Thursday, 4 June 2015

Shiny Shenanigans at Shillibeers

After my recent trip to Berlin for a major fetish overload, I was, like some latex-sex addict, hungry for my slippery and shiny skin-tight fun.  An offer from friends to share a trip to my favourite London fetish club, Rubber Cult, therefore couldn't be ignored. 

Firstly, that meant making sure my Friday afternoon was free of bookings, as my intention was to meet up with my fellow twisted travellers at Ess & Emm in Warwickshire.  Having got used to Berlin's easy and cheap train service, it was a bit of a shock to return to the costs of the UK rail network.  Nevertheless, for once the train was on time and after being collected from Banbury I spent an enjoyable Friday evening getting slowly drunk with friends - until 4.00am, in fact.  To say I was late getting up on the Saturday would be an under-statement, but at least it meant I was refreshed for the trip to Shillibeers in London.

I decided to give one of my Berlin outfits a first wear in the UK, and I thought my leopard-print dress from Cathouse Clothing would be suitable.  I managed to snap a couple of photos before we headed off and was dismayed to see dark clouds already gathering overhead.

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshire Escort - ready for Rubber Cult

It was an early start to London on the official UK road-race track that is the M4, but just two hours after leaving Warwickshire we were arriving in Camden. Sadly, rain greeted our arrival which meant no outside photograph this time around.  Already the club was busy, and as always at Rubber Cult, there were lots of lovely people in fabulous outfits to admire.  It was like a scaled-down version of Berlin... but without as much public sex, of course (this is the UK, and we are not allowed such fun and frivolity here, thank you very much!).

Rubber Cult does have it's own very busy play area - including vacuum-bed - but for me it's more about socialising and enjoying company than heavy BDSM play, and having been a regular attendee for some time now there's lots of familar faces to chat with.  I managed to have a good catch-up with the gorgeous Red and divine Caramel.  There was a stunning fashion show from Sebastian Cauchos, full of classy and stylish 1850's inspired outfits.  One in particular, a glorious shimmering red latex skirt and top, clung to the incredible curves of one of the most stunning ladies that I've ever seen.  I'll be keeping a look out for that outfit on his website.  The original plan, due to one of our crowd being slightly under the weather, was to leave just after midnight, but as is usual with Rubber Cult time just sort of flies.  It seemed no time at all that people began to drift off and I looked at my watch - 2.30am already, and the party was still going strong.  We made plans to leave, sadly, just as a rubber-clad nymph was getting fucked with a strap-on dildo by a latex mistress.  Oh well, maybe next time the timing will work out a little better, and maybe next time I'll have to start the action.

Sadly, Rubber Cult takes a long break for the hot summer months, and doesn't return now until September.  It's already in my diary, thoguh it does clash with legendary fetish club Wasteland, that is hoding it's big event in... Berlin, at The Kit Kat Club!  Decisions, decisions!

In the meantime, I'll leave you with this week's Picture Of The Week.  The one I've put up was taken at Rubber Cult of course, and I love it's seedy darkness.  However, having done a bit of bright photoshopping on another one, I was a bit torn as which to use.  After debating, I've decided that we can throw in two this week, so for readers of the blog, here's another in glorious technicolour!

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Rubber Cult at Shillibeers

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