Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Camden, Coronet and Crowds...

Hallowe'en is always a BIG party night, up and down the country, it seems.  With no religious baggage hanging over it, the event has become an excuse for dressing up and going all out to have a blast.  This year I took the opportunity to enjoy the night of ghosts and ghouls among the bright lights of London.

It was a very early start from Manchester - 5.00am.  Yes, that meant (for me, anyway) getting up at 3.00am to make sure I was ready for my lift arriving.  The intention was to get to the capital before 10.00am, and thanks to an uninterrupted and trouble-free drive, it was 8.30am when we arrived at our destination in Southwark.

The Shard loomed high above the skyline, its imposing height shrouded in the morning mist, but the blue sky hiding behind was a promise of a lovely day ahead. 

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshire Escort - London

I couldn't access our apartment until 3.00pm, so I decided to head off to Camden for a few hours. It was years since I'd been and had plenty of time to kill -By 9.00am I had found my way off the Northern Line and stepped out of the Tube station onto Camden High Street.  It was, in the early morning, much like I remembered, with traders setting up their stalls for the day ahead and shops just opening.  I had time still for a hot tea in a cafe before heading off to Camden Lock Market.

It was brilliant just wandering around looking at the various wares on sale, even if there wasn't a great deal that caught my eye - the atmosphere in Camden is so relaxed despite the crowds.  I took my time as the market was still relatively quiet - I knew it wouldn't be like that all day.

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Camden Lock Market

By lunchtime it was getting very crowded.  I stopped for lunch in the busy food section of the market and soaked up the unique atmosphere as I ate - a true melting pot where everyone mixes with apparent ease.  By this point, though, I was beginning to get just a bit tired, and the now-heaving throngs of people and the surprisingly hot sun weren't making it much easier.  I decided it was time to head back towards the apartment to see if there was any chance of an early check-in.  As I left the market a flash of bright orange caught my eye.  It was a display of carved pumpkins - all done by Camden artists - and it certainly put to thinking of the coming Hallowe'en night.

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Pumpkins!

I headed back south of the river on the tube and was soon back in Southwark.  Luckily, the concierge let me check-in early, and by 3.00pm I was having a bit of a rest in my bed.

It felt like I had just shut my eyes for a second or two, though, before it was time to get up and start getting ready for the night ahead - and what lay ahead was Torture Garden at The Coronet Theatre.  I hadn't chosen a particularly Hallowe'en outfit, though, deciding that my red latex corset, tiny latex panties that barely covered my pussy and stockings would give ample movement for dancing and ample access for (hopefully) playing.  My one concession to the festivities was my little pair of latex devil horns.

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Torture Garden, London

It was 10.30pm when we jumped into a taxi and headed off in search of festivity fetish fun at Torture Garden. There was already quite a queue snaking its way down past the club, with some outstanding outfits on display - I felt decidedly under-dressed!  Thankfully the night wasn't too cold, so working our way slowly to the club entrance wasn't too much of an issue.

Once inside, I had a little exploration of the club.  There was one main dance area, a smaller dance area playing some rather fun and cheesy tunes (Monster Mash by Bobby 'Boris' Pickett), and a few BDSM play areas.  I also noticed a Couples Room - I made plans to explore that later... but I'd need a willing volunteer first as I wasn't sure they'd let a single girl in by herself.

I managed to bump into some familiar faces that I knew from my visits to other fetish clubs, and had a good time catching up with the latest info from the London fetish scene.  A couple of good events were recommended to me, which I will definitely have to look into.  I made my way back into the main dance area, where the party was really getting started.

