Sunday, 13 July 2014

Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad...

Ah yes, the old Meatloaf classic from the seminal Bat Out Of Hell album.  Which brings me very nicely to recent events in Leeds.  Meatloaf and Leeds, I hear you thinking... that must be a rather tenuous connection.

Well, this weekend saw the annual visit of the old Skin Two North Ball to the city.  I attended the club in September last year at it's previous visit, and whilst I had a great time it could have been more so had I been able to finish what I'd started in the club - namely a spot of cunnilingus on a sexy redhead.  Anyway, I was still very much looking forward to this year's event, as Tim Woodward and his assorted crew always put on a good show.

The Skin Two name has pretty much disappeared, now, and this year's bash came under the banner of KFS North.  "KFS?" I hear you ask.  Kinky Fetish Sex, apparently, and rather more to the point than the old moniker.  I decided to give my new red catsuit from Cathouse Clothing it's premiere in the UK, and matched it with the same red high heels that I'd worn with it in Berlin recently.  It was an early evening start from Manchester, just as the rain came heading over the Pennines.  By 9.30pm our little group were parking up outside the venue (Vox, again, as last year), and with the rain still lightly falling there was a few seconds to grab a couple of photos before heading into the club - hence this week's Picture Of The Week.  A few photos later and the rain began to fall a little heavier, and with a short walk to the venue I had to grab a brolly for cover.  Rain may run straight off shiny latex, but I didn't quite relish the thought of it running down the open top of my catsuit - my breasts would have channelled the cold rain into certain areas of my body that I didn't want it to go!

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - KFS Leeds 2014

It was pretty quiet in the club at that time, but we were on the early side.  Thankfully, over the next hour or so it began to fill up, once again with plenty of lovely eye-candy.  A fashion show from Cathouse Clothing was on the bill, and the company had a little stall in the main room where you could buy some of their accessories and outfits.  I went over to chat with the Cathouse team, and saw some lovely latex devil horns that matched my red catsuit, so they were duly purchased and worn for the rest of the night.

As always, there were plenty of old friends that I managed to catch up with and hear the latest news.  I was very saddened to hear of the closure of The Wendy House in Leeds, a venue that I attended quite a few times.  It was an alternative club in the city that was held monthly at the city's University, and in it's heyday had nearly a thousand people attending, usually in great outfits.  With attendances falling, it seems the club organisers decided to pull the plug, and another venue where people could at least wear what they wanted has fallen by the wayside.  Although not a strict fetish event, it was a great place to dress up, dance and flirt.  My best memory is of going along in a latex catsuit and meeting a gorgeous dark-haired girl on the dancefloor, who was wearing a tiny latex minidress.  We danced together for a while before starting to kiss, stoke and fondle each other, both revelling in the feel that only thin skin-tight rubber stretched over female curves can give.  After a while a strange sixth sense kicked in and I disengaged my lips from hers and looked around - nearly the whole club had stood still while they watched us.  It certainly got my exhibitionistic streak going!  The decline of the club seems to mirror that of the fetish scene itself, and makes me wonder, as always, where have all the pervs gone?

With new arrivals still turning up I kept my eye open for more friends arriving, and soon saw a gorgeous dark-haired beauty in a black latex catsuit arrive.  "Mmmm, lovely," I thought, and decided at some point to introduce myself.  I didn't need to.  A couple of minutes later I saw her heading over to me.  "You don't remember me, do you?" she asked.  I tried to place her fabulous body and face in my memory - surely I wouldn't forget her, would I?  She mentioned doing a little photoshoot over a decade ago, and suddenly the memories came back.  The lovely lady in question was in fact the fabulous Nylon Jane, looking as stunning as ever.  We had a brief chat, and I was very pleased to learn that she was now based partly in Leeds.  Hmmm... that's only an hour away at the most.  Lovely!  She's certainly a girl that I wouldn't mind sliding my own nylon stocking-clad legs over!

By 2.30am I was getting a little tired, and sadly it was time to head back onto the M62 and head west for Manchester.  Another enjoyable night, but what about Meatloaf?  Well... Kinky... yes,  Fetish... yes...  Sex... sadly not this time.  As the song says... Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad.

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