Sunday, 2 November 2014

Massaging The Website

Just a quick update as I head into what is looking like a very busy party month!

 I thought it was time the website had a little update.  Nothing major, but the popularity of my massage service has deemed that the service should have it's own page.  So, there's a new Picture Of The Week on my Gallery Page to welcome the new Massage page and I hope you get to see it before it disappears - though I have a strong feeling it will emerge on the website permanently at some point.  It is already one of my favourite photos so far... and the photo session was wonderful, too - thank you Miss K.

Many see the opportunity for a relaxed, sensual session (with a rather, er, climatic ending, of course!) as a bit of an introduction before sampling my other skills, and it certainly seems to be an ideal way to have a first meeting.

So, as I am but 5 minutes walk from the centre of Altrincham's tram stop, you too can make plans to leave work early and head for my boudoir...

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort

...before relaxing on the bed and indulging in some deliciously decadent Dexi delights...

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort
In the meantime, I'm readying myself for some (hopefully) rather rude parties that will be coming up this month, and a bit of light music entertainment too...

I am looking forward to keeping you updated!

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