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Ich Bin Eine Berliner... Part Two

And so my Berlin adventure continues after the fun of the Kit Kat Club on Saturday night...

Sunday arrived with no change in the weather.  It was still bloody hot (36°C), especially by midday, when I finally rolled out of the hotel in search of breakfast and peppermint tea.  After replenishing at the nearby Ostbahnof Station's Starbucks, I headed back towards the hotel, taking a small detour to one of Berlin's most famous sites.  As well as being close to the fetish events, the hotel was also very close to the famous East Side Gallery - the longest remaining section of the hated Berlin Wall, now colourfully daubed with some great (and some not-so-great) graffiti.  Like Checkpoint Charlie, seeing this astonishing piece of history up close was simply mesmerising.  Unfortunately, the melting heat and flocking tourists made my stay short, but I promised a better look before I left the city.

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Berlin

It was another early evening meal before preparing for the weekend's biggest night - the German Fetish Ball.  My outfit was to be the new red latex catsuit that I recently had made by Cathouse Clothing, and my red high heels.  We caught a minibus down to the event early, and arrived about half and hour after the event had actually started.  Situated next door to where the Fetish Fair had been held, the club and bar benefited from being right alongside the River Spree, allowing for a lovely cooling breeze to caress the outside seating area.  Inside there was a large room with acres of comfy seating (usefully covered in black vinyl and as big as double-beds), a smaller dance area and an upstairs mezzanine dungeon area that I quickly decided was far too hot to spend any serious length of time in.  It was the first time since arriving in the city that the whole group had managed to get together again, as the Fetish Fair had finished and packed up early that evening, so it was definitely party time. 

A large proportion of the early part of the night was taken up with a fashion show, which although great did rather get in the way of the party mood.  Nevertheless, once the fashion show finally ended, the party really did begin.  It was particularly nice, though, to be able to escape the noise and heat of the main room to the cool outside area.  

I managed to get speaking to a German couple that I'd seen at the Kit Kat Club the previous night.  She'd caught my eye in the way that some dusky maidens do, and was wearing a tight latex corset, fishnet tights and short ballerina-style tutu for the Ball.  Our chat moved on from small talk to more sexual and fetish-flavoured topics, and she told me that she was very interested in girls as well as men.  It was all the encouragement I needed.  We strolled over to one of the large seats in the main room and laid together on the soft black cushion, followed by her husband.  We chatted a little more, softly stroking each other before kissing, gently at first but soon more passionately, our tongues dancing together between our kissing lips.  I ran my hand up between her legs and felt her shiver with pleasure and anticipation.  I laid her back against the cushion, moved between her thighs and slid her panties down, passing them to her watching husband.  I slowly licked her engorged clit, before sliding my long fingers into her very wet pussy.  I finger-fucked her whilst her husband kissed and stroked her breasts, and soon I felt her muscles tightening around my probing fingers as she orgasmed.  

After she had cooled down she decided that she wanted to reciprocate the attentions I had given her.  I laid back and unzipped the crotch of my catsuit, baring my pussy to a small but watching crowd.  She pushed her fingers into me, expertly finding my G-Spot.  As she massaged my tight cunt I could feel waves of pleasure already building, spurred on by the sheer exhibitionism of the moment.  Suddenly my pussy was clenching hard as I came, and I gripped her hand and together we fucked my orgasming cunt until the last swells has dissipated.  Both aching and satisfied we kissed before heading off to the bar in search of a cool drink.  

We stood by the bar with our drinks and chatted a little more, and it transpired that, as a couple, they wanted to experiment a little more with the boundaries of their relationship.  They'd spoken before the weekend about her husband playing with another girl for the first time, and she asked me if I fancied him (I did).  Would I like to play with him, too?  Well, why not?  We went back to the scene of our little sex-show (and I was pleased to see our display had kick-started a few sexual scenarios now beginning on nearby seats!) and this time it was her husband's turn to lay back on the sofa which gave me the opportunity to unzip his latex trousers and take out his erect cock.  As they kissed, I began to stroke his lubricating erection, before slipping on a very thin condom and lowering my lips to the head of his cock.  With another watching crowd quickly gathering I sucked his cock, deep-throating him until the tip of his erection pushed against the back of my throat.  

I sucked him and played gently with his full balls for some time, before I sensed his body rhythm changing and I knew he wasn't far from coming.  I removed the condom and began to wank him whilst still stroking his balls, and it wasn't long before, even with the loud music playing, I heard him gasp.  Suddenly I felt his come shooting over my hands, and I eased the stroking and pressure as his thick sperm slowed to a thick wave over my fingers.  This had certainly turned out to be a more adventurous night than the Kit Kat Club!

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - German Fetish Ball, 4.00am

It wasn't until 4.30am that I decided it was time to head back to the hotel, just in time for the rain to arrive in Berlin for the first time since I'd arrived.  What would have been a nice change in temperature on a normal day wasn't so welcome when you are dressed in thin latex and a sheen of cooling perspiration.  It suddenly became quite chilly, not helped by the fact I was getting tired.  Although it was only a short walk back to the hotel, it was great to see a line of over 10 taxis all patiently waiting in line for customers - not something you'll find in Manchester city centre!  We arrived back at the hotel courtesy of a wafting and soothing Mercedes-Benz, and I was looking forward to my bed when I realised that one of the things that I really wanted to do was to have a photo taken of me in my catsuit against the colourful Berlin Wall.  Bugger!

