Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Vintage To Fetish... Part Two

I remember a few years ago there used to be a little shop in Affleck's Palace called 'Vintage To Fetish'.  A great little place that sold some interesting fetish outfits as well as the occasional, well, vintage stuff (of course).  Last week's excursions to Cathouse Clothing and then the Nantwich Retro Revival made me think of it again - a little bit of latex and some lovely vintage stuff thrown in.

This week has followed in a very similar vein.  Firstly some lovely old friends that I hadn't seen for a while got in touch and told me they would be visiting Club Lash in Manchester on the Friday, and would I be going?  Now, I'm very aware that I made a promise to attend more fetish events if I could this year, having neglected the scene a bit last year, so thought Club Lash was overdue another visit.  The chance to catch up with old friends, too, on a Friday night was enough to get me sliding into my black latex leggings and red latex corset and tottering off to Lash.

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Club Lash

It was the club's sixteenth birthday party, and I still remember visiting the very first night, when I didn't even live in Manchester and had to travel for hours to attend anything remotely rude.  Sixteen years ago it was held at a little bar (I can't remember the name now) in Manchester city centre, but I do remember walking in with a group of friends and hearing Bowie's 'Heroes' blasting through the speakers - a great welcome indeed.  I've followed it through it's great times (Cathedral Arches in Salford, especially) and had some truly memorable nights at the club - including one where the police arrived (fashionably late, of course, and it wasn't even a uniform theme that night) to interrupt the proceedings whilst it was at The Green Room in the city centre.  I recall I was in the midst of giving a certain chap a bit of a thrashing with a riding crop when I felt it snatched out of my hand - I turned to see the gent's lovely wife, who had been stood behind me, hastily hiding the implement as the police came through the door, whilst her kneeling hubby, 'P', struggled to desperately pull up his leather trousers - not easy when you've been sweating a bit in a hot and crowded club.  It was all a bit, well, 'Carry On...', but all the funnier for it.

These days, Club Lash is still a friendly, open club for anyone wishing to take their first steps on the dark-side, but like the fetish scene in general, seems to be waiting for a revival of it's own - a struggle now that the media and councils have become wise to stopping disgraceful adult-only activities.  I was quite intrigued to see what the club was like now, as the last time I attended was back in January last year.  I have to say it was still quite well attended, and one of the couples I bumped into on Friday was the very same couple from the infamous 'police party night'.

It was lovely to meet a few old and dear friends on the evening, but as much as it was great to chat, it wasn't long before I was ready to play a little and start, well, horsing around.  Borrowing 'P' again, (wanting to finish off what I had started all those years ago before the filth rudely interrupted) I and one of his gorgeous lady friends, 'A', made a passage through the watching crowd and trotted him over to a whipping bench to try out the equipment (courtesy of the excellent Roissy Workshops).  A bit of breaking in was required first - namely a little needle-play.  Nothing too arduous, but the chap did make an excellent pin-cushion once he'd got the bit between his teeth, and after putting up with our cross-firing needle-play was duly rewarded with some paddling across his backside that got him all lively and bucking.

A fabulous night, and I was surprised to find it was after 3.00am when we finally left the club - always the sign of a fun night.  It was nearly 4.00am when I finally crawled into bed, very tired and ready for a long sleep.

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort -The Vintage Village, Stockport

Sunday morning saw me up bright and early, ready for a lift over to the other 'dark-side' - no, nothing fetish this time, but something waaay scarier..... Stockport.  Actually, that's a little unfair, as in the mid-morning sun Stockport's old town centre area looked quite lovely... in places - let's not get too carried away.  The reason I was venturing into the Land That Time Forgot was, rather appropriately, a vintage event - this time The Vintage Village at the rather lovely indoor market.

Although friends have been attending this for some time, this was my first visit, so wanted to look the part - that meant dressing in my vintage blue suit, heels and stockings.  The town centre was still pretty much deserted when we arrived (apart from a few dubious characters that looked like they'd wandered off the Shameless film set and were staggering around looking for the nearest Wetherspoons) and a thankfully-brief walk from the carpark through the old town took us straight to the Market Hall.

The plan was to meet up with a girlfriend, Amber, another escort and someone that I know, er, intimately, who also has a love of vintage style and glamour.  We had a lovely morning perusing the stalls and trying on the odd piece of clothing.

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort -The Vintge Village, Stockport

As much as I enjoyed having a look around at all the stalls, I only came away with one thing - a gorgeous pale blue original 1950's alarm clock in full working order - I am sure it was a bargain at only £20.  I couldn't imagine a reason why anyone would want to part with it.

By lunchtime we'd checked out all the stalls and their various offerings, and it was time to leave Stockport, firstly for a late lunch in West Didsbury before heading back to the 'civilisation' that is Manchester city centre.  A lovely day and a lovely weekend, only ruined by one thing when I went to bed on Sunday night... that gorgeous pale blue 1950's alarm clock ticks so loudly that it actually stops me sleeping at all.  Now I know.  Bugger.

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