Sunday, 20 December 2015

Here I Go Again...

Last week saw me heading back to old MEN..., sorry, Phones4..., sorry, Manchester Arena (I think they've finally given up trying to find a name that sticks) to see some more old rockers hit the boards there on their latest tour.

I slid into my leather-look leggings and high-heeled boots and braved the Winter evening to head off for the Arena.  Sounds simple, but this is Manchester, just before Christmas, and as usual the roads were jammed.  Nevertheless, I was nicely in my seat for the opening act - Black Star Riders.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort -Manchester Arena
The band are made up of the old remnants of the legendary Thin Lizzy, and still boast Lizzy's old (but not original - see, I know that!) guitarist, Scott Gorham.  The band ripped through their set, barely taking a breath between songs, and mixing the old Thin Lizzy classics like "Are You Ready To Rock?" and "Whisky In The Jar" with the newer material like "Bound For Glory" and "The Killer Instinct".

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Black Star Riders
Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Black Star Riders
They got a great reception, despite the Arena being only a third full - thanks to them hitting the stage before 7.00pm. when most fans were probably still trying to find their way through the Christmas traffic.  A fabulous set anyway, and the chaps received a huge wave of applause as they finished.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Black Star Riders
The Arena was pretty much full for the next band up - David Coverdale and the everlasting Whitesnake.  Now a youthful 37 years old, Whitesnake are still busy in the studio and touring.  I last saw them back in May 2013, and I'm happy to report they are still doing a fine job of rumbling through their new songs and back-catalogue. 

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Whitesnake
They opened with a storming version of the old Deep Purple classic "Burn", and for the next hour and a half thundered through old Whitesnake and Deep Purple tracks, and introduced their later material to the cheering crowd.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Whitesnake
Mr Coverdale still has a great rapport with the fans, and I was pleased to see that he still had the reactions to catch a few pairs of frilly panties that were lobbed his way.  I was, however, disappointed to see that they certainly weren't Agent Provocateur, though - I'd guess at Marks & Spencer's cheapest or Primark's finest.  I'd have sniffed them, at least, but he, like a seasoned panty-purloiner, simply tucked them in his belt and continued with the set.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Whitesnake
There was space, too, for a drum solo, which the drummer finished without sticks and using just his hands, which, as drum solo's go, was pretty good and entertaining.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Whitesnake
Not the best photo, I know, but it was taken from some way back in the arena.  Whitesnake finished to more huge applause - may they keep rolling for another 37 years... they might just be rolling in wheelchairs by then.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Whitesnake

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Whitesnake
Lastly, for their first tour in years, it was the turn of some Sheffield metal in the name of Def Leppard.  I'll admit to being a big Def Leppard fan since the early 1990s, but this was the first that I'd had the opportunity to see them live.  They didn't disappoint.  From the opener - new single "Let's Go" - they had the crowd firmly in their highly-polished fist.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Def Leppard
Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Def Leppard
Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Def Leppard
All of their hits were there, as sharp and everlasting as, well, Sheffield steel (once the finest in the world, of course, before the UK government destroyed it), and they kept coming.  "Animal", "Rocket", "Pour Some Sugar On Me", "Hysteria", "Love Bites", "Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad", "Let's Get Rocked", "When Love And Hate Collide" and "Animal".

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Def Leppard
Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Def Leppard
Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Def Leppard
They even managed a superb version of the old David Essex hit 'Rock On'.  They were quite brilliant, right through to their encore of "Rock Of Ages", a perfect summing up of the night's collective entertainment.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Def Leppard
It was nearly midnight before I got out of the Arena, but those classic Def Leppard songs kept me company all the way home.

And of course, in the spirit of the season, may I take this opportunity to wish all the readers of my Blog a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  My little Christmas card this year is, as usual, this week's Picture Of The Week.  May you have the Christmas you desire.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Alternative & Burlesque Fair, Manchester

This weekend saw the return of the Alternative and Buresque Fair to Manchester.  As regular readers will know, it's an event that I attend as often as I can - as much as I love browsing the stalls and enjoying the atmosphere there are always lots of friends present that I can catch up with, too.

