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Ich Bin Eine Berliner... Part One

"I can remember standing by the Wall,
And the guns shot above our heads,
And we kissed as though nothing could fall,
And the shame was on the other side,
Oh we can beat them for ever and ever,
Then we could be Heroes just for one day..."
David Bowie - "Heroes"

There are many great songs written about the great cities of the world, but David Bowie's anthemic, rousing and bitter-sweet Heroes, written during his time in Berlin, surely stands head and shoulders above them all.  The song, which sees a failing, acrimonious relationship mirrored in the fractured, dissolute and desperate state of the city of the late 1970's, remains forever hopeful of better times, and this weekend I was finally going to see if those 'better times' had come to the German capital.  And indeed more of the inimitable Mr. Bowie later...  In fact, I'm going to have to split this blog into two parts, just to make sure I fit everything in...!

Yes, there are some tremendous fetish events around the globe, including a fair few in Germany (Essen and Munich), but the chance to visit the iconic city of Berlin, with a full weekend of fetish partying at the German Fetish Weekend, could not be turned down.  I couldn't wait.

It was an early evening flight from Liverpool's John Lennon Airport to Berlin - and it was a promising start to the weekend when all of the group that I was travelling with managed to turn up on time with no last-minute car mishaps or anyone getting lost.  Unfortunately the lateness of the flight meant it was going to be an even later arrival in Germany (one hour ahead of British summertime), but that couldn't be helped, as it was the only flight of the day between the cities, via (cough) easyjet.  Yes, I know it's not exactly a glamorous start to a trip, but there were more important things to be spending money on...

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - sleasyjet

 It was past 10.00pm when we arrived at Schönefeld, and, as one of the group had been to the event previously, we were confident when she took us on the short walk to the nearby train station to find our connecting airport-express train to the city centre.  It was here that things went a little awry.  She took us to one the platforms, informing us that "this is where the trains always run from".  One of the group mentioned that, occasionally, trains can change platforms, but this was met with silence.  Across the station, trains were visible pulling in and out of the quietening station... and the minutes ticked by.  Nerves began to settle in, and our 'guide' started to be less sure herself as we passed the 30-minutes of waiting time.  We suddenly realised that if we missed the last express it was going to be an expensive taxi-ride (two cars for all of us) into the city.  "I'm sure that train over there says 'Airport Express'," commented one of the group, looking over the station to where a train had just arrived.  As no-one wanted to embarrass themselves over their lack of the German language I took the initiative to ask a couple of nearby German station cleaners about the airport express.  Yes, they pointed to the train across the station.  It was a shambolic, noisy run (with lots of 'shit', 'fucking hell' and 'bastard suitcases' shouts) down two flights of stairs and up two more, reminiscent of the old 'It's A Knockout' TV show by the whole entourage, no doubt with 'here we go again' comments from the German cleaners.

Thankfully, we caught the train (at the last second, literally - German trains are clearly more efficient than our British ones) and within half an hour we were departing the train at Ostbahnof Station for the short walk to our hotel.  First day done.

Friday dawned very bright, and by 8.00am, it was already very hot.  Some of the group were working at the fetish fair on the Saturday, so disappeared early to start setting up their stalls - the rest of us decided a walk into Berlin (one of the group insistent that they didn't want a taxi or underground train), so in the already baking heat we set off.  Berlin offered it's charming side at that time of the day.  With bright blue clear skies above, it was a lovely stroll over the eastern side of the city centre, with plenty to see of the lovely old part of the city.

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Berlin

The walk took us down towards the grandeur of the Brandenburg Gate, already filling with tourists, and the nearby Reichstag - the queues already looking rather imposing, which was a shame as the glass dome looked to offer fabulous views over the city.  Maybe next time... or Vielleicht Das Nächste Mal, as they say in German...

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Reichstag, Berlin

We then strolled down Friedrichstasse, passing designer shops and boutiques on the way, before arriving at another of Berlin's iconic points - Checkpoint Charlie.  This was the crossing point between the American side and the communist side in the bitter cold-war era, and it was fascinating to see old photographs of the infamous stand-off between the American and Russian armies and tanks which occurred here in 1961 and read through the large information panels on display.  It was truly amazing to be standing at such a place (touristy as though it is now), and it wasn't to be last time on this visit that I felt the dark but captivating weight of recent history bearing down on me.

