Sunday, 6 September 2015

Kinky Fetish Sex in Leeds

After a leisurely Saturday daytime spent enjoying the early Autumn sunshine in Manchester city centre (including a visit to my favourite 'refuelling' stop - Bonbon), I head home for what I call a 'disco kip'.  For those not born in the north east (no-one seems t use in Manchester) a disco kip is a quick nap before further partying.

In this case, the further partying was in the fabulous city of Leeds - it was time for the annual visit of KFS to the city - specifically to the legendary haunt that is The Whoreho... sorry, The Warehouse.

The Warehouse is one of those (in)famous places that every local or just-about-to-be-famous bands played at some point in their journey - like Ronnie Scott's or The Marquee club in London or The Haรงienda in Manchester.  I was looking forward to my first visit.  I shimmied into my little playsuit that I bought at the Fetish Fair in Berlin, some 'self-made' crotchless Woolford tights (well... you never know when you - or someone else - will want quick access...) and high heels and set off with friends across the Pennines.

My fellow travellers and I arrived in good time in Leeds city centre.  Thankfully it was only a short walk from the car park to the venue.. enough time for a quick flash, though, with the blog in mind...

Dexi Delite - KFS Leeds
There was a little queue to get in to the club - which was a bit of an annoyance as the cool evening air had made its presence felt on my bladder.  I was seriously debating about finding somewhere discrete and pulling the crotch of my playsuit to one side and having a pee when, thankfully (for all concerned) we made it inside.  I dropped my coat and scurried off to find release.

A few minutes later, feeling less stressed, I explored the club.  The main room was already busy - the bar was three people deep queueing to get drinks, and the dancefloor was pretty full, too.  In a small side room Cathouse Clothing had set up a temporary stall (they would be hosting a fashion show later in the evening) alongside a photobooth, and upstairs a dungeon area was already full - I couldn't even get in to see what playing was going on.

I managed to chat with the Cathouse duo as I'm already planning another outfit, and I was pleased to hear that they had taken a lot of enquiries about my latex leopard-print dress that I had specially ordered from them and wore recently at Berlin, Rubber Cult and Sexhibition.

I managed to bump into lots of other old friends, too, including Tim Woodward, the organiser.  I did have a spell in the photobooth at his insistence, dragging a gorgeous redheaded girl that was in the queue also to have her photo taken along with me.. but I'm not entirely sure where these photos will surface.  I'll have to keep my eyes open...

I'm ashamed to admit that I missed the Cathouse fashion show as I busy talking to my sexy Latex 101 girl about boobs and checking each-others breasts out, but did manage to work up a sweat later on the dancefloor as pumping dance music thumped from the speakers.

Dexi Delite - KFS Leeds

By 2.00am the party crowd was thinning, which gave an opportunity for a little snapshot of my outfit before leaving.

Dexi Delite - KFS Leeds
I had a great time, even if, as is usual these days, the clubs aren't as rude as I'd like.  KFS reminded me of the old Wendy House club in Leeds that I used to go to some time ago - lots of lovely people, great music, some very sexy girls and a friendly atmosphere - and so that's no bad thing.

Only one downside to the night - I'd cut a hole in the crotch of my Woolford tights in case I managed to play with anyone, and sadly that gorgeous redheaded girl never explored further...

Dexi Delite - KFS Leeds