Unfortunately, last week was spent suffering from a bad cold, which was sadly still evident when I woke on Saturday morning, but I had promised to meet the team from Kiku to have a fitting for my most recent order. So, feeling a little poorly I wrapped up aganst the cold harsh winds of Storm Desmond and headed off to The Ritz, where the Fair was being held.

I managed to be near the front of the queue, so as soon as the doors opened I was straight in and headed to the refreshments section for a hot tea.  The throng of customers hadn't yet flooded into the main hall, so I took the opportunity for a quick photo of all the enticing stalls that lay in wait.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Alternative & Burlesque Fair, Manchester

 The refreshment stall had some other goodies waiting, but I was a good girl and stuck to my plan of a steaming hot tea.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Alternative & Burlesque Fair, Manchester
I found the Kiku stall and took delivery of my first item - a corset that was custom-made for me with shimmering sheer panels. 

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - new corset from Kiku

 Despite being a fairly extrovert girl I wasn't going to strip off completely to try it on for size, especially being a bit unwell, but I did try it again when I got home.  A truly stunning item - well done Kiku!  My second outfit, a dress, still needs a couple of alterations, but I hope I can wear it soon and show it off.

I had a bit of a look around the other stalls and had a brief chat with the friends I saw.  As usual there was still plenty to look at, from stylish, dark, sexual latex to cute rockabilly hats and bags, and pretty much anyting and everything in-between.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Alternative & Burlesque Fair, Manchester

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Alternative & Burlesque Fair, Manchester

 However, my cold was starting to make itself felt, and tiredness was creeping in.  I usually like to stay at the Fair up until the end of the day, but by 2.00pm I was heading back home in a bid to shake off the cold so I can enjoy the last few weeks before Christmas.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Sitting In Parliament

The subject of this week's Picture Of The Week was a reminder that, one year ago on the 12th December 2014, our puritanical government decided, bizarrely, to take a step back to the unenlightened years and start banning certain acts in pornographic films.

The acts deemed to be morally abhorrent and, even more bizarrely, 'potentially harmful to minors' ("Eh?  What?  Did I just miss something?  I thought porn was for adults...?") by our righteous governing busy-bodies included:
Aggressive whipping
Penetration by any object "associated with violence"
Physical or verbal abuse (regardless of  if consensual)
Urolagnia (known as "water sports")
Role-playing as non-adults
Physical restraint
Female ejaculation

... and of course, Facesitting.

Bizarrely (yes, that word is going to get used an awful lot in this post) I can indulge in Facesitting to my heart's content (and frequently do), but cannot watch it in a film.  The same with watersports, physical restraint, spanking and caning.

Anyway, a year ago on the 12th December there was the (in)famous Facesitting Protest outside Parliament, that captured much media attention.  A year on, and the lovely Charlotte Rose is arranging another Sexual Freedom protest, again with a myriad of speakers to talk about the cause. 

So, if you are in London on the 12th and are in the vicinity of Old Palace Yard at noon, please pop along and show your support - don't forget, this is all about our freedom and rights that we fighting for.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

A Storming Time in Wales

November means it is that time of the year to pack tight, sexy clothes, high heeled boots, lots of leather and head off to North Wales for what has become a regular event for me - yes, it was time for Hard Rock Hell yet again.

This was now my third time at the event, and some things have become a bit of a ritual.  Firstly, heading off on Thursday morning, a stop for a late breakfast of the OK Diner on the A55.  The 1950's piece of Americana (although built in Manchester, I believe many years ago!) is a great place to stop and set the mood for the coming weekend.  To a backdrop of Chuck Berry and Eddie Cochran's great hits, the diner offers up superb food too, and it was a somewhat fuller Dexi that clambered back into the car afterwards.  Brilliant.

