Monday, 7 April 2014

Weekend Plans

This weekend I've been out and about - mainly with the plan of spending some money on some of life's necessities. With Spring most definitely upon us (and Summer looming in the distance), it's time to start planning for the year ahead. 

First point of call, then, was Cathouse Clothing in Liversedge near Huddersfield.  I have a couple of events coming up this year that just demand, and I mean DEMAND, a new latex outfit - more specifically a new catsuit, in a colour other than black (which I have anyway of course).  One particular event that is coming up shortly (yes, I'm already excited about it) is going to need at least three or four different outfits.  Ooooooh!  It has now become paramount that I get my new catsuit ordered, and Caroline at Cathouse was more than helpful in getting all my measurements and ideas so that the new catsuit really will fit like a shiny, slinky and pervy second skin.  Mmmmmm!  No photos as yet, due to the fact that it's well... not made yet, but I'm sure there will be plenty to come.  I wonder if I need a new pair of high heels to go with it....

Anyway, that was early on Saturday, and Sunday was spent travelling in a totally different direction with a different theme.  This time, in the words of Thin Lizzy and Phil Lynott, I was heading 'Southbound' (I saw Black Star Riders play this at last year's Hard Rock Hell - brilliant) to Nantwich for this year's Vintage Fair.  I was there last year and picked up a couple of lovely dresses, and was looking forward to visiting it again.  With the day starting warm and sunny, I opted for my vintage navy summer suit with my new Agent Provocateur underwear beneath... finished off with stockings and heels, as always.

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Nantwich Retro Revival Festival 2014

Once again held at Nantwich's lovely art deco-styled Civic Hall, the Retro Revival Festival is a great way to spend a quiet Sunday - as long as you don't mind looking through racks of suits, dresses and skirts for that perfect summer outfit or rummaging through suitcases of original vintage stockings to find the perfect pair to go with the new frock.  I manged to find two lovely new (errr... make that old) dresses, that will no doubt be worn as soon as the weather warms up.

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Nantwich Retro Revival Festival 2014

Speaking of warmer weather, although it wasn't quite as sunny as last year's event, it was still nice enough to bring out a couple of old American and British vintage cars.  Next to all the bland modern cars in the Civic Hall carpark they really looked beautiful (yes, even that 'rat-rod' pick-up!) and... small.  Totally lovely, though, and I admire those dedicated souls that actually keep them on the road - I think I can change a vacuum-cleaner bag at best.

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Nantwich Retro Revival Festival 2014

 It was another great day, and I couldn't leave a place like the gorgeous Civic Hall without a gratuitous stocking-top picture for you...

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Nantwich Retro Revival Festival 2014

Roll on the Summer indeed!

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