Monday, 1 September 2014

Return Fair

It's been a little while since I last visited Heresy and Heelz, so with a quiet weekend approaching I decided to wriggle into fishnets, skin-tight skirt and top and totter off in my high heels to Sound Control in Manchester to visit the Alternative and Burlesque fair on it's latest visit to Manchester.

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Heresy & Heelz, Manchester
 For me, it is as much of a social event as a chance to purchase more goodies, as the event is always welcoming and friendly.  It didn't stop me having a good look around, of course, and in truth, no sooner was I through the door than I made my first purchase...

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Heresy & Heelz, Manchester - CAKES!

Cloud Cake... mmmmm!  It wasn't to be the last thing that I thought was very tasty that day.

Having been in and around the 'alternative scene' for few years I've got to know many of the stall-holders, so events like this are an ideal way to catch up with friends, and I spent most of my time chatting rather than perusing the stalls.  I had last seen the gentlemen from Latex 101 in Berlin, where they had a stall at the Berlin Fetish Fair, so it was great to reminisce about our visit to that great city.  Wonderful memories indeed.

The announcement that the gorgeous Havana Hurricane was to be performing one of her mesmeric bump n' grind routines on the stage made me eager to get a front row spot for the performance.

What I really like about Havana's routines are that they are kept simple, full of energy and very, very sexy.  I've commented before on the similarities between her routines and the original striptease (notice the 'tease' part of that word!) of the 50's, and her performances at Heresy and Heelz were spot on.

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Havana Hurricane, Heresy & Heelz, Manchester

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - Havana Hurricane, Heresy & Heelz, Manchester

As always, she got the routine just right, and it was impossible to take my eyes off her shimmering body.  Which got me to thinking....

... if I could cover Havana's wonderful curves with the Cloud Cake and then lick off every last crumb before starting on the lady beneath, I'd be on, well, Cloud Nine....

I had a great day, and my intentions of leaving around 2.30pm were somewhat optimistic, and it had gone 5.00pm when I finally did leave.  Time indeed passes quickly when you are having fun.  The event returns to Manchester on October 4th, so make a note in your diary!

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