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshire Escort - OK Diner
Despite the poor weather conditions the drive over the A55 was lovely, light clouds and sunshine following us all the way.  Unfortunately, as we left Caernafon, that changed - up ahead, the western mountains of Snowdonia were shrouded in heavy, low and dark clouds.  The first smattering of rain hit the car windshield and we headed towards the dark and foreboding weather front, and suddenly we were plunged into a heavy storm.  This was, it later transpired, the aftermath of Hurricane Patricia, the storm that hit Mexico a few weeks back.  Outside the car, poor little birds were struggling against the howling winds, and, shockingly, we had to turn the music up even more to hear it against the buffeting wind.  AC/DC on full blast?  Not a problem!

We reached our destination and found the holiday camp at Hafan Y Mor blasted by strong winds and rain - not the start we wanted.  We signed in and headed off to find our accommodation for the weekend - this time, as there were a couple more of us than last year, we had been given a six-berth caravan.

After unpacking we had a first toast to the weekend ahead with a drop of whiskey and Jack Daniels, (yes, it was still only midday but why wait) and headed back into the wild weather to find friends and company.

The on-site pub, the Mash & Barrel, had a Rock Quiz at 2.00pm, and after a few more drinks the full team of us (6) thought it was be a good idea to have a go.  Surely, with the spread of knowledge around the group we could do quite well.  Errr... no, as it happened.  Our final score (6 out of about 30) showed that we were pretty rubbish.  Oh well, it was an excuse for a commiserating drink rather than a celebratory one.

Thursday night saw us heading over to the main arena to watch the first of the bands hit the stage.  Best bands of the night were openers Screaming Eagles and the American outfit Black Label Society - I hadn't heard them previously (but judging by the assorted T-shirts worn that night I was in the minority!) but their heavy thundering metal more than matched Hurricane Patricia's efforts outside.

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshire Escort -Black Label Society
Thursday night back in the caravan was bit of an experience.  With the storm lashing outside it was a little like sleeping in a biscuit tin while the outside was jet-washed.  I was still pretty tired when we got up the following morning and headed off for breakfast at the Mash & Barrel.  I felt a little more awake after a cooked breakfast - but having breakfast at a family holiday camp at 9.00am while Metallica play over the speakers is still an odd feeling.

Friday afternoon's entertainment really began in the smaller of the two arenas - Stage Two.  Bigfoot opened, with the animated singer looking very much like film star Jack Black - have the two ever been seen in the same room, I wondered.  They were followed by Dukes Of Bordello, a three-piece playing heavy and frantic rock - unusually with a double bass.

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshire Escort - The Dukes Of Bordello
By the time they had left the stage more friends that I'd made on my earlier visits had turned up, and it was time for yet a few more drinks and a catch-up.  Knowing it was going to be a long night I braved the storm and headed back to the caravan for some food.  I was back out at the main Stage One arena in time to find more friends and catch the last of American rockers Scorpion Child, who sounded excellent - I wish I'd caught more of their show.

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Scorpion Child
By the time they had finished the arena was full as fans crowded in to watch German metal band Helloween.  I stayed for one song, though - they were a little too heavy for my liking and the arena was just too crowded.  I headed back to the quieter Stage Two, as one of my favourite bands, Black State Highway, would be on later.  I met more old friends from the previous years and managed to get a seat in time for Black State Highway hitting the stage.

Having bought their CD after the performance last year, I knew most of the songs this time around, and once again they put on a great show.  Fantastic songs, and a sexy singer that could get her luscious lips around mine anyday.

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Black State Highway

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Black State Highway

 This time around at Hard Rock Hell there was an after-party once the bands had finished, which included a couple of sets from bands that were featuring on the main stages over the weekend.  The other benefit was to get up close and personal with some of the other 'entertainment' for the weekend...