I grabbed one of the group, handed him my little camera, and we headed off into the lightening morning towards the Wall.  Thankfully it was quiet and the rain had slowed when we reached the first section, though I could see groups of people further down the Wall, even at this hour.  We stepped round onto the what would have been the side of the Wall facing the Western sector and snapped a few photos - one of which will be a Picture Of The Week later, but for now here's a taster!

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Berlin Wall, 4.45am

With dark clouds promising another heavy downpour we scuttled back to the shelter of the hotel as raindrops began to fall again, and, after peeling off the catsuit I collapsed into bed.  What a fantastic night!

The following day our group gathered in the lobby, deciding what to do for the day.  With a few hangovers and tiredness to nurse, some decided to head back to bed or have a drink in the hotel.  I decided that I wanted to have a look at one of Berlin's biggest vintage/retro stores, over on the east side of the city.  With another girl happy to keep me company we headed off to Ostbahnof station.  One look at the train map told us we'd have to make a few changes to get to our destination station of Frankfurter Tor.  Sod that... we grabbed a taxi instead, not trusting our navigational skills, severely depleted by tiredness due to last night's adventures.

The taxi dropped us over the road from the Frankfurter Tor station on the imposing and grand Karl Marx Allee, with it's stunning German Democratic Republic buildings towering the wide concourse.

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Karl Marx Allee, Berlin

The taxi pulled away and we crossed the wide expanse of road, seeing our destination, Humana, directly opposite.  It was now midday, and our trusty guide told us that the store would be open at 10.00am on a Monday morning.  It wasn't.  Bollocks.  One look around told us that, although it was an awe-inspiring area, there really wasn't much else here, and apart from the traffic heading down Karl Marx Allee, it was strangely deserted.

We headed back onto the Allee, deciding that our only escape was another taxi.  Looking down the Allee itself was a bit eye-opening.  The thoroughfare, renamed Stalinallee in the early days of Soviet control, was significantly widened during the Soviet-run era, with buildings designed to mirror the imposing structures of Moscow.  It certainly looked wide enough to run an army of tanks down, anyway!

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Karl Marx Allee, Berlin

Luckily for us, it wasn't a Russian tank but (another) Mercedes-Benz taxi that arrived, to lunch, at Cafe V on Lausitzer Platz, nearby to where the fetish events had been held.  Cafe V (as in five, not the letter, apparently) is a small vegetarian restaurant in the lovely Kreuzberg district - the cafe and the area a little worn at the edges, a little 'shabby-chic' but bursting with character.  I have to say it's the perfect pick-me-up after the weekend's activities, although a word of warning - if you do visit this fantastic little place, be warned that the starter courses are as big as main courses!

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Cafe V

Suitably filled, we strolled back through Kreuzberg's tree-lined streets towards the hotel, before finding a curved strip of grass, with a few bits of children's play-park equipment on it.  This was, in fact, part of where the old Wall ran, the grassed area sitting on what was perhaps once part of the infamous 'death-strip' between the original barriers.

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Kreuzberg, Berlin

The rest of Monday evening was spent pre-packing, ready for the flight the following evening.  It was definitely a bit depressing to be putting away all the fetish clothing ready for the return to the UK.  However, there was still most of a day to go before we needed to head to the airport.  With this in mind, we decided to get up extra early and finally see the Berlin Wall.

At 7.00am it was thankfully quiet, giving a real opportunity to see the Berlin Wall at it's best.  It was a lovely stroll down the whole section, and a great chance to see some of the more famous pieces - especially the Trabant and the Brezhnev/Honecker kiss.

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - the Berlin Wall

Before long the crowds began to arrive, though, so it was decided that it was time to head off towards the Martin-Gropius-Bau for the David Bowie Exhibition.  This involved yet another taxi, and as soon as we gave the address of where we wanted to go the driver kindly put a Bowie CD into the car's CD player, so we had appropriate music as we headed across the city.  We arrived at the exhibition at 10.20am, just ten minutes before it actually opened for the day.  Already there were queues building up.

It was a brilliant exhibition, including original outfits from as far back as Bowie's Ziggy Stardust days, and lots of handwritten lyrics and notes, video clips and interviews, highlighting his influences and, in turn, just how much Bowie himself has influenced.  I managed to snap one photo before I realised that the use cameras was not allowed in the exhibition.

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - David Bowie exhibition, Berlin

Especially poignant were the displays from Bowie's Berlin days in the mid to late 1970's, including original handwritten lyrics for Heroes and other songs from that time.  Although this exhibition has already been to the UK, it was great and, perhaps better, to see it in Berlin.

With tiredness setting in, we decided to rest our aching feet and took a tour-bus for a few hours, which took us around the sights of the old Berlin Wall and GDR era, before disembarking all the way back at Ostbahnof station, just in time to pick up our cases from the hotel before heading back to the airport.

By 9.00pm we were embarking on our plane home, and it was certainly sad to be leaving the astonishing city and people of Berlin behind.  There was, importantly, one last thing to do -  promise to return next year.

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

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