Monday, 4 May 2015

Bloody Bank Holiday Weather

With a quiet weekend planned, apart from visiting friends near Warrington, I decided the miserable weather on Sunday morning would be ideal for a ironic celebration of the stereotypical May Day Bank Holiday weather.

I slipped on some dark hold-up stockings, my half-cup black bra and shimmied into my rather pervy transparent mac.  The idea was to find a secluded spot in some public gardens that I found near Warrington, and snap some rainy but pervy photos for my Picture Of the Week.  In the grand tradition of John Sedgwick though, it all went a bit wrong.

By the time I had been collected by friends and reached Warrington, the sun was out and blazing... and so were people.  Lots of them - and far too many that would probably not appreciate a scantily clad lady in see-through coat prancing around in the rapidly disappearing puddles.

The Plan was scuppered totally.  Fubarred, as they say in the military (supposedly).  With the General Election looming, I've decided I'm going to scour the numerous leaflets that have been shoved in my slot (oooer, missus!) and find a Party that has one of it's manifesto pledges to introduce more adult-only areas in the UK - fuck the family-friendly stuff, I want places I can legally get my clothes (mostly) off in public and not be bothered by the Mumsnet crew.

Anyway, we ended up arriving early to our friends house, and I eventually got my photos - with raincoat and umbrella - in the hot May sunshine.  I've put one up on as this week's Picture Of The Week, but you may as well have another into the bargain...

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - May Day Bank Holiday

Anyway - onto better things.  Recently I've made a couple of trips over the lofty Pennines to Cathouse Clothing in Liversedge, near Huddersfield.  The brilliant Caroline has made some specific latex creations for me (both in sexy see-through latex... mmmm!) that are for some saucy events coming up this year, so no doubt you'll see a fair bit of them in various blogs throughout the year.

I collected the first outfit a month or so ago, and this Saturday (judging by the weather this should have been the day I did the photos!) collected the second one - in fabulous transparent leopard-print latex.  It doesn't quite show up on the little teaser below, but I can't wait to wear the outfit in public!

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - luscious latex from Cathouse Clothing

Dexi Delite - Independent Escort - more luscious latex from Cathouse Clothing

I've certainly got a lot to look forward to at the moment, and a few excursions for sexy and exciting events coming up, so watch this space!

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