At the sides of the dance floor sat cages for people to dance in.  Seeing as one was empty I clambered in and revived some of my old table-dancing moves.  My exhibitionist side was in full flow and I was having a fabulous time enjoying the pounding music when a rather muscle-bound stud in a tiny leather kilt joined me in the cage.  There wasn't much room for two in the confines of the cage, but I still felt as though my caged colleague was making the most of the enclosed space, as his hard body kept coming into contact with mine.  I decided that two could play that game (along with a few others that were forming in my mind) and made sure my tits and arse were the main points of contact between us.  As I gyrated in front of him I felt his strong hands on my hips.  Lovely.  In no time I was rubbing my latex-clad crotch up and down his naked thigh as we danced together, and I felt a familiar hardening under his kilt as we moved close together.

I moved my lips close to his ear, and above the thumping sexy beat asked "Do you fancy a look in the Couples Room?"  He nodded and we left the cage and the dance area and headed for some more fun.  Before entering the Couples Room we had to kiss each other in front of the TG staff to prove we were together, and it wasn't too much of an issue to fasten my lips onto his and explore his mouth with my tongue.  Once inside we made our way into the delightful darkness.  Slowly my eyes became accustomed to the dim light, and in various parts of the room couples were indulging in sexy play or enjoying the view on offer.  I dragged my devilish dance-partner to a round seat in the middle of the room which was already half-full of people fucking.  There was room for us though, and I laid back onto the seat, pulling my latex panties aside.  I soon felt his tongue and lips exploring pussy, finding my clitoris and gently sucking and licking it.  Alongside me on my right a sexy girl was on her back being fucked by her lover, and on my left a lady in barely-there lingerie was on all fours, being fucked from behind whilst she took another man's hard cock in her mouth.  It was a fantastically sexy view, and I soon felt myself coming, my hips bucking and my slick pussy rubbing itself over my lover's face.  As I finished he stood up and pulled up the thick leather of his kilt - I was presented with a hard cock, it's tip glistening in the low light.

I took his erection into my mouth, slowly wanking him as I did so, my free hand working slowly between his heavy balls and tight arse.  I pulled his cock from my mouth, and laid back once again and presented my pussy to him.  He guided his cock into me and began to fuck me with a steady rhythm.  As we fucked I became more conscious of the sounds and sights of the sexual scene surrounding us, especially the girl on my right, whose head was just inches from mine.  I could hear her soft pants as she was fucked, and I wallowed in the sensuousness of the moment.  I felt (rather than heard) him tense and gasp as he suddenly ejaculated inside me as my wet cunt clenched him.   Luckily, I'd brought some wipes along (in the hope of them being useful), and removed the condom and cleaned us both up.  We lingered a little bit in the room, enjoying the sights, but soon it began to get a bit too hot thanks to the writhing bodies, and we made our way back outside.

My kilted lover gave my a peck on the cheek and headed off into the main throng of the club, and at that point I realised we had barely said ten words to each other, and I certainly didn't know his name.  Illicit fun with sexy strangers - fabulous.

I headed back to the club myself, and found that in the time we had spent in the Couples Room the event had become increasingly crowded.  I found my group more by chance than anything, but it became apparent that there really wasn't much room to do anything.  The dance-floors were both full, the seats all taken and if you stood still in a group larger than three you got pushed and jostled constantly.  I had another wander through the heaving crowd, but found no real solace from the throng - the only respite was on the various stairways around the club, but these were sensibly kept clear of people for safety reasons.

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Torture Garden, London

We all eventually found our way back to the main dance area, but it was now so busy that there wasn't really space to dance anymore.  I shuffled around a bit on the dancefloor before giving up, and one-by-one the rest of the group joined me.  Although it was now only 2.30am and the club didn't close until 6.00am we made a joint decision to leave early - it was simply too busy.  On the way to collect our coats I saw a massive queue for the Couples Room - I thanked my lucky stars that I had managed to enjoy some fun early on when it was relatively quiet.

By 3.00am I was back in my apartment - it was a great night but I was a little disappointed that it had finished so early.  As I peeled off parts of my latex outfit I caught the unmistakable scent of sex from my time in the Couples Room.  I cleaned myself up and clambered into bed, enjoying the good memories of the night.

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