Sunday, 18 January 2015


We are now well into the new year of 2015, with all of its promises and tales to come, and 2014 consigned to the history books.  It has been, as usual, a quiet start to the January, and it seems that most people are in either hibernation as the grimmest month of the year always takes an eternity to pass.  Personally, like many, I've also been struggling with a horrendously bad cold and laryngitis, which has really put a gloomy edge to the new year.

January 2015 was certainly woken up with a bit of shock last night, though.  Readers of the Blog will know that I often lament on the current, rather uninspiring state of the fetish scene in the UK.  Back in the early 1990s we had Submission, Torture Garden, The Gate and numerous other fetish events in London, The Institute in Birmingham, and in the north of England, Night Of The Bitter Rose in Bradford, DV8 in Hull... and Club Lash in Manchester.

I went to the very first Club Lash, held then in some forgotten bar, and it was brilliant.  However, Club Lash, like many of it's contemporaries, has had its share of troubled times, and like an elderly relative at those big family functions, doesn't want to show her age and stop partying - sometimes it's been funny, sometimes a little sad, and sometimes you just wanted to get a taxi to help the old lady home.

Last night saw another relaunch in another venue - this time at the Bangkok Bar in Manchester city centre.  Back in January 2013 I attended the last relaunch at Alter Ego, and it was a great night.  I have to say, in all honesty, that night back in the bitter winter of 2013 was nothing like 2015's new launch.

Many people will know the story of Lazarus, the rather poorly chap that Jesus raised from the dead.  Well, Club Lash was a little like that - the old girl showed she had truly risen from the dead, put on her party frock and forgotten that the years had passed.  It was like finding that elderly lady relative had applied some make-up, had her hair sorted, and turned out to a family function like 63 year-old Jane Seymour...

Jane Seymour... mmmmmm.

I chose to slip into a long see-though dress and corset from Kiku, with seamed stockings and my sky-scraper heels for the event - not quite clothing for a bitingly cold January night, but then neither is latex! I arrived early at 10.30pm and found that there was already a queue to get into the venue.  Once inside, there was plenty of comfy lounge-style seating around a busy bar, a packed dancefloor with an outstanding mixture of music, a busy playroom courtesy of Roissy Workshops, and friendly, excited, thrilled, sexy pervy people partying everywhere you looked.  There was a clear and tangible buzz in the atmosphere, which I've even missed at some of the London venues.  Excitement and thrill had returned to the fetish scene in possibly one of the unlikeliest places.  With over 280 fetish fans squeezing through the doorway into Bangkok Bar's large, sleazy lounge-like interior, it was truly a return to the old days.  It was utterly fantastic. 

Dexi Delite - Club Lash, Bangkok Bar, Manchester
I managed to meet up with lots of old friends that I hadn't seen since early last year, and there were, literally, hundreds of new faces and outfits to admire, and I can truly say that I've never seen so many stunning oriental girls clad in slinky sexy latex, too... One Night In Bangkok indeed...

Time whizzed by... chatting to old and new friends, watching some gorgeous girls being spanked in the playroom, dancing to thumping sexy tracks all amid the plethora of pervs....  3.00am came all too soon, but I was beginning to wilt by then.

As the taxi whisked me back home, I felt a little like Cinderella leaving the Ball... it all seemed like an implausible dream, but I was buzzing all the way home.  Club Lash has not only wakened itself from its stupor, but awoken the fetish thrill for me in the UK, too.  Bring on the rest of the year!