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin

With midday now upon us, it was a unanimous decision to find a nearby bar for 'refreshments'.  The relentless heat (32°C) sapped the desire for food, but the idea of cool water and sitting down to rest tired feet was welcome.  Walking down nearby Charlottenstrasse we found a lovely stylish bar with big, comfortable outdoor seating.  I strolled inside to find a drink menu and found myself faced with this...

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Newton Bar, Berlin

Unbeknown to me, we had wandered into the Newton Bar, named after one of my all-time favourite photographers, Helmut Newton.  The Newton Bar was on my list of things to see, but never thought I'd fit it in the busy itinerary.  I was in Heaven, especially when I saw the extensive cocktail menu (complete with more gorgeous nude ladies).  We whiled away the afternoon slowly getting inebriated in the fantastic bar - one of the few regrets from the whole stay in Berlin was that I didn't pick up one of the bar's T-shirts.  Vielleicht Das Nächste Mal, again... as I will be returning.

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Newton Bar, Berlin

With superb cocktails, wonderful German beer, Newton's nudes and view that took in the glorious Gendarmenmarkt it was pretty much perfect.  That pretty much summed up the rest of Friday, and it was an unusual early night as the weekend was fast approaching.

Saturday dawned as bright and hot as the previous day, and I took the opportunity of an early stroll to see another important part of Berlin.  We'd chosen our hotel for it's proximity to both the fetish evening events and the fetish fair, which was close enough to have an early morning walk to, even in my high-heeled sandals.  

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - River Spree, Berlin

The Fetish Fair was held in a gorgeously run-down building on the south bank of the River Spree, and a walk around the Fair showed plenty of truly amazing outfits - I was especially pleased to find the London-based shoe manufacturers Fabulously Fetish there...  With most of their products made-to-order I wasn't able to come away with any of their tremendous high-heels, but fell in love with the thigh boots and knee-length Ring-Master boots.  I sneaked a photo as the Fair wasn't the sort of place that encouraged photographs, unfortunately...

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - German Fetish Fair, Berlin

I stayed for a couple of hours, and could easily have run up a credit card bill for a couple of thousand pounds, but resisted temptation.  Vielleicht Das Nächste Mal....

After an early evening meal, it was time to get ready for the first of the weekend's club nights - it would be hard to visit Berlin and not attend the infamous Kit Kat Club - a five minute taxi ride from the hotel.  I chose my girdle, bolero top and stockings - all in smoky transparent latex, and high-heeled sandals.  

Again, a no-photography rule was in force, but a sneaky photo before the crowds arrived proved blurry but, rather... artistic... it did seem to be the only rule, as anything and everything else was allowed.  Heaven, indeed.

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Kit Kat Club, Berlin

It was a rather debauched night, and I witnessed lots of cock-sucking, pussy-licking and fucking, all carried out against the backdrop of sweating, gyrating bodies moving to the thumping drive of German techno music.  There were so many outstanding outfits there, and so many simply gorgeous girls too, that sometimes I didn't quite know where to look next.  Well, I did know where to look, actually - usually at latex-encased breasts, long legs wrapped in skin-tight shiny rubber and sexy arses (men and women!) Astonishingly, I behaved myself, and was rather disappointed to do so.  I had a quick fumble with a very nice German chap who spoke little English, but as soon as we moved to one of the beds (there are a few provided!) with the intention of joining the sexual throng a few male masturbators appeared and got in very close proximity, slightly putting us off carrying our explorations any further.  Oh well.... Vielleicht Das Nächste Mal. 

Nevertheless, it was 3.30am when I decided it was time to head back to the hotel, knowing that the Sunday was also going to be another late night.  It at least provided a better opportunity for a photo of my outfit...

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Kit Kat Club, Berlin

Part Two of this fantastic weekend to follow... including my escapades at the German Fetish Ball, more of the Berlin Wall and more of Mr. Bowie...

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