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Sexy Dancer!
OK, maybe not quite up close and personal as I would have liked, but she certainly provided a visual thrill that the band couldn't match.  I managed to meet the guys from Black State Highway who turned up for a late drink and had a long chat with the lovely gents - unfortunately the gorgeous Latvian singer Liva Steinberga wasn't with them, so I couldn't drag her away for a more intimate discussion.  Maybe next year...  It was 3.00am when I clambered into bed, with another storm brewing outside...

Saturday morning dawned as before under a heavy cloud.  I dressed and headed for the pub for my usual breakfast.  The mood in the bar wasn't as jovial and noisy as on previous mornings, and I soon learned that in another rock event, this time in Paris, a storm had indeed broken that had claimed the lives of many rock music fans.

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshire Escort
On the two main stages, bands made time to remember those affected by the attacks in Paris, but the show did go on - as it must.  Any other way and the terrorists have won.  I enjoyed Sky Valley Mistress with their late 60's/early 70's heavy rock sound on Stage Two, but made sure I was seated with a good view of the stage in the main arena for the rest of the night.

I certainly enjoyed Black Spiders, the first band I caught once in Stage One.  Fabulous heavy rock - and another band that I'd not heard much of, but will seek out some of their music now.  Oh, and the video link above is well worth following - I'd watch tennis from Wimbledon on TV if it was more like that....

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Black Spiders
 Scottish rockers Gun were next up, their straight-forward no frills rock perfectly suited to Hard Rock Hell.  They played a cracking set, including a storming version of their Cameo cover Word-Up.

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Gun
All-female trio Rock Goddess followed, but I didn't really enjoy their music - it was all a bit frantic and screamed - none of the tracks stood out for me, but trash rockers Faster Pussycat redressed the balance.  I loved their arrogant swagger and humour, and despite appearances their set was tight, well played and well structured.  Oh, apart from the drum solo when the lead singer introduced the drummer and all the band stopped playing, the stage set for the drum solo - only for the drummer to stop playing as well.  For a couple of seconds they all looked in surprise at each other and the vocalist laconically said to the embarrassed drummer "You know what a drum solo is, right?  That's where you keep playing, man!"  They kicked the song off again, and this time the drummer found his place and completed his solo to cheers, laughter and applause.  The crowd especially got into the mood with the track 'Pretty Fucked Up' and it's sing-a-long chorus - sadly I couldn't find a well-shot version on YouTube, but I think you'd get the idea from that one...  Fabulous fun.

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Faster Pussycat
In a packed hall of over 2000 drunken rockers a respectful minutes silence was held in remembrance of those who had died in the attack in Paris, a humbling quiet moment in a wild night.  Heavy metal rockers Saxon finished the night, blasting and ripping through their back catalogue, the biggest cheers predictably for their classics - Wheels Of Steel, 747, and Denim And Leather.  Lead vocalist Biff was thoroughly engaging with his self-depriciating South Yorkshire humour, and they left the stage to a real Heavy Metal Thunder of applause.

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Saxon

I headed over to Stage Two to say a final farewell to friends who had gathered for a last drink and to listen to the last band of the weekend Chase The Ace.  As Sunday dawned, and as always, it was sad to see this fabulous event pass for another year, but the journey home was full of tales of bands and friends that we'd all met and seen again. 

Sunday, 8 November 2015

A Motley Night In Manchester

This week saw me slipping into my tight stretchy leggings, my high-heeled boots and my leather jacket for a night on the town in Manchester.  Well, when I say the town I mean the MEN Arena... sorry the Phones4You Arena... actually, I'm not sure who sponsors it now, as I'm sure Phones4You went bankrupt.  Must have been due to that intensely annoying advert....

Anyway, the reason I dragged myself out of my warm apartment on a very wet Tuesday night was the rock theatre that is the Alice Cooper/Motley Crue tour was hitting the city.  As this was Motley Crue's LAST EVER tour (until the next one, that is... a bit like The Who) and with the original shock-rocker and legend that is Alice Cooper in tow, it was at least enough to tempt me out into the wild night.

