Tuesday, 2 December 2014

November Reign

To say I've been looking forward to this last weekend would be an understatement - but initially it started with booking a ticket back in June, to see former Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash perform at the Phones 4u Arena in Manchester on the Friday night (it's still the MEN Arena to me, though!), which later, it turned out, to be on the same weekend as a fetish event that I wanted to go to on the Sunday night.  Never mind, I thought while booking the fetish event, at least I'll have a day to rest between the two events.  Err, no, as it happened, a friend's 50th fell directly inbetween the two dates.  So - three nights partying in very different parts of the country...

Friday first, then.  I made sure I had no late bookings for the Friday afternoon so that I could catch the tram from Altrincham to the city centre.  Everything, for once, went to plan, and by 7.00pm I had found my seat in the Arena in time to catch the first support band.  I'm sure they were called 20/20 and were from Australia/Los Angeles, though I can't seem to find them on Google.  They were pretty good, with a bit of a fusion between rock and funk.

Dexi Delite - 20/20, Twenty 20, twent... oh fuck it.  They were quite good.
 I preferred them to the main support act - California Breed.  When they came onstage I was pretty sure that the singer/bass guitarist was familiar.  I stated this to the couple of friends that I was with, who rather disdainfully said "Of course he's familiar."  "Was he in that band called Black Lace from the 1980's?" I asked.  They nearly fell off their seats laughing.  No, it wasn't one of the Black Lace duo, but Glenn Hughes, once of Deep Purple fame and more recently the brilliant Black Country Communion supergroup, it transpired.

Dexi Delite - Agadoo, doo doo.... sorry Glenn, I didn't recognise you!
 The biggest cheer was when they finished with an old Deep Purple song, 'Burn', but they weren't really my thing.  At least he didn't play Agadoo.

By 9.30pm the main man, Slash (along with his backing band Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators) hit the stage for a fantastic set featuring new material and some Guns N' Roses classics too.  I saw Myles Kennedy in another band, Alter Bridge, quite a few years ago, and he's certainly got a fantastic voice... plus, I wouldn't be averse to having him stick his microphone and certain body parts wherever he wanted should I ever get him alone.  A girl can but only dream.

Dexi Delite - Slash, with Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators

A deafening roar went up as the opening notes of Sweet Child Of Mine began, the old Guns N' Roses hit.  It's fairly scary to think that this song is now 27 years old!  The band finished with another legendary encore, Paradise City, bringing, as they say, the house down.  A fantastic start to the weekend.

I still had to get up early in order to make my second journey of the weekend on the Saturday morning - this time southbound for the Ess & Emm dungeon in Warwickshire for a friend's 50th birthday party.  Luckily, friends from Preston were also going along, so it was a small detour for them to collect me, for which I am grateful - the trains are both costly and make the journey even longer.

It was a fetish-themed party of course, and I chose my red catsuit again.  I know it's been worn a lot recently, but 1) a lot of people attending the party hadn't seen it up until then, and 2) I love it anyway!

We all stopped at the nearby Holiday Inn in Banbury, and this week's Picture Of The Week was taken in the rather corporate corridors represented by a large hotel chain.  It was only a short drive from there to Ess&Emm itself, thankfully, as the evening mist was getting very dense by the time we headed for the party.  As the host of the party has been a familiar face on the fetish scene for may years, there was plenty of people there that I knew, and it was great to see so many friends and indeed chat to people that I hadn't spoken to in years.  The subject of the great fetish scene of the 1990's arose often with fond memories.

The last time I went to Rubber Cult fetish club in September I'd met a certain stunning brunette lady and had some girl-on-girl fun in the toilets, so I couldn't have been more pleased when she arrived at the party too, in a skimpy black latex catsuit.  We pretty much leapt on each other, and were soon kissing and unzipping each other's catsuits.  I stroked, kissed and sucked on her gorgeous breasts, and getting her thick hard nipples into my mouth was simply divine.  She suddenly dropped to her knees and unzipped my catsuit at the crotch, before playing with my pussy.  We were still in the busy kitchen at this point, but it was a rather open-minded crowd of course, so everyone just seemed happy to stand back and watch... and maybe take the odd photo, too.

