Sunday, 8 March 2015

Bath Time

In the words of a group of ex-Oxbridge students... "What have the Romans ever done for us?"  Well, thanks to an invitation to join an old friend to celebrate his birthday in the Roman city of Bath, I would be able to find out. 

A very early morning start on Thursday meant that my arrival in Bath was timed perfectly.  The old city was still waking up when I found myself in the city centre, and it gave me the chance to savour the grand streets in relative peace.  First stop had to be to an opportunity to see The Royal Crescent without hoards of tourists taking photographs.. which meant I was the only tourist taking photographs at that time of the day!

Dexi Delite Independent Escort - Royal Crecent, Bath
 The Royal Crescent looked gorgeous with the early morning sun just beginning to warm the sandstone walls, and it was easy to see why it is on the must-see list of every tourist who visits the city.  With few shops and cafes open, I carried on with my meanderings, finding my way to the stunning Circus - again lovely and peaceful without crowds and traffic.

Dexi Delite Independent Escort - Circus, Bath
 Even so, the lines of ugly modern cars somewhat ruined the scene.  I think it should be law that everyone in Bath either drives one these (the only car that suited the city)...

Dexi Delite Independent Escort - Bath
... or walks.

As lovely as the streets and architecture was, it wasn't quite sufficient to keep the need for breakfast at bay.  Luckily, on my aimless wanderings, I found an oasis in the desert - namely Bill's restaurant.  A healthy bowl of porridge and hot mint tea revived me perfectly, and I decided it would be worth getting all the touristy bits of the city done before the crowds descended.  Suitably refreshed, I headed off to find another of Bath's architectural wonders - Pulteney Bridge, gracefully spanning the River Avon. 

Dexi Delite Independent Escort - Pulteney Bridge, Bath
I certainly began to compare the architecture of yesteryear and today.  In Manchester (partly thanks to the IRA and partly thanks to a council who couldn't give a toss about the city's heritage) the old buildings have either gone or are disappearing, to be replaced with towering, characterless facades of steel and glass.  A look at Media City in Salford shows that this can work perfectly (and it's great for photographs - there's many a time I've been chased off there by security guards after they've caught sight of a pair of high heels and stockings and, er, nothing else!), but I wouldn't want that everywhere.  I also wondered how many years these new buildings will remain standing in a couple of hundred years time - a look at the old, beautiful buildings of Bath made me doubt whether the new designs will be as stunning or even standing in the year 2250.

Anyway, on the advice of one of my gentleman friends earlier in the month, I carried on over Pulteney Bridge and strolled down the rather imposing Great Pulteney Street to Sydney Place and it's blocks of stunning townhouses.

Dexi Delite Independent Escort - Sydney Place, Bath
 With traffic now building up I headed back to the city centre and enjoyed the rest of the morning wandering around the shops and streets of the city centre.  I found a fantastic black riding jacket, which I thought had a very sexy look of fetish riding mistress about it.  It fitted like it was tailor-made for me, and I can't wait to team it with some sexy skin-tight jodhpurs and high-heeled boots for a kinky day-time outfit.  My stroll around the town also led me to find, by chance, the legendary Sally Lunn's bakery.  Sadly, I couldn't bring myself to sample Sally's bountiful buns as I had been truly stuffed by Bill earlier in the day.

Dexi Delite Independent Escort - Sally Lunn's, Bath
By 3.00pm it was time to head over to the boutique hotel so that I could check-in.  It was great to find the other members of the birthday group already there, and plans for the remainder of the day were agreed.  After checking in, some of the group headed off to the city centre to find food and drinks - I had other ideas.  Being able to spend a couple of nights in such a lovely hotel meant that I had arrived with a small case full of lingerie and some ideas for a little photoshoot.  With a couple of the group keen to stay behind and take turns with the camera , I managed to get quite a bit done on the first evening - some of the ruder ones will be in my private Adultwork Gallery (as soon as I've sorted through them, that is!), and some will be used on my website.  Here's a little taster of one of the outfits...

Dexi Delite Independent Escort - Bath
It wasn't all easy-going, however.  As the hotel room had an external door leading onto the garden, I sent one of the poor chaps outside to take some photos looking through the glass panes of the door - a voyeur theme, one of which is this week's Picture Of The Week.  As I posed on the bed and floor in the lovely warm room I forgot that it had turned exceptionally chilly and frosty outside.  After half an hour I let the gentleman back in the room - and was slightly disturbed to find his lips looked a little blue from the cold.  It turned out the amateur photographer and trainee peeping-tom side of his nature had won over his survival instincts, and he was enjoying the show so much that he'd decided a bit of frostbite was worth putting up with.  I packed him off to bed with a mug of hot tea and, no doubt, some rather interesting images to keep him warm through the night.

Dexi Delite Independent Escort - Bath
After a late breakfast on Friday in the hotel I managed to persuade one of the ladies in the group to take me to Frome.  A pretty little town just 13 miles from Bath, it boasted a lovely cobbled street with plenty of great vintage shops as well as Deadly Is The Female, a 1950's-style dress shop.

Dexi Delite Independent Escort -Frome
I was a good girl this time, and kept my purse shut... apart from buying a colourful vintage blouse that I thought would work very well with my new riding jacket.

Friday afternoon saw the whole group reconvene ready for the big night out.  First on the list was The Canary Gin Bar, which served an amazing array of, er, gin, and cocktails, of which I sampled a 'few'.

Dexi Delite Independent Escort - The Canary Gin Bar, Bath
On the advice of one of the group, we headed off to the little Italian cafe Yammo for some food to soak up the rather potent cocktails.  Initially Yammo appeared to be a 10-minute stroll from The Canary Gin Bar, much of it up some rather steep streets.  I later found out that the streets were actually were perfectly level, and it was the imbibed cocktails that made it seem a tougher challenge than it really was.  Yammo wasn't a very imposing place at all, with pretty basic furniture and decor.  However, it soon transpired that 99% of the attention had gone onto the food rather than the trimmings.  The food at Yammo was simply superb, and I would heartily recommend seeking the cafe out to anyone visiting Bath.  It did a great job of reducing the cocktail impact, and the walk back into the centre from Yammo was much easier.

After a few more drinks in a few more bars it was time to head back to the hotel for a sound night's sleep.

Saturday saw us saying our goodbyes before heading back up the M5 for Manchester.  Bath was a beautiful city, and it was a fabulous way to celebrate a friend's birthday.  So... "What have the Romans ever done for us?"  Well, thanks to them I've come away with some saucy photos, a sexy riding jacket and some tremendous memories. 

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