Having finished work a little later than planned my journey back into the city centre didn't get off to a great start - but got worse.  With Manchester United playing the same night, a few thousand people trying to get close to the WhoSonsorsItNow Arena and the Mancunian Way still displaying more holes than Swiss cheese, it meant the city was in gridlock. 

I missed the first band, unfortunately, but was comfortably in my seat for Alice Cooper.  I'm happy to report that the rock legend, now 67 years old, still does one of the BEST shows around.  Great music and great theatricals, all wrapped up by a real rock theatre performance.

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshre Escort - Alice Cooper, Manchester

 Visual extravaganzas were, of course, Feed My Frankenstein, featuring a huge 'Frankenstein' Monster (of course you knew that Frankenstein was the creator, not the monster, didn't you? - the monster is never named in the original story...)

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshre Escort - Alice Cooper, Manchester
Other huge favourites of the crowd were No More Mr Nice Guy and the huge hit Poison... oh, how I wanted to be like that girl in the video when I first saw it.  At one point, during the track Dirty Diamonds, he was throwing strings of what looked like pearls into the crowd.  I couldn't help but think they'd be great for giving hand-jobs!  The show, like it has for decades, finished with poor Mr. Cooper getting imprisoned in a straitjacket by a very sexy zombie nurse and her crew, before having his head removed by guillotine.

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshre Escort - Alice Cooper, Manchester

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshre Escort - Alice Cooper, Manchester

 Of course there had to be an encore - and it was an amazing version of School's Out, mixed with bits of Pink Floyd's Another Brick In The Wall.  Truly superb.  One other thing that got me cheering, not that I'm easily swayed by that kind of thing you understand, is he does appear to have the sexiest guitarist strutting the boards today - the very impressive Nita Strauss...  I had to check her out on the internet when I got home, just for reference, of course...

Oh yes, she could run those fast and fluid fingers over my fretboard and strum me anyday.  I'd love to try some of her 'licks'....

Anyway, onto the main act.  It would be fair to say the headliners, Motley Crue, had a job of matching the Alice Cooper performance. Motley Crue are legendary for their live shows (as well as other things - drummer Tommy Lee's infamous video with the delectable Pamela Anderson and singer Vince Neil's contribution to Aerosmith's list of hit singles - Dude Looks Like A Lady), so the leather-studded gauntlet, thrown down by Alice Cooper, was well and truly picked up.

Motley Crue are all about having a party, of course, and their straight-forward heavy metal riffs and songs soon got the Arena rocking - especially after opening with their own rock classic, Girls, Girls, Girls... Oooh, more sexy girls in rock videos - no wonder I find bad girls addictively attractive!  They brought along plenty of their own theatrical effects, too, including plenty of flame-throwing guitars...

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshre Escort - Motley Crúe, Manchester
...and plenty of lights, to give a visual interpretation of their thundering, flashy rock. 

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshre Escort - Motley Crúe, Manchester

The special effects went into overdrive with drummer Tommy Lee's spectacular roller-coaster drum solo, that had him at times drumming upside down as his drum platform moved up and over the audience before planting him midway down the arena.

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshre Escort - Motley Crúe, Manchester

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshre Escort - Motley Crúe, Manchester

I have to say I haven't quite seen anything like that at a concert before, and doubt I will again.  Brilliant.  The band finished with a bang and final goodbye to Manchester...

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshre Escort - Motley Crúe, Manchester
 ... before returning for a last encore to bring the house down.  A fantastic night, and perfectly placed - Alice Cooper, to help say goodbye to Hallowe'en, and Motley Crue to herald a bit of a heavy rock end to the year with a few other events coming up... I already have my rather special outfits planned.  I will, of course, keep you updated!

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Camden, Coronet and Crowds...

