a little later in the evening.  After a few drinks we were nicely shepherded to our tables for the evening meal.  Surrounded by friends, with the blonde a few seats down the long table and a breath-taking brunette sat nearly opposite whose impressive and ample breasts were over-flowing out of her tiny bra I couldn't be a happier girl.  I managed to introduce myself to the blonde, and mentioned that I hoped to spend some of the night 'getting to know her'.  Her twinkling eyes told me she'd understood my comment and seemed very pleased.  Mmmm!  The food was as fabulous as the company, I'm pleased to report, and the after-dinner entertainment, courtesy of the playing guests, was lovely to watch and take part in.  I spanked a few bottoms, and had especially great fun with one of my latest toys - a remote 'dog-collar', that I found out had quite a range and plenty of power!

Just after midnight it was time to head back to my lovely room, when I realised my promise to meet the blonde had not happened - my Sinderella had vanished whilst I was otherwise engaged.  Damn! 

A brilliant night - very sensual, glamorous and elegant.  It may have been very different to the old Skin Two shows of the past, but I think Tim Woodward has found a niche in the market that has not yet been fulfilled until now.  I'm already looking forward to the next one... and next time Sinderella won't be going to bed until I've sipped champagne from her lovely slipper.

Once again, then, Picture Of The Week is late - this time by only a day however, as I've just arrived back in Manchester.  It will certainly be a great reminder for me of the brilliant night I had at Skin Two.  My year of re-visiting the fetish scene is getting better already!

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