Thursday, 3 July 2014

A Quick Snapshot...

It's been a couple of weeks since my return from Berlin, and I've managed to settle back into daily life in Manchester and Altrincham... so time for a quick update.

Firstly, on my first weekend back from Germany I was once again heading south for yet another visit to Ess & Emm, the dungeon B&B in pretty Warwickshire.  A very lovely male/female couple whose company I've enjoyed before arranged for me to visit them again for a couple of hours during their overnight stay at the Bed and Breakfast.  It's the second time I've been to Ess & Emm 'on business', and as well as enjoying myself thoroughly with so many toys and wonderful apparatus to play with (along with some willing participants), the visit also gave me an opportunity for a couple of photos in the garden before I joined them in S&M heaven - one of which is this week's Picture Of The Week.  Here's another, just to show my lovely leather outfit... which in truth didn't stay on too long once my little session got under way in the dungeon and bedroom...

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - at Ess & Emm

Last Sunday saw me once again slipping into a barely-there outfit for another early-morning photoshoot.  However, on this occasion I wasn't planning on heading into the wilds of, er, Cheshire, but the suburbs of Manchester.  I'm not a golfing fan, but a comment overheard about the up-and-coming British Open Golf Championship made me think of a theme centred around golf - after all, I'm sort of in the business of holes, balls, woods and shafts.  And so, with the time approaching 5.30am on Sunday morning I arrived at my first choice of golf course in order to sneak on, disrobe and snap a couple of quick photographs.  No such luck - no sooner had I set foot onto the dewy grass than a security man appeared in the distance, heading towards me.  It was a casual but hasty stroll back to the car to make a quick getaway.  I directed my driver to the second choice of golf courses, now on the very southern edges of Manchester.  A quick check on arrival - yes, a deserted golf course.  I was just about to tell the driver where to stop when I caught movement out of the corner of my eye - a Chinese man in the middle of his Tai Chi routine, at 6.00am in the morning in the bloody middle of a golf course!  We abandoned the plan and headed off for the next destination.  The third attempt was also disastrous, as the golf course appeared to be in the middle of a building site, and so, with time running out, it had to be a quick stop off at a nearby park to take the required photos.  Yes, there's plenty of greenery, but it's not quite what I was after - nevertheless, I'm hoping to have a Picture Of The Week ready in time for the aforementioned tournament in a couple of weeks' time.  At least I got a good hard shaft in my leather-gloved hands and managed to get some balls dirty.

I've also been busy having a new set of photographs taken in my little boudoir for my Adultwork Private Gallery which will get put up over the next week or two and, again, for some Picture Of The Week shots.

I've got a few more things to look forward to this month, so I'm looking forward to more blog updates shortly!

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