Hallowe'en is always a BIG party night, up and down the country, it seems.  With no religious baggage hanging over it, the event has become an excuse for dressing up and going all out to have a blast.  This year I took the opportunity to enjoy the night of ghosts and ghouls among the bright lights of London.

It was a very early start from Manchester - 5.00am.  Yes, that meant (for me, anyway) getting up at 3.00am to make sure I was ready for my lift arriving.  The intention was to get to the capital before 10.00am, and thanks to an uninterrupted and trouble-free drive, it was 8.30am when we arrived at our destination in Southwark.

The Shard loomed high above the skyline, its imposing height shrouded in the morning mist, but the blue sky hiding behind was a promise of a lovely day ahead. 

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshire Escort - London

I couldn't access our apartment until 3.00pm, so I decided to head off to Camden for a few hours. It was years since I'd been and had plenty of time to kill -By 9.00am I had found my way off the Northern Line and stepped out of the Tube station onto Camden High Street.  It was, in the early morning, much like I remembered, with traders setting up their stalls for the day ahead and shops just opening.  I had time still for a hot tea in a cafe before heading off to Camden Lock Market.

It was brilliant just wandering around looking at the various wares on sale, even if there wasn't a great deal that caught my eye - the atmosphere in Camden is so relaxed despite the crowds.  I took my time as the market was still relatively quiet - I knew it wouldn't be like that all day.

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Camden Lock Market

By lunchtime it was getting very crowded.  I stopped for lunch in the busy food section of the market and soaked up the unique atmosphere as I ate - a true melting pot where everyone mixes with apparent ease.  By this point, though, I was beginning to get just a bit tired, and the now-heaving throngs of people and the surprisingly hot sun weren't making it much easier.  I decided it was time to head back towards the apartment to see if there was any chance of an early check-in.  As I left the market a flash of bright orange caught my eye.  It was a display of carved pumpkins - all done by Camden artists - and it certainly put to thinking of the coming Hallowe'en night.

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Pumpkins!

I headed back south of the river on the tube and was soon back in Southwark.  Luckily, the concierge let me check-in early, and by 3.00pm I was having a bit of a rest in my bed.

It felt like I had just shut my eyes for a second or two, though, before it was time to get up and start getting ready for the night ahead - and what lay ahead was Torture Garden at The Coronet Theatre.  I hadn't chosen a particularly Hallowe'en outfit, though, deciding that my red latex corset, tiny latex panties that barely covered my pussy and stockings would give ample movement for dancing and ample access for (hopefully) playing.  My one concession to the festivities was my little pair of latex devil horns.

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Torture Garden, London

It was 10.30pm when we jumped into a taxi and headed off in search of festivity fetish fun at Torture Garden. There was already quite a queue snaking its way down past the club, with some outstanding outfits on display - I felt decidedly under-dressed!  Thankfully the night wasn't too cold, so working our way slowly to the club entrance wasn't too much of an issue.

Once inside, I had a little exploration of the club.  There was one main dance area, a smaller dance area playing some rather fun and cheesy tunes (Monster Mash by Bobby 'Boris' Pickett), and a few BDSM play areas.  I also noticed a Couples Room - I made plans to explore that later... but I'd need a willing volunteer first as I wasn't sure they'd let a single girl in by herself.

I managed to bump into some familiar faces that I knew from my visits to other fetish clubs, and had a good time catching up with the latest info from the London fetish scene.  A couple of good events were recommended to me, which I will definitely have to look into.  I made my way back into the main dance area, where the party was really getting started.