Dexi Delite - You'll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties
It didn't take long before a gorgeous blonde in a long skintight latex dress joined us, and we ended up sharing bodily juices between the three of us.  Mmmm.

Later on, in the dungeon area itself, I took the stunning blonde over to a padded bench, unzipped her long body-hugging latex dress and gave her a very sexy spanking.  Her arse cheeks were left rosy, hot and somewhat bruised, and despite cupping my palms, my hands were a little bruised too.  I was then approached by a well-dressed gent carrying a large bag, who asked me if I would spank him.  I sadly showed him my reddened palms and declined, but when he opened his bag and showed me a collection of fine whips I was soon bending him over the bench and working on his arse with a variety of implements, building up to a fine and stinging cane.  Wonderful.

It was a superb night, and one I won't forget in a hurry.  As we left to head back to the Holiday Inn it was 4.00am, and the party was still going on, so I think it was going to be one the host won't forget, too.

Sunday had already arrived by the time I found my bed (sadly alone - both the brunette and the blonde had arrangements to stay elsewhere), but I didn't stay there too long.  After actually making it up in time for breakfast we packed the car and headed south again - this time for Berkshire and a little boutique hotel for my second trip to the little Tim Woodward gathering.  The last time I visited was in March this year and had a great time, so was looking forward to it, even though it was now my third long night in a row.

We arrived at the hotel a little early, but the kindly staff let us check in early and I managed to get a couple of hours rest before getting ready for the evening event.  This time I chose my gorgeous Kiku corset with black lined stockings, high-heeled boots and leather gloves...

Dexi Delite - dressing for not-your-usual-dinner-party
It was an early start to the nght, with the plan to meet for drinks in the hotel bar at 7.00pm before a three-course meal at 8.00pm.  I found myself sat opposite a lovely German couple, and we had a long chat about my recent visit to Berlin for the German Fetish Ball.  Sat to my left was a very dapper chap in evening suit with a very glamorous and sexy lady alongside.  After the final course she slipped off her long black evening gown to reveal a latex bra and girdle, long sexy stockings and Louboutin high heels.  Mmmmm, I thought, very nice.  We soon got talking in the bar area, and we both made it quite clear that we liked the company of girls as much as gentlemen, and I was delighted to find that she had a very sharp sense of humour to go along with her sexiness.  We mingled a little with the rest of the guests, but as soon as I could without appearing too rude I asked the couple back to my room to have a more private party.  They readily agreed, and soon the lady, M, and I were on the bed whilst her partner made himself comfortable for the sexy show.  

I removed my lace top and nipple pasties and turned to M, kissing her deeply while stroking her gorgeous arse.  We moved onto the large double-bed and I laid back.  M lowered herself onto me kissing my lips before moving down to my breasts, where she spent some time teasing and licking my stiff nipples.  Very quickly my silk panties were removed and her tongue was flicking over my clit, while she explored my slick pussy with her long fingers.  I had the foresight when packing to bring some vibrators and a dildo (just in case), and soon she had the vibrator on my clit whilst easing the dildo into my now very wet cunt.  As she played with me I felt my orgasm rushing to a climax, and I came heavily as she thrust the dildo into me. 

Her partner joined us, and after he'd laid back on the bed I straddled his face while M stroked his hard cock.  As his tongue traced around my clit and dipped into my pussy I eased myself down so we were in the 69 position, and I took his cock into my mouth while M stroked his balls.  With my pussy on his mouth and two sets of hands on his cock it wasn't long before he came, shooting his thick spunk over his stomach.

As we recuperated we spent a long time talking before heading back to the main party, before saying our goodbyes and promising to meet up again - I certainly hope so, anyway.  A wonderful end to a very memorable weekend.

Dexi Delite - a memorable end to the weekend!

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