At the sides of the dance floor sat cages for people to dance in.  Seeing as one was empty I clambered in and revived some of my old table-dancing moves.  My exhibitionist side was in full flow and I was having a fabulous time enjoying the pounding music when a rather muscle-bound stud in a tiny leather kilt joined me in the cage.  There wasn't much room for two in the confines of the cage, but I still felt as though my caged colleague was making the most of the enclosed space, as his hard body kept coming into contact with mine.  I decided that two could play that game (along with a few others that were forming in my mind) and made sure my tits and arse were the main points of contact between us.  As I gyrated in front of him I felt his strong hands on my hips.  Lovely.  In no time I was rubbing my latex-clad crotch up and down his naked thigh as we danced together, and I felt a familiar hardening under his kilt as we moved close together.

I moved my lips close to his ear, and above the thumping sexy beat asked "Do you fancy a look in the Couples Room?"  He nodded and we left the cage and the dance area and headed for some more fun.  Before entering the Couples Room we had to kiss each other in front of the TG staff to prove we were together, and it wasn't too much of an issue to fasten my lips onto his and explore his mouth with my tongue.  Once inside we made our way into the delightful darkness.  Slowly my eyes became accustomed to the dim light, and in various parts of the room couples were indulging in sexy play or enjoying the view on offer.  I dragged my devilish dance-partner to a round seat in the middle of the room which was already half-full of people fucking.  There was room for us though, and I laid back onto the seat, pulling my latex panties aside.  I soon felt his tongue and lips exploring pussy, finding my clitoris and gently sucking and licking it.  Alongside me on my right a sexy girl was on her back being fucked by her lover, and on my left a lady in barely-there lingerie was on all fours, being fucked from behind whilst she took another man's hard cock in her mouth.  It was a fantastically sexy view, and I soon felt myself coming, my hips bucking and my slick pussy rubbing itself over my lover's face.  As I finished he stood up and pulled up the thick leather of his kilt - I was presented with a hard cock, it's tip glistening in the low light.

I took his erection into my mouth, slowly wanking him as I did so, my free hand working slowly between his heavy balls and tight arse.  I pulled his cock from my mouth, and laid back once again and presented my pussy to him.  He guided his cock into me and began to fuck me with a steady rhythm.  As we fucked I became more conscious of the sounds and sights of the sexual scene surrounding us, especially the girl on my right, whose head was just inches from mine.  I could hear her soft pants as she was fucked, and I wallowed in the sensuousness of the moment.  I felt (rather than heard) him tense and gasp as he suddenly ejaculated inside me as my wet cunt clenched him.   Luckily, I'd brought some wipes along (in the hope of them being useful), and removed the condom and cleaned us both up.  We lingered a little bit in the room, enjoying the sights, but soon it began to get a bit too hot thanks to the writhing bodies, and we made our way back outside.

My kilted lover gave my a peck on the cheek and headed off into the main throng of the club, and at that point I realised we had barely said ten words to each other, and I certainly didn't know his name.  Illicit fun with sexy strangers - fabulous.

I headed back to the club myself, and found that in the time we had spent in the Couples Room the event had become increasingly crowded.  I found my group more by chance than anything, but it became apparent that there really wasn't much room to do anything.  The dance-floors were both full, the seats all taken and if you stood still in a group larger than three you got pushed and jostled constantly.  I had another wander through the heaving crowd, but found no real solace from the throng - the only respite was on the various stairways around the club, but these were sensibly kept clear of people for safety reasons.

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Torture Garden, London

We all eventually found our way back to the main dance area, but it was now so busy that there wasn't really space to dance anymore.  I shuffled around a bit on the dancefloor before giving up, and one-by-one the rest of the group joined me.  Although it was now only 2.30am and the club didn't close until 6.00am we made a joint decision to leave early - it was simply too busy.  On the way to collect our coats I saw a massive queue for the Couples Room - I thanked my lucky stars that I had managed to enjoy some fun early on when it was relatively quiet.

By 3.00am I was back in my apartment - it was a great night but I was a little disappointed that it had finished so early.  As I peeled off parts of my latex outfit I caught the unmistakable scent of sex from my time in the Couples Room.  I cleaned myself up and clambered into bed, enjoying